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A date for your diary…

25th January 2025

The Blog will be celebrating its sixteenth birthday next January 28th 2025. With help from the Guardians of the Blog (Cryptic Sue, MrK, Gazza and Prolixic)as well as John and Jane “Elgar” I am reviving the Big Dave Birthday Bash and want to bring it to the attention of as many of you as possible.

If you would like to see what we have got up to in the past have a look at the gallery here

The nearest Saturday to the actual date is 25th January 2025 and I have spoken (well emailed) the venue we have used in the past, The Bridge House in Little Venice, and they are happy to reserve us an area in their recently renovated pub as in previous years.… Continue reading

Site Update (Updated)

Site Update

Update (August 2nd) We have asked for the site to be moved at 4pm today (Wednesday). It’s possible that the site may appear to be offline for some readers while the new location of the site propagates across the internet. If that happens rest assured that the interruption will be temporary, and will soon be back online.

Original Post: Big Dave’s family, in particular his sister Carol, have very generously made it possible for caretakers crypticsue, Gazza, Mr K, and Prolixic to keep BD’s site operating so that the community he created will live on and so that current and future cryptic crossword solvers can benefit from the wonderful resource he created.… Continue reading

Spoilers on Answers

Update: 24 May 2022

A fix provided by Mr K has just been implemented. So far it is looking good.

Bloggers are still adding spoilers to appropriate puzzles. However changes made to some browsers (or addins) make it appear that there are no spoilers. We are aware of this problem and will see if we can overcome it. Meanwhile, only write to me if you can help with solving the problem and please don’t discuss it in the comments.… Continue reading