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DT 27211

  Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27211

A full review by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Gnomethang is a bit busy at the moment, probably spoiling a good walk by playing golf, so I have put this review together fairly quickly.

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3a           Small convenient drink (6)
SHANDY – S(mall) followed by HANDY (convenient)

6a           Ostentation shown by British page (4)
POMP – POM (the Australian slang for British) followed by P(age)

8a           Crew perhaps get tips from Oxford, Cambridge teams entering Thames (5)
OCTET – the initial letters (tips) of Oxford Cambridge Teams Entering Thames

9a           Star Scottish footballer gets red card (3,2,6)
ACE OF HEARTS – what could be the top player from a bankrupt Edinburgh football club is actually a red playing card

10a         Olympic winner to catch impressionist (5)
MONET – a charade of the first name of Mo Farah, winner of two Olympic titles, and NET (catch) gives this popular impressionist painter

11a         Former wife’s custom is being sent abroad (11)
EXTRADITION – a charade of EX (a former wife) and TRADITION (custom)

16a         Type inclined to have attraction to adventurous girl mostly (6)
ITALIC – IT, the two-letter word meaning sexual attraction, followed by most of ALIC(E), the girl who had Adventures in Wonderland

17a         Taking steamship round Channel Islands explorer returned in cutter (8)
SCISSORS – SS (steamship) around CI (Channel Islands) and the reversal (returned) of Arctic explorer ROSS

19a         Saint’s given foreign church prominence (8)
SALIENCE – S(aint) followed by ALIEN (foreign) and CE (Church of England)

20a         Revoke excluding husband from part of church (6)
CANCEL – drop (excluding) the H(usband) from C(H)ANCEL (part of church)

22a         How Oliver was portrayed in battle, unlikely to hold beach (5,3,3)
WARTS AND ALL – how Oliver Cromwell requested that he be portrayed by Sir Peter Lely is derived from WAR (battle) and TALL (unlikely, as in an unlikely story) around SAND (beach)

25a         One getting flame to marry (5)
MATCH – two definitions

27a         Dressing, being given attire in new fashion (11)
VINAIGRETTE – an anagram (in new fashion) of  GIVEN ATTIRE

28a         Innocent one in body of church (5)
NAÏVE – I (one) inside NAVE (body of church)

29a         Boy dashed round yard (4)
RYAN – RAN (dashed) around Y(ard) – in my opinion there is seldom an excuse for including boys’ (or girls’) names in a cryptic crossword: the colour cyan would have been much better here

30a         One stinging nettle finally confused with thorn (6)
HORNET – an anagram (confused) of the final letter of nettlE and THORN


1d           Judgment after temper’s raised (4)
DOOM – reverse(raised in a down clue)  MOOD ( temper or disposition)

2d           Defensive batsman, one playing for time with one wicket in hand (11)
STONEWALLER – STALLER (someone who is playing for time by delaying) around ONE and W(icket)

3d           Grandeur of railways in USA (11)
STATELINESS – LINES (railways) inside STATES (a colloquial word for the USA)

4d           Spies a convenience (6)
AGENTS – the A from the clue followed by GENTS (convenience)

5d           Lower classes intended resistance (8)
DEFIANCE – D & E, The two lower socioeconomic classes, followed by a FIANCÉ, someone who is intended to become a husband

6d           Factory to design vintage model of car (5)
PLANT = PLAN (design) followed by T, the model of Ford car that could be purchased in any colour – so long as it’s black!

7d           Test to following golden rule (5)
MOTTO – MOT (vehicle test) with TO following it

12d         In the present month, all fellows will take time setting up in office (11)
INSTALLMENT – INST, the term for the present month used in business correspondence, followed by ALL, some fellows and T(ime) – this spelling of instalment should have been indicated as being American

13d         Press has short article taking popular line during Cold War (4,7)
IRON CURTAIN – IRON (press) followed by CURT (short), A (indefinite article) and IN (popular)

14d         Get snug in finest leather (6)
NESTLE – hidden inside fiNEST LEather

15d         It’s puzzling to put together dances with a wife (6)
JIGSAW – JIGS (dances) followed by the A from the clue and W(ife)

18d         Redraft in coarse outline (8)
SCENARIO – an anagram (redraft) of IN COARSE

21d         Box with ‘far, far better’ character (6)
CARTON – Sydney CARTON is the name of the character from A Tale of Two Cities who said “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”

23d         Friendship as disaster spared California (5)
AMITY – (CAL)AMITY (disaster) without (spared) CAL(ifornia)

24d         Coach some coaches (5)
TRAIN – two definitions

26d         Take note of that man Miliband (4)
HEED – HE, the male pronoun (that man), followed by the first name of ED Milliband

Crypticsue should be in this slot next week.