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DT 30637

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30637
Hints and tips by Huntsman

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BD Rating – Difficulty */** Enjoyment ***

Having successfully dodged the rain on the golf course yesterday it’s another dash to South Herts to see if we can manage to do so again today.

Gentle fare from Anthony Plumb today which I doubt will unduly tax many. Perfectly enjoyable though perhaps not one from his top drawer. If all done & dusted a bit too quickly there’s a lovely Toughie by Chalicea that is very accessible.

In the following hints, definitions are underlined, indicators are mostly in parentheses, and answers are revealed by clicking where shown as usual. Please leave a comment below on how you got on with the puzzle.


1a This might be wound wife gets in bad crash with twit (10)

WRISTWATCH: an anagram (bad) of CRASH & TWIT with the genealogical letter for Wife inserted (gets in).

6a Young fox maybe catches large bat (4)

CLUB: insert (catches) the single letter for Large into one of the three words for a baby 🦊 (pup & kit the others).

10a Frequently dull leader is removed (5)

OFTEN: take away the first letter (leader is removed) from a synonym for dull or take the edge off.

11a Yanks camera in crazy squabble initially (9)

AMERICANS: an anagram (crazy) of CAMERA IN + the first letter (initially) of Squabbles.


12a Criminal may maintain he is this popular with no money (8)

INNOCENT: link another word for popular or fashionable with NO in the clue then append a currency unit of various countries equal to 1/100 of the basic monetary unit. Neat clue.

13a Group keeping base free of dirt (5)

CLEAN: insert (keeping) the usual base (Euler’s Constant) into a group or family.

15a Pollock, perhaps, almost rips a net at sea (7)

PAINTER: an anagram (at sea/almost) of RIPs A NET. Nice clue.

17a Shows reservation about meat (7)

REVEALS: place an abbreviation for reservation  around the flesh of a young calf.

19a Shoots messengers (7)

RUNNERS: double definition – the former as in tendrils, the latter found on a film set maybe.

21a Vessel for making tea filling mug – this can get very hot (7)

FURNACE: place the tea making vessel into (filling) into what mug could be slang for.

22a Vehicles quick in reverse (5)

TRAMS: reverse a synonym for quick or intelligent.

24a Outlines from small boats (8)

SKETCHES: the single letter for Small + two-masted sailboats.

27a Watching old boys waiting (9)

OBSERVING: the usual abbreviation for old boys + a synonym for waiting or attend to.

28a Some men destroy – only some fix (5)

EMEND: hidden (only some) in the first three words of the clue.

29a Stout is regularly taken out for drinkers (4)

SOTS: the alternate letters (regularly taken out) of the first two words in the clue.

30a Company has faith in investment funds (4,6)

UNIT TRUSTS: company as in subdivision of a larger military grouping + a word meaning has faith in.



1d Golfer’s short driver?

WOOD: truncate (short) the surname of arguably the greatest golfer of all time – pictured in the 6 pack at 21a.

2d Where camper might be is only half on purpose (9)

INTENTION: think 2,4 for the camper’s sleeping accommodation + I(s) (only half of) + ON from the clue.

3d Smack bottom in disco dance (5)

TANGO: a synonym of smack or piquancy + the final letter of discO (bottom/down clue).

4d Article on China heads of university regard inexpert (7)

AMATEUR: link the single letter for Article with the cockney rhyming slang for china (ignore the misleading capitalisation) then append the opening letters (heads of) the two words preceding the definition.

5d Religious education in California – rubbish about God (7)

CREATOR: insert (in) the usual abbreviation for religious education between the two letter postal abbreviation for the US state then append a reversed (about) synonym for rubbish.

7d Let learner rest (5)

LEASE: the single letter for Learner + a synonym for rest or relax.

8d Ben’s issues possibly creating concerns (10)

BUSINESSES: an anagram (possibly) of BEN’S ISSUES.

9d Find Detective Inspector put on second mask (8)

DISCOVER: the abbreviation for the Detective Inspector + the single letter for Second + a synonym for mask or conceal.

14d Hope hospital’s left food supplies – this is what you often get there (10)

OPERATIONS:  hOPE from the clue (delete the single letter for hospital) + a word for food supplies. There’ll be a Quickie pun mind whatever the political parties promise us.

16d Accumulated wealth adult almost certainly hides in plane?

TREASURE: insert (hides in) the single letter for Adult + a shortened (almost) synonym for certainly into what plane is a species of ( native to the Northern Hemisphere a from the family Platanaceae).

18a Grasp head after fighting in A&E (9)

AWARENESS: insert fighting or armed conflict between A&E then append a synonym for head or promontory as pictured in this majestic links in Kinsale.

20d Hearing upsetting sounds enthralling son (7)

SESSION: insert the genealogical letter for Son into a reversed (upsetting) synonym for sounds.

21d Row around river with European cargo (7)

FREIGHT: the single letter for River & for European are surrounded by (around) a synonym for a row or altercation.

