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DT 27210

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27210

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

An enjoyable crossword from Giovanni today that hits most of the spots.


1. Dairy product from goat? (6)
{BUTTER} – Something you might put on your toast, could also describe what a goat is when it uses its head.

4. Conservative moves to a higher plane in desperate situations (6)
{CRISES} – C (Conservative) and a word that means to move to a higher position or ascend.

8. Caesar possibly twitching, as he was with Cleopatra (8)
{ROMANTIC} – What Caesar was, followed by a three letter word for a spasmodic movement, could also describe thoughts and feelings of love.

10. Stuff that slushy and fruity from British star down under? (6)
{POMACE} – The remains of fruit after crushing and pressing could also be, if split (3,3) a disparaging word used to describe a Briton in Australia, and an expert in a given field. Typo in the clue perhaps?

11. Protective covering is missing from a finch (4)
{SKIN} – Take IS away from a small finch to get the sort of covering that protects your body.

12. Subsequently dealt with awful threat — free! (10)
{THEREAFTER} – An anagram (awful) THREAT FREE.

13. Medical specialist ungenerous or nasty (12)
{NEUROSURGEON} – An anagram (nasty) of UNGENEROUS OR.

16. Old pop group that will often get drunk late at night! (3,9)
{HOT CHOCOLATE} – A beverage made from cocoa powder, milk and sugar were also a British pop band active in the 1970s and 1980s.

20. Deadliest man initially trained in this part of the world? (6,4)
{MIDDLE EAST} – An anagram (trained) of DEADLIEST and the first letter (initially) of M(an) is a region that roughly encompasses Western Asia.

21. Fairy one’s sometimes seen sliding over ice (4)
{PUCK} – A mischievous sprite or a hard rubber disk used in ice hockey.

22. Extra announcement that would have disappointed the ugly sisters (2-4)
{NO-BALL} – An illegal delivery in Cricket, would also have upset Cinderella’s step-sisters if it had been cancelled.

23. Various characters in rep, loyal in performance (4-4)
{ROLE-PLAY} – An anagram of REP LOYAL.

24. Article is written by head of monastery: ‘A form of belief’ (6)
{THEISM} – THE (article) IS and the first letter (head) of M(onastery).

25. Food served in part of hospital stank, not half! (6)
{ENTRÉE} – ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), followed by half of a word that means to smell offensively is also a dish served as part of a meal.


1. Tiny stream and little river featured in short publication (8)
{BROOKLET} – A word for a small stream of water can be constructed by putting R (river) into another word for a small pamphlet.

2. The two at opposite ends that will never meet famous author? (5)
{TWAIN} – A word from a phrase that describes two things that will never unite, is also the pen name of a well known American author who wrote Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

3. Groups of buildings in eastern countries? (7)
{ESTATES} –A word that describes housing developments can be made up from E (eastern) and another word for political territories.

5. Full service in gym following Religious Education (7)
{REPLETE} – A replay of a point in tennis inside PE (gym, physical education) after RE (religious education).

6. Sort of match that could make fan smile — gripping one (9)
{SEMIFINAL} – An anagram (could make) of FAN SMILE around (gripping) I (one) is the sort of match that precedes the ultimate one.

7. Small bag with a cold explosive hidden in street (6)
{SACHET} – The definition is “Small bag”, place A C (cold) HE (high explosive) inside ST (street).

9. Reduce atmospheric pollution to try and reduce tension (5,3,3)
{CLEAR THE AIR} – A phrase that describes dispelling differences or emotional tensions, could also refer to an attempt to reduce smog for example.

14. It’s awfully dry with heater? Get some moisture back in (9)
{REHYDRATE} – An anagram (awfully) of DRY and HEATER.

15. Farm animals given help, we hear, in form of defence against invaders (8)
{STOCKADE} – A word that describes all the animals kept and raised on a farm, is then followed by a word that sounds like (we hear) AID to get a type of defensive barrier.

17. More than one young choirboy quivers, wanting to avoid Mass (7)
{TREBLES} – Remove (avoid) M (mass) from a word that means to shake involuntarily to get high pitched voices.

18. Language of tribe including a word for ‘thanks’ (7)
{CATALAN} – Place A TA (thanks) inside another word for a Scottish social unit for a language commonly spoken in Barcelona.

19. Animal not in sty? Put it away (3,3)
{PIG OUT} – A phrase that means to eat ravenously or gorge, could also describe a hog that’s not at home.

21. Musician’s publication that is read out in Australia? (5)
{PIPER} – A type of musician could (I suppose) sound like an Australian saying “paper”.

The Quick crossword pun: (queue} + {Ritz} = {curates}

52 comments on “DT 27210

  1. Another very enjoyable crossword today **/**** for me. Many thanks to the setter and to Libellule for his review and hints, although happily I didn’t need any today.

    I put Cryptic Sue style markings for the clues I liked best against 8a (my last one in and favourite), 13a, 16a and 19d.

