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  1. Help! The telegraph has failed to take my money for this year’s subscription. If any kind soul would email pdfs of the BP & the tuffie then i would be very grateful.
    BTW I’m on Day 14 of Manflu I’ve completely lost my voice.

  2. If the toilet roll shortage continues, I might have to return to buying the printed newspaper.

    The DT app on an iPad is an inadequate substitute. 😎

  3. A question about the “Search BigDave” facility.

    Yesterday Yvonne asked a question about having to press each letter on the keyboard twice to make it register.

    I remembered that someone in a previous blog had provided a solution i.e. turn OFF auto-capitalisation in iPad.

    I made a search for “auto-capitalisation” just to check if I had remembered it correctly … the result “Nothing Found”.

    Does the search facility search through the comments or just the bloggers’ blog bits?

  4. If you are self isolating as I am (diabetes type 1) & you’ve run out of puzzles & you are a subscriber to the dt puzzles site then you can access a variety of puzzles going back to 1 march 2009. my printer has been very useful…

  5. Great solve, finished in record time (for me!) Not happy at all with 18d but very much enjoyed 27a! Stay safe all!

    1. Welcome to the blog

      It is always best to comment on the blog post relating to the particular crossword rather than the comments page. If you can let us know whether you mean DT 29323 or ST 3049, BD can move your comment to the correct page

    1. Welcome to the blog.

      Firstly can you please alter your alias as we already have a very long-standing commenter called Brian and we wouldn’t like people to be confused.

      Secondly, if you comment on the particular blog for the crossword (in this case DT 29327) when you are asking a question about a clue, this makes it easier for someone to help you.

      Pinstripe is a ‘suitable’ material as it is used to make suits!

  6. Subject: The Calendar at the top right of this page
    Message: It reads Thursday 3 April should read Friday 3 April

  7. BD, you have added the comment about this week’s toughies, “For an unknown reason the above dates are showing one day earlier than scheduled date”. The problem looks as if it occurred in March when the site calendar shows Monday 30th March followed by Monday 31st March. The April calendar starts on Tuesday 1st instead of Wednesday 1st and shows the last day of April as 31st!

  8. Due to the enforced excess of spare time during lockdown, I have this urge to have a dabble at setting a crossword of my own. There seem to be a number of software aids on the market from professional to free. Bearing in mind that this dabble might very quickly point to the fact that the process is beyond me, can anyone suggest a sensible starting point?
    As I have heard before “crossword compiler” looks to have it well and truly covered, but would I need to buy £150 worth of components to give it a decent go?
    I did find Anax’s article and he seems to do it without electronic help. At least that route wouldn’t cost much.
    Please excuse me if this subject has been done to death elsewhere on this wonderful site but I couldn’t find it.

    1. Hi JohnY – to start off with, download Crossword Compiler free version here
      Follow the instructions, ie 15 x 15 grid, Cryptic, but watch out with ‘Auto Grid Fill’ though, it often chucks in some horrid words to clue, and you want to keep it simple at this stage and you can make up to ten puzzles
      Hope that helps and good luck – hope to see you in Rookie Corner soon

    2. Hi JohnY. I bought the basic Crossword Compiler package a few years ago. It does all that I need. It costs £39.00 today. I have not bought any of the add-ons. My advice would be to start with that and have a play. If you wish to add extras later so be it.

    3. Thank you gentlemen, those replies were exactly what I wanted to here – I shall have a dabble today.
      As the BRB and other dictionaries are offered as add-ons, does that mean the basic word list is underpowered?

      1. I’ve been using the standard Crossword Compiler for about 10 years and it works fine without any add-ons. I think you only need add-ons if you have specialised requirements.

  9. I see that Rookie Corner 317 (and presumably the review and comments) was taken down at the request of the setter. I had printed this and have only just got round to doing it and am stumped for a few of the answers, in particular 21a and 25d. Can anyone enlighten me?

    1. 21a – A three letter contraction of odometer (trip advisor) followed by a four letter word meaning lift and the first letter (capital) of Djibouti [a non-UK word]
      25d – Double definition, the first being an informal term meaning to hit on the head and the second a Rowan Atkinson comic character
      Hope that helps

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