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A Milestone & A Thankyou

Sometime today or tomorrow the total number of page views on this site will probably pass the 2,000,000 mark.That’s an incredible total in less than twenty one months from a standing start. During that time we’ve blogged over 1,000 puzzles and explained about 30,000 clues.

The founder, main contributor and editor-in-chief on the site is of course Big Dave. As well as all his more visible contributions, he puts in an incredible amount of work behind the scenes in functions as diverse as PR, HR and IT Support.

So, on behalf of all the regular bloggers, thanks for all your efforts Dave, and congratulations on a very successful site. Long may it continue!

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  1. Agreed Gazza – this is a wonderful site – friendly users of all areas (including setters) – and has allowed a vast number of people to improve their ability to do the DT cryptic crosswords. Thanks to Big Dave and to all the bloggers – without your help we would not feel confident in our ability to do the crosswords.

  2. Congratulations in anticipation to Big Dave for all his stirling work since the start. The nature of the blog has always been of a high standard with useful, amusing and sometimes contentious issues but never negativity. We few, we happy few, we band of cruciverbalists.

  3. I noticed yesterday that we were getting near the mark, so thanks Gazza for bringing it to our attention and thank you Dave for this brilliant, friendly, more than helpful site, what would we do without you all :-D Three cheers for Big Dave and his merry band of helpers, hip hip ……………

  4. Three cheers for Big Dave
    About whom we all rave.
    I chose to give my congratulations and thanks to you
    By writing this dedication as a clerihew.

  5. Congratulations Dave, you started this site less than two years ago and it has been the biggest success story one could possibly imagine. I rarely miss a day visiting the site and it has assisted me greatly and also helped me to enjoy crosswords which I used only to stare at helplessly. Thanks to you and all the bloggers who give their time and energy to assisting the less cruciverbially gifted amongst us. I hope you go on for many years to come, “Lang may yer lum reek”

  6. Indeed, congratulations to Big Dave and the other bloggers on providing a much needed service to both solvers and setters alike.


    Ray T

  7. I eleventh the sentiments expressed above. The last six months have brought more fun to my cryptic solving than any of the preceding 480 months! Only wish we’d had the internet and this blog when I was a member of the Clueless Club.

  8. Well done to BD for making this site such an incredible success. The hardwork and devotion that goes into this is very much appreciated by everyone, and this can be seen by the large numbers of us who pass by this site every day.
    Thanks to BD, and his fellow bloggers for all their hard work.

  9. Before finding this website, I was always left wondering “Why is that the solution?” Now everything is explained!

    Thanks to BD and all the Bloggers!

  10. Congratulations and many thanks to Big Dave and his blogging team for such an informative site.

    What I really love about this site is its unique layout. Unlike other sites that simply give the answers with an explanation, this site gives hints and so allows the solver a second chance at solving a difficult clue after the word play is explained – brilliant!

    It’s also great to get comments from the setters such as Ray T, Jay and Virgilius – I love reading what they have to say.

    Thanks to all who work on this site – it definitely adds greatly to my love of the DT cryptics.

  11. Agreed – easily the best site of its kind – all the clues are so clearly explained. Big Dave’s success is down to his attention to detail and his concern for his bloggers.

  12. Congratulations to Big Dave and all his team, I have only been using the blog for a couple of months but now find it hard to go a day without reading all the blogs and the explanations.
    It definitely has helped me understand a lot more of the answers and now find I can do the crossword slightly quicker than before and getting better all the time.
    Hopefully one day I will be as good a wordsmith as BD and all the others who assist. :D :P

  13. I totally agree with all the above-mentioned comments and take every opportunity to publicise the site [as BD knows]. It is undoubtedly a feather in his cap – and the other bloggers – that the compilers are visiting the site too and long may we all continue to do so.

  14. Fantastic achievement and a superb testament to BDs hard work and infectious enthusiasm. It is only a little over a year since I stumbled across the blog and look what happened to me ;) Here’s to the next million!

    Many thanks to BD, companions in blogging and to all who leave comments. You are a great bunch.

  15. Thanks for the kind words Gazza and friends.

    None of us thought when we first started that we would have the most successful cryptic crossword blog in the world. I remember the elation when we first exceeded 1,000 hits in a day (courtesy of the premature release of a Saturday puzzle on a Friday), our first million on 8th March this year and a second million less than seven and a half months later.

  16. Well done! What a fantastic achievement……………………….What a fantastic site!!
    Just wish whatever system here at work, occaisionally blocks my access (like today!) for being “offensive and tasteless” would STOP IT!
    …………………………… can’t access it for the clue I didn’t get: 9A ????????????????????????

  17. Fabulous milestone and it would be really nice to hear from a few more solvers who must be using this wonderful site regularly.

    I am amazed at the ability of the bloggers to unravel so many clues; you will be aware from my comments that I seem unable to move out of Mary’s Clueless Club and make a decent attempt beyond the Saturday and Monday puzzles let alone the Toughie.

    Thank you all for such a wonderful effort. Long may you continue to feel you want to keep the blog going.

  18. I endorse all comments above. This is a truly fantastic site!
    Congratulations Big Dave – long may it continue!

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