    The surface reading of 10a looks very weird to me, or am I misreading it? I see Libellule thinks there is something wrong too. And it seems a bit cheeky in 21d to use Australian pronunciation. :shock:

    I am very surprised to see a hyphen in 22a and no hyphen in 6d! I checked both in the BRB and see that our bible does indeed list No-ball and Semifinal, but just in these two instances I am sure that both are wrong!

    No ball is an explicit cricket term and the official laws of cricket do not use a hyphen; and all references I can find (except in the BRB!) use the format Semi-final.

  2. This was over much to quickly for me but still a very enjoyable puzzle, 22A made me chuckle & I didnt like 21D but thats my oponipn others may think differently. Thanks to libellule for
    the review & hints which weren’t needed, wishing all a very nice weekend.

  3. Many thanks to Giovanni for the enjoyable puzzle, and to Libellule for the review. 17d made me smile.

    Giovanni under a different pseudonym in the Financial Times is good too!

  4. Good fun, thank you Giovanni and thank you Libellule for your review. The anagrams helped me to get a foothold today.

  5. Very enjoyable today if some of the clues were a little strange.
    1a, 8a & 16a are so obvious they could hardly be described as cryptic!
    10a is a word I had never heard of – 5d was another oddity (for me anyway!). 21a Australian for ‘paper’ – eh!
    Plenty of anagrams!

    Finished in record time!

  6. Is it just me who never seems to tune into Giovanni’s wavelength? I stared at this for some time before I could even get started. There again I can nearly always complete a puzzle by Ray T so I guess that’s a sort of balance.

    I’ve had a quick look at the Toughie. My advice? It’s not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

    1. Persevere with the toughie. It looks impossible and then all falls into place. Great fun.

      1. I’m going to try & save it for my break at the end of June. We’ve rented a lodge in North Yorkshire just off the wolds with no access to the net & no hot & cold running shops.

      2. No chance. I tried one once before that was highly recommended and it nearly drove me crazy. No, I think I’ll stick with my cryptic, otherwise that’s all I’d do all day!

  7. 10a rather appealed to our southern hemisphere sense of humour, and we were also pleased that the Don specifically targeted our trans-Tasman neighbours for their pronunciation in 21d. No Kiwi would even indulge in such sloppy diction. (Well not much). A pleasant solve, in the easier range for a Friday we thought.
    Thanks Giovanni and Libellule.

    1. I remember a Kiwi once telling me that you are taught to “hiss your esses and spit your tees.” I must say New Zealanders do have excellent diction, so it must work

      1. We’d like to think you are right Merusa, but Mmmmm. At least we consider we are not as bad as the Aussies. Appreciate your compliment though. Cheers.

        1. Now, now….lay off the colonial cousins! I have some very nice relatives in WA.

  8. Good morning Libelulle thanks for the hints though I didn’t need them today I thought at first I was going to, after a read through the only one I had done was 2d! After much preservation it began to come together and in the end I wondered why I had struggled so much, favourite clue for me today was 19d :-) So many cricket clues of late! It is one of the few sports I don’t watch, weather report…dry, warm but no sun :-(

    1. Hi Mary.
      Was your spellchecker sabotaging you on “persevation” by any chance!!?
      That’ll learn yer…….

      1. Sometimes Mary persevates & sometimes she preservates. It depends on which the corner the wind is blowing from….

      2. Hi Bluebird, no perservation is a mix of perseverance and perspiration both involved when I’m solving crosswords, I mistakenly put it in a blog one day and it has stuck, so much so that a lot of people use it and as for myself I have probably spelt the right word wrong if you know what I mean ;-) , right off to perservate on todays puzzle now

  9. A steady solve, but on checking I found that my 10A answer ( and last one in) of pomice was incorrect. The correct answer is a word I’ve never heard of. 5D was clever. Loved 2D, 17D and 21D. Thanks to Giovanni, one of my favorite setters, and to Libellule for the review.

  10. Another of the Don’s easier offerings, but till enjoyable. I’ve never heard of 10A (not being a winey person, but the cluing led to the answer). I’ve a few marked down as good clues (20A, 24A,18D for instance) but 21D really did make me laugh.

    Need to remember to get lots of sleep tonight as it looks like I’m going to have a really busy weekend (Lions on Saturday and Cricket Sunday)

    1. 10a is the pulp left after the juice (or oil) has been removed – nothing to do with wine (as far as I know) – it was a new word to me too!

  11. Started and completed during my coffee break. Satisfactory for me but what will I do during lunch?

  12. Going for a**/*** very pleasant,not heard of 10a,or more likely forgotten it,but good clue. Liked 22a and amused by 16a,19d and 21d-roll on the ashes! As Skempie says a busy weekend coming up-have i accumulated enough brownie points?watch this space.

  13. Plain-sailing and fun today although needed hints for extreme southeast – 21a, 25a and 21d. **/*** for me again. Thanks Giovanni and Libellule. Easy competition tomorrow?!

  14. Thoroughly enjoyable. Had to lookup 10a to make sure I’d not heard of it before. Some loverly anagrams. Top left, bottom right gave me a couple of head scratch moments but otherwise nearly a read clue write answer day for me. Sorry Libellule your help was not required today although thanks for the review. Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable end to the working week. Not sure a pop group from the 70’s can be considered old though, especially as they are still going strong.

