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DT 30209 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30209 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club (hosted by crypticsue)

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Another chilly day here in East Kent where the sun is trying to decide whether it wants to come out or not, and while things hopefully improve outside, this leaves time for crossword solving in the warm

I think I have guessed the setter correctly but will wait to see (a) if they turn up to claim it and (b) how many people agree with me

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    Rustic got through said examination (8)
A homophone (said) of a way of saying got through followed by a type of examination

11a    One likely to make the charts (12)
A cryptic description of someone who makes maps

15a    About three miles for union (6)
A distance of just over three miles or a union

16a    Some superior supernatural being (4)
A beautiful but malevolent fairy with supernatural powers in Persian mythology is hidden in the second word of the clue

17a    Travelling? Sure! (5)
On the way to somewhere or sure to happen

20a    German article describing particular tranquilliser (6)
The German definite article going round (describing) particular or belonging to oneself

28a    One who has recently joined a union (5-3)
A cryptic definition of someone who has recently been joined in matrimony


2d    In accordance with ticket having freedom to pick and choose (1,2,5)
The first four words of the clue are the English translation of the French meaning of this bill of fare

4d    Butter put on angler’s stick (6)
An animal that butts put on (in a Down solution) a name given to someone using a fishing pole

7d    Of course, one might contain one (4)
My last one in – something that would be part of a course of a meal

16d    Footwork (8)
A cryptic description of some work done to improve the condition of feet

17d    Barely a suit for one’s anniversary! (8)
Because today is a special day for the blog, I had to include this one. A jocular term for the state in which you were born

22d    An Arab vessel? Yes, certainly (3,3)
AN (from the clue) and an Arab vessel

25d    Above using voucher with one-third off (4)
Remove the first two letters (one-third off) from a voucher

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As this is a Prize crossword, please don’t put any ANSWERS, whether WHOLE, PARTIAL or INCORRECT, or any ALTERNATIVE CLUES in your comment. If in doubt, leave it out!

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The Quick Crossword pun: SIGH + COLL + OGEE = PSYCHOLOGY

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  1. A very enjoyable puzzle and a joy to solve. I can send this one in to see if I can win the mythical pen! I had ticks all over the paper as well as paw prints from Perks – he had just stepped in the butter. The first to fall was 1a, which raised a huge smile and then 10a that I thought was very neat. It’s difficult to pick a frontrunner for COTD out of loads of good clues but I will go for 8d, which also raised a smile.

    Many thanks to the setter for the fun and CS for the hints.

    Amazed to discover the blog has sixty six and a half million views. Excellent. :good: Grateful thanks to the “dream team” for keeping the blog going, a task that I am sure is nowhere near easy.

    1. My mother used to say that if you put butter on a cat’s paws they would never stray. Sounds as though Perks is ahead of you!

  2. Nice puzzle. Like our blogger 7d was my last one in and the only real hold up for me. 26a looks similar to a clue that we had a few years ago. Thanks to CS and today’s setter.

  3. A pleasant Saturday */*** with some helpful long anagrams enabling a straightforward solve. No particular favourites today but a very consistently set puzzle. Thanks to crypticsue and the setter.

  4. Funnily enough 1a was my last one in, I struggled to get going so started up the downs. I had a perfectly parsed reasonable answer for 16d and it took an age to find the incompatible checker but got there eventually. Thanks to setter and CS.
    I hope Perks is a travelling cat or he may curtail your regular NYM/Whitby trips or do you have a good cat sitter?

            1. I can’t think of another answer for 16d. Perhaps because I got the right one quickly. I like these sort of cryptic clues.

    1. There is an extremely good and trustworthy cattery nearby, SBJ. It is warm, secure and the cats are looked after well.

    2. I’m saving the puzzles for tonight’s flight to Joburg but can you explain this TRIM malarkey in yesterday’s Toughie.

        1. Knew I was being thick but I wasn’t even warm to be honest.
          I do hope Mr Ed reveals who set what clue. I liked Jane’s methodology for attribution

  5. Happy Birthday to this great blog! Loved this one, especially the tricky four-letter clues, with 7d (like CS) my last one in, but it was 22d that made me laugh and won the Gold, followed by a large number of runners-up, 27a, 2d, 17a, 1a, & 7d. Thanks to CS and today’s setter. **/****

  6. 2.5*/2.5*. A bit of a curate’s egg of a puzzle for me today.

    I was delayed in the SW corner having entered what I think is a valid answer for 16d which fitted with the three checkers I had in place. It left me struggling for a while with 23a.

    I can’t see anything at all cryptic about 9a, and isn’t the “of” in 7d surface padding?

    There was a smattering of French to contend with but nothing obscure.

    22a was my favourite.

    Thanks to the setter and to CS.

  7. A fascinating puze , which took me a long time to riddle out, probably because I’m a bit off-colour, having just tested positive for Covid, despite tthe 5 vaccinations. Jim and I both have relatively mild symptoms so far. I particularly enjoyed the anagrams and all the misdirection. I liked 11a, which I considered as a career in my youth with 3d, 8d a d 22d as runners up. Thanks to CS for the hints and to the compiler.

    1. So sorry to hear that, Chriscross, as if the two of you haven’t already had enough to contend with – look after yourselves.

      1. Thanks to you all for the good wishes. We both have the cough and a slightly raised temperature, accompanied by iredness. Our grand- daughter brought it with her, when my son’s family came to visit. it’s her second bout and they have all had it before. We will take iteasy

  8. A lovely puzzle today but I’m afraid I am still struggling with 7d.
    I can see 2 answers which would fit and I cannot decide which is better.

    Thanks to the setter and to crypticsue.

    1. A careful reading of the clue will reveal that the answer is not only part of the course of a meal but also what it is served in.

      1. yes, there’s still 2 equally valid answers the way the clue is written, IMHO. Only one of them acceptable if you try and submit online!

        1. In the clue, the pronoun “one” represents the answer with the first instance being what the course is served in (or on) and the second instance being what is served.

  9. Like most others LOI today 7d. I agree with O M’s comment that there seem to be 2 possible plausible answers, just hope I opted on the right one!

    About average difficulty for me, not my cup of tea today unfortunately.


    Thanks to the setter & crypticsue

  10. Enjoyed this blog birthday puzzle although I somehow can’t see CS delivering the next birthday cake to Little Venice in her 17d suit!
    It would seem churlish to nominate any one clue for favourite status so I’ll just say thank you to our setter (Cephas?) for the enjoyment and many thanks to CS for this and the countless other illustrated reviews she’s brought to us.

  11. Based on my recent analyses and comments, with a sprinkling of double unches I am going to put half-a-crown each way on this being a Cephas production. What do you think CS?

    A friendly challenge that was quite enjoyable – 2*/3.5*

    Candidates for favourite – 1a, 10a, 6d, and 22d – and the winner is 22d.

    Thanks to Cephas, or whomsoever, and to CS.

  12. A real pleasure to submit the last two weeks by 10am. Normally do Saturday’s on Sunday!
    Perhaps I’m chasing the mythical reward, but it has eluded me for 10 years. Foolishly held up for ten minutes with 16a, it doesn’t help if you think of a Himalayan connection.
    Most enjoyable.

    1. **** may look like a xxxx!? Different

      [Please read the text in red at the foot of the blog and don’t supply alternative answers. Gazza]

      (and/or include the solution. CS)

  13. I am in the 7d LOI club too. Apart from that, no real problems with 22