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DT 30131 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30131

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th October 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I found this Saturday Prize Puzzle from X-Type quite tricky in places

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1a    Group of swimmers, where 2 might be required? (6)
SCHOOL – A collective noun for fish (swimmers) or a place where the solution to 2d may be a requirement

4a    Face university contest (4,4)
BOAT RACE – Cockney Rhyming Slang for the face or an annual contest between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge

9a    Evidence of nobility claimed by me, after some hesitation (6)
ERMINE – Used on the ceremonial robes of the nobility – MINE (claimed by me) goes after ER (an interjection of hesitation)

10a    Script in Russian? (8)
CYRILLIC – We all agreed on Saturday that this wasn’t the most cryptic of clues

12a    Group of solicitors walloped over regulations (4)
LAWS – Hidden in reverse in solicitorS WALloped

13a    Fruit to hang limply, it’s said (5)
DRUPE – A name given to fleshy stoned fruit – a homophone (it’s said) of DROOP (hang limply)

14a    Just a body of water (4)
MERE – An adjective meaning just or a poor or lake (body of water) – this week’s old friend!!

17a    Initially trotted, ran or chased frantically, using this mode of transport? (5,3,4)
HORSE AND CART – An anagram (frantically) of the initial letter of Trotted and RAN OR CHASED

20a    Places where one may research political party, or a group from the opposite side (12)
LABORATORIES – LAB (political party), OR and A (from the clue) TORIES (group from the other side)

23a    Touchy, exhibiting a pained expression (4)
OUCH – Hidden inside (exhibiting) tOUCHy

24a    Finely slice first of rhubarb in storehouse (5)
SHRED – The first letter of Rhubarb inserted into a SHED (storehouse)

25a    Mawkish message not finished (4)
TWEE – An unfinished TWEEt (message)

28a    A flight, maybe? Abroad, with spring? (8)
OUTBOUND – OUT (abroad) BOUND (spring)

29a    Hang on — part of the swimming pool has middle of steps missing (6)
DEPEND – DEEP END (part of the swimming pool) missing the middle letter of stEps

30a    One found in 1 Across — or in an apartment? (8)
FLATFISH – I smiled at the idea of a FISH being found in a FLAT

31a    Publicity for dance and song? (6)
BALLAD – a BALL AD (publicity for dance)


1d    Appropriate, your being old and secretive (8)
STEALTHY – STEAL (appropriate) THY (old way of saying your)

2d    Exercises: something required in times of Covid? (8)
HOMEWORK – Exercises required by school, or what people did in times of Covid

3d    Grunt, seeing old writing material (4)
OINK – Another ‘old friend’ – O (old) INK (writing material)

5d    Gym sample I adulterated with 50% of coke, in major sporting event (7,5)
OLYMPIC GAMES – An anagram (adulterated) of GYM SAMPLE I with CO (50% of the word COke)

6d    Group observed in militant riot (4)
TRIO – An anagram (militant) of RIOT

7d    In league, Alan told a fib (6)
ALLIED – AL (Alan) LIED (told a fib)

8d    Type of cake made by old gormless character (6)
ECCLES – A type of cake or the name of a gormless character in the Goon Show

11d    Former general rings people speaking French (12)
FRANCOPHONES – FRANCO (former Spanish general) PHONES (rings)

15d    Was upfront about this type of coffee (5)
DECAF – A reversal (about) of FACED (was upfront)

16d    All the offspring made beer, we hear (5)
BROOD – A homophone (we hear) of BREWED (made beer)

18d    Ride with important person in the organisation? (3,5)
BIG WHEEL – A fairground ride or a person of importance

19d    Climbed, as first of clouds finished (8)
ASCENDED – AS (from the clue) C (the first letter of Clouds) and ENDED (finished)

21d    Close account of decayed tree trunk? (3,3)
LOG OFF – LOG (part of a tree trunk) OFF (decayed)

22d    Glaswegian, perhaps — one with a classical feature? (6)
SCOTIA – SCOT (Glaswegian perhaps) I (one) A (from the clue) produces a concave moulding, especially at the base of an Ionic column (classical feature)

26d    Tee off with well-to-do chap (4)
TOFF – T (tee) OFF (from the clue)

27d    Letter from American the BBC occasionally sent up (4)
BETA – Hidden in reverse (sent up) in the occasional letters of AmericAn ThE bBc


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