23d Dog scratching bishop’s long suit (5)

ASSET: remove the chess notation single letter for Bishop from a dog breed. I wasn’t familiar with the definition expression & see it alludes to an advantageous position in whist, bridge & other card games.

25d Obvious chapter is by one who wrote nonsense (5)

CLEAR: the single letter for Chapter followed by a 19th Century English artist, illustrator & writer of literary nonsense.

26d Poems editor picked up penned by ordinary seaman (4)

ODES: reverse (picked up) the usual two letters for the newspaper boss & put between (penned by) the abbreviation for ordinary seaman.


Think I’ll plump for 15a as my pick of the clues today with podium places for 12&21a. Please tell us which ones ticked your boxes.

Today’s blogging music has been my Dave Alvin playlist. His stuff is well worth a listen to if you like that sort of thing.  Here’s the title track from an album he did with Jimmie Dale Gilmore who played Smokey in the Big Lebowski







Today’s Quickie crossword pun: WAY + TIN + LISZT = WAITING LIST



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  1. One mug of coffee long and very enjoyable with just the right mix of clues is my take on today’s offering. Too many good clues to actually pick a favourite but, if pushed, I would go for the tea making vessel at 21a for its great surface and misdirection.

    Thank you, setter for the fun challenge. Thank you Hintsman for the hunts.

  2. A very chillaxing stroll through crosswordland aujourd’hui that all went in fairly smoothly.

    My podium is 1a, 5d and 18d.

    Many thanks to The Prof and Hoots Mon!


  3. Enjoyable, slightly more challenging than the average Tuesday, some old friends but plenty of clever clueing. Highlights 15a, 16d, 18d.

    2 / 3

    Thank you to AP and to Huntsman – enjoying the music!

  4. I loved this one. The only bit of trouble I had was blithely putting in “dripper” for 15ac but soon sorted out.

  5. 1*/3.5* for a light puzzle which was a lot of fun.

    I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention that the abbreviation for reservation needed in 17a is American according to the BRB.

    I’ve no particular favourite today; it was all good.

    My music soundtrack for today’s solve has been The Shires. Mrs RD and I went to see them at our local theatre last night. Absolutely spell-binding. They are an English duo who have taken Nashville by storm.

    Many thanks presumably to AP and to Hintsman.

    1. I very nearly added expect a comment from RD to the hint. Nearly went to see the Shires recently at The Union Chapel but couldn’t make the date. Friends went & really enjoyed the gig

      1. Thank you for the Dave Alvin recommendation – really enjoying a mix of his music on YT. Interestingly it threw up a piece from Anthony Gomes (Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars) which was great, almost 70s rock/metal meets folk/blues. But will definitely add Alvin to the playlist now.

      2. Kinsale looks like a great course – have you ever played at Macrihanish on the Kintyre peninsular? I used too work for a guy who used to spend a week there every year

        1. I’ve played the original course (Jack Nicklaus reckoned it to have the best opening hole in the world no less) & it was truly four seasons in a day. Have also played Machrie. Both wonderful. Old Head in Ireland is simply majestic.

  6. I feel a Jackson Pollock coming on (Kryten – Red Dwarf)
    Too many choices made 18d hard to see as the fighting escaped me for a while but all clear now
    Thanks to AP and Andy on the first tee
    Time to tackle Chalicea

  7. A fairly gentle but enjoyable puzzle.
    Many thanks to the setter, and to Huntsman for the write-up, and also the long suit explanation which I had never heard of before.

  8. Very light, but elegantly clued throughout with no obscurities or dodgy surfaces, so pretty much the perfect Tuesday offering. 18d was my pick of several fine clues ahead of 12a.

    My thanks to Mr P and The Hinsman.

  9. As Typically Tuesdayish as ever with a sprinkling of oldies but goodies – 1a, 22a, and 24a for example – 1.5*/4*

    Candidates for favourite – 19a, 21a, and 16d – and the winner is 16d.

    Thanks to Mr Plumb and Huntsman.

  10. Great guzzle; fun glues throughout. Held myself up for a moment by immediately thinking cricket at 15a.

    Put up blinds in The Youngster’s log cabin yesterday. She refers to them constantly as ‘the temporary blinds’. I am hoping they settle into a life of permanence.
    Today she is doing a Viva as part of her Masters course. She should be just concluding as I type this and I hope she does well. It means so much to her.

    Thanks to the setter, and Andy On The First Tee.

    1. Good luck to your Youngster and I hope she does well. I do remember our Elder Pet Lamb’s various stages of getting to where she is now – phew – the things they put us through!!

  11. Mostly light fare from Mr P today but I still managed to get misdirected a couple of times along the way. I’ll give the honours to those pesky little devils – 1a & 18d.

    Thanks to Mr Plumb and to Huntsman for the review.

  12. Lightest Tuesday for some time but pleasant enough for all that.
    No outstanding clues so off now to practice with my new 1d (don’t tell Mrs B I have bought a new 1d!).
    Thx to all

  13. Always look forward to a smooth ride on Tuesday and this was just that and a great breakfast accompaniment. I tried to parse 8d by equating first three letters with smack but then struggled to explain the final 2 letters – thanks for sorting that for me Hintsman and likewise 23d long suit which is a new one on me. Fav precise 1d. SE last to fall . Thank you MrP and Hintsman.

  14. I often wonder how the ‘difficulty’ score is arrived at as I sometimes find the lower scored puzzles more challenging than the higher scored ones. I’m assuming that if your brain works in a similar way to the setter’s brain then you will be on the same wavelength and therefore find it easier…..

  15. A sweet little diversion. I enjoyed 1a’s surface, 15a was fun, 30a grew on me and I thought 14d was a great way to clue an old favourite. Many thanks to AP and Huntsman. Yes – of course! – to Dave Alvin.

  16. An enjoyable puzzle today. Didn’t know the term long suit.
    Highlights for me were 1a, 21a, 19a and 16d.
    Thanks to Huntsman and the setter.

  17. Seemed like this Tuesday puzzle was as easy or a tad easier than Monday’s offering was.


    Favourites include 1a, 21a, 2d, 14d & 18d with winner 1a. Great clue.

    Thanks to AP & Huntsman for blog/hints

  18. Found this one trickier than most after finding Sunday’s – which several seemed to find stretching – relatively simple. Hey ho, life would be dull if we were all the same, eh?

    Favourite was 15a, Though for me, and I stress only for me (TM), I didn’t really consider any of them to be standouts. ***/**

  19. Another fun day, though I fell for some red herrings, eg 1a! I needed some checkers before solving the anagram, then a huge “aha” moment. I’m happy to say I didn’t fall for the “plane” at 16d, I saw through the setter’s wily cleverness again. Oh, that Pollock!! If anyone wants to know about the fish, thanks to google I know it all. I liked so much, I think 15a and 16d take the title.
    Thank you Mr. Plumb for the fun, and Huntsman for explaining some, 1d in particular, I must be really dim not to parse that.

  20. Many thanks for the compliment Huntsman and for these hints – I did like the [b]asset photo – he looks glum.
    Indeed it was a gentle and enjoyable back pager.

  21. On reflection I don’t know why it took me so long. It was a slow burn and then my pen ran away with me and filled it all in. I’m sorry to say I didn’t find it a lot of fun but as has been remarked we are all different. Favourites 21a and 1 and 18d. 23d was a bung in. I was thinking all sorts, clothing, yearn, courtship but I got there. The investment funds took me along time to acquire but shall save for future use. Thanks Mr Plumb and Huntsman

  22. Wow, I needed that to bolster my confidence after being really inept for the past three days. An enjoyable, steady solve. 1a took me ages and a peek at the hint didn’t help me as I didn’t recognize the item. I guess because we mostly only use those with the seasonal time changes, as most don’t need winding up any more. The 23d was also elusive as I know very little about card games, other than gin rummy that my grandmother used to play with us when we visited her house. I thought this might be a Chalicea today, but see she has provided the Toughie. Thanks to AP and to Huntsman.

  23. Feeling rather ignorant – all the people and things I’ve never heard of . . never mind, I have now!
    I liked 12 and 24a and 8 and 9d. My favourite was 2d.
    Thanks to today’s setter for the crossword and to today’s Hintyman/

  24. A nice enough puzzle but I found it difficult in parts 😬 ****/*** Favourites 1a, 15a, & 22a quite difficult to avoid the torrential showers in this part of the world particularly on a golf course 😰 Thanks to Anthony Plumb and to the Huntsman 😃

  25. Another enjoyable puzzle. Was held up for sometime on a couple for eg Pollock (fish) took sometime for the penny to drop and 23d decided on asset but couldn’t parse it until finished and checking the hints. Many thanks to the setter (Mr Plumb?) and Huntsman. My goodness Huntsman you do get about with those clubs!

  26. Blimey O’Reilly
    Sailed through this
    Without a hitch.
    How generous of
    Mr. Plumb.
    Certainly praise the
    Creative mix of clues.
    Many thanks AP and

  27. I’m pleased I wasn’t the only one who found this more testing than most which I found harder than the toughie in places, which I didn’t find that easy. Favourite was 21a. Thanks to the setter and Huntsman.

  28. Good evening

    I agree with Taylor above; I found today’s crozzie worthy of ** or possibly *** – it took me ages to find a way in, and then it was fits and starts until pen down time.

    Some excellent misdirection at play; 4d I should have spotted way before I did, and 16d merits joint COTD with 18d.

    Many thanks to Mr P and to Huntsman.

  29. An interesting canter today. Took a while to get into the setter’s wavelength and then it flowed. Grr for 20D although clever! 30D tricky. Thanks to all! I’m always late into it but enjoy it hugely!!

  30. A lovely puzzle which I did on the journey home from holiday. I enjoyed it very much but now cannot remember which clues were my favourites as it was too long ago and I am too tired!

    Many thanks to the setter and to Huntsman for the hints.

  31. Nice, straightforward late night (23:30) solve.

    Got 23d but have never heard of “long suit” in that context before.

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