Crossword Solving Blogs

  • Fifteensquared
  • George versus the Listener Crossword
  • Listen With Others
  • Times for the Times

Crossword Solving Blogs (Non-UK)

  • Diary of a Crossword Fiend
  • Irish Times Crosaire Blog
  • National Post Cryptic Crossword Forum
  • Ottawa Citizen Cryptic Crossword Forum

Other Crossword Sites

  • 1Across Magazine
  • Alberich Crosswords
  • alchemiland
  • Anax Crosswords
  • Ben's Den
  • Best for Puzzles
  • Cryptics by Boatman
  • Calendar Puzzles
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  • Monk-ey Puzzles
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  • Paul Henderson's Site
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  • RTC3
  • Telegraph Puzzles
  • The AnswerBank (Crosswords)
  • The Crossword Centre
  • The Crossword Club
  • The Crossword Database
  • Tim Moorey – Crossword Setter

Commercial Sites

  • Crosswore Compiler
  • Crossword Man
  • WordWeb Pro

Other Sites

  • Dave Tilley's Site

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