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Created 1st Jan 2021



22 comments on “Comment
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    1. Hi bob,
      642 (643 this week) identifies prize puzzles on the Telegraph Puzzles site. We don’t review them here but you can see the answers on the DT site once the entry date has passed.

  1. DT have published answers to 29,605 instead of 29,600 today – same with the quick crossword – they have missed 5 days out.

    1. Welcome to the blog

      Whilst I would agree with your statement, I’m not entirely sure why you’ve posted it on a blog devoted to Telegraph crosswords

  2. I hope someone can bail me out here…
    I recently happened upon a couple of puzzles by Anax called Demo Puzzle and Unexpected Bonus (aka Xtra_900 and Xtra_901). In each case there was 1 clue that baffled me. I found a comments page on the Demo Puzzle that put me to rights on 16d (like gnomethang I was stuck on LIVERISH), but the Unexpected Bonus puzzle does not seem to have any such commentary. I have the answer to 2d, which I guessed early on from the surface reading, but cannot parse it from the clue – “About to enter dance, I’ll get out – at midnight? (10)”
    Help…! :unsure:
    And if Anax should read this, thank you for the fun challenge you created with these 2 puzzles :good:

      1. Ah, easy when you know how! I completely missed the anagram indicator and was looking for someting much more complicated :roll: Thank you, CS, for putting me out of my misery! These puzzles from 2009 or so were well buried in the website and I am very happy that I discovered them. I hope this discussion doesn’t spoil any one else’s fun if they take on the challenge. Pease feel free to redact anything which might be too revealing, but it would be nice to leave a thread which alerts other blog users to the existence of these treasures.

  3. LetterboxRoy is now Grandpa Roy – Mylo is my new Grandson
    I’m so delighted; Mummy, Mylo & Matt are all doing very well and I can’t stop crying (soppy old sod here)
    I haven’t felt like this since Ruth was born – Happy Days!!

    1. Congratulations. Always nice to know that your family name will carry on for another generation.

  4. Hello, can anyone explain to me how you get ‘native’ for ‘oyster’ (as in ‘Oyster born in a particular place’)? It’s come up on a number of DT crosswords. I can’t find any justification on the internet at all. Thank you!

    1. The closing date is Wednesday at 9 am and so that’s when my review of last Sunday’s puzzle will be published

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