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Created 1st Jan 2022



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  1. Help! is anybody else totally frustrated with the annual renewal process for the DT puzzles site? I’ve tried to contact them but I’ve got nowhere so far. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Fortunately I’ve managed to print today’s puzzles but who knows what might happen tomorrow.

    1. What I’ve done in the past when I had similar problems was to give up on the renewal process and start a new subscription.

      1. Thanks Gazza – I think I’ve cracked it but it was a right palaver. DT “helpdesk” advised that they couldn’t help & told me to contact “World Pay” which is more geared to collecting monies rather than helping with shopper enquiries.

  2. I’m a newbie, love cryptics but your blog leaves me feeling very very inadequate. Still love it and enjoying a very slow learning experience.
    Cheers from QLD Australia.

  3. Hi. My name is Liz Meredith -Jones (née Martin) I studied music on the Performing Arts course at Leicester Poly/De Montford Uni 90-93. Conrad was great fun. Lots of yarns in the pub where we all spent many an hour/night. Conrad helped me to try just ‘having a go’ at jazz piano when I feared even knowing where to start.. He was so patient with students like me who really struggled grasping patterns and jazz concepts. I’m sad to see he’s passed and my condolences go to his family.

  4. I absolutely HATE the new format of the Puzzles Page in the Saturday DT!
    flimsy pink paper… tiny print … the big crossword is so awkward to manipulate when two of us are sharing it – why put the answers to the Pub Quiz on another page? Previously one just had to look at the bottom of the page!!!

    Please respond…

    1. Absolutely agree – we do the Saturday puzzles on Sunday morning and it’s turned (haha, sorry) into an origami fest
      I’d like to know where they get their list of word wheel answers too!
      We usually get more than top number suggested but our lists never tally following week so we’re left somewhat nonplussed, wondering why
      I keep meaning to email Chris – I’ll put it on my to do list for this week

  5. Not sure who was meant to be responsible this time but is there any chance of us getting the review of NTSPP 631 soon?

  6. Anybody else having trouble with the DT puzzle site this morning? I manged to print the back pager & the toughie but then I got a 504 Gateway Time Out message after trying to log back in.

  7. The Puzzles on an iPad (iOS 15.3.1) this morning. The rest of the paper displays OK, including the Puzzles navigation page. It’s just all the puzzles themselves. I’ve informed Chris Lancaster.

    The app has been stable for many months now, but when it screws up it always seems to be the puzzles pages. I guess they are the most complex, but even so.

    1. I had that and tried deleting and re-installing the puzzles app. The puzzles pages are missing completely now and bizarrely this is tonight’s TV

  8. Just a general comment : When the competition and posting by email an entry, do you put ‘Toughie 10’ or ‘Sunday Toughie 10’ in the subject line?
    Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

    1. Welcome to the blog

      I would imagine you’d do better putting “Sunday Toughie 10” in the subject line, as there was, a very long time ago now, a Toughie 10

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