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Update on NTSPP, Rookie Corner, and Prize Puzzle submissions

This is an update for the setters who generously provide the NTSPP, Rookie Corner, and Prize puzzles hosted on this site.

I’ll be looking after the puzzles hosted on Big Dave’s site for a bit now that Dave T has stepped back from the blog. From now on, please direct all puzzle submissions and correspondence to the new email address we’re using for that purpose: bdSubmissions@outlook.com

If you sent Dave T a puzzle that hasn’t appeared yet and you haven’t already discussed it with me, please let me know so I can verify that I have it.

Thanks for your important and valuable contributions to Big Dave’s site.

Mr K

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  1. Thank you for looking after this and keeping these features going, Mr K.

    (And thank you too, Tilsit, if you’re reading, for all the work you did.)

    1. Thanks, Merusa, and great to see you commenting.

      The blog is of course a team effort, with crypticsue, Gazza, Prolixic, and the daily bloggers all devoting hours each week to keep things running smoothly.

  2. Thanks Mr K – I have saved the new email address
    Thanks for holding the fort too, sterling work
    Let me know if you are running short of puzzles

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