  15. i haven’t commented on here before but couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts on 21 down. Musician’s publication made me think back to my youth and the splendid New Musical Express, usually referred to as the N.M.E. With the upcoming Ashes series to enjoy, we undoubtedly will ‘read out’ as the N.M.E!

    1. Hi Gooner, it was just yesterday when I was discussing the N.M.E. with my son, saying how much I used to enjoy it and waiting for the charts, nothing’s the same any more ;-(

  16. Thanks to Giovanni and to Libellule for a fairly gentle but enjoyable crossword and an excellent review.

  17. Lovely solve in the sunshine with another crab sandwich and a cider. I have been married to Saint Sharon for ten years today. Ta to all as usual. I am off to toughie town to fail miserably I fear

    1. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary Miffypops. You’ve a way to go to catch us up though….49 years this September all being well.

    2. Happy anniversary. Sun , crab sandwich, cider..am I jealous, of course not, I’d far rather be stuck in the office!!

  18. Nice gentle crossword today for us, very enjoyable……probably because one or two of the clues weren’t very cryptic, which I find a little easier. Thank you to setter & hinter.

  19. Can’t complain about the cricket clue because there was also a hockey clue!
    Very enjoyable puzzle today. Thanks to Giovanni whose puzzles I always enjoy and to Lubellule for the blog.

  20. Very enjoyable stuff from the Don today! I thought the Australian references were “fair dinkum” – whatever that means!

    And the Quickie Pun is … ? I’m struggling! Is it Curates?

  21. Mostly enjoyable.
    Loved 16a and 22a.
    But had to look up Siskin (never heard of) and tha Appley one.
    Finally gave up on the last 3 in the SE. Really didn’t think much of 21d and 25a, which spoiled my enjoyment. Heyho.

  22. V. enjoyable. How opinions differ – for one blogger 8a is ridiculously easy, for another it is the last one in.

  23. Thanks to Giovanni and to Libellule. Very enjoyable end to the week. My last effort for a few days as large family gathering to celebrate birth of 8th grandchild and babysitting for two of the little ones next week. Hopefully back after next weekend.

  24. Great crossword, though I did have to refer to hints to know why 21d was what it is, but it had to be right as that is the only musician that would fit. All good fun.

    Watching Eastbourne and the wind is so fierce, I wonder how they can even play. Have a good weekend all, thanks to setter and hinter.

  25. Thanks to Giovanni and to Libellule for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle from the Don, not my week I was one short yesterday and two short today. Needed the hints for 21d and 25a, I put paper and annexe, so was definitely barking up the wrong tree :-) Apart from those two, no real problems, was 2*/4* for me. Favourites were 11 & 16a and 1&19d. Cold and raining in Central London. Summer has been forgot :-)

  26. Super puzzle as is to be expected for a Friday.
    My personal favourite was 2d, I do like clues that make me smile. :-)
    Lots of nice clues today inc 16a (them i have heard of!).
    I agree that 10a was perhaps a typo as the surface reading was clumsy. If I had any criticism it would that I thought 21d but that’s being picky.
    Many Thx to the Don and Libellule for the excellent ,if not needed today, hints.

  27. Well here we are at the summer solstice and it has poured down here in NL all day – had to don my mac to go fetch the DT this afternoon.

    Usual stuff from Giovanni!

    Faves : 1a, 22a, 9d & 21d.

  28. Great tussle, didn’t help reading 20a as 4 and 6 instead of 6 and 4 for quite some time until I re-read the clue.
    Going quietly nuts until then.
    Many thanks Giovanni and Libellule for the review.

  29. Late on parade today!
    The Don in benign mode methinks! **/**** for us! Thank you Giovanni.
    We (ie the pommers and me) got all but 7 on first pass this evening and that was after a long lazy lunch with friends and several glasses of wine (hic !)
    So sorry Libelle didn’t need your hints at all today, but thanks for a good review.
    Did have to look up the definition of 10a – but I love clues like this where you can work out the answer from the clue even though you’ve never come across the word before.
    have a good weekend peeps.

  30. First foray into solving since last Saturday due to helping to look after big brudder (senior grandson) while baby brudder (Dylan) was born. Did make one or two half hearted and much interrupted attempts mid week with little success. Therefore to get back home and tackle this excellent Giovanni proved wonderful relaxation. Enjoyed reading hints – not needed – and blog. How we all differ. Not many problems. I do think the clues were all cryptic. After lst run I was left with four to do, 10 and 25a and 5 and 21d. Actually 25a should not have been a problem when I looked again as it is the favourite hospital department in Crosswordland.21d followed swiftly on after a quick check through the vowels. 5d for me was perhaps the most complicated but I persevated and got it. Leaving only 10a. Pumice was the only word I knew but thought pom more likely than pum and used the BRB. Would have been easy had I heard of the word and had there not been a misprint in the clue. Must get on with today’s now!

  31. Rather late to be commenting, but I have to because it was so fabulous !Thanks to all concerned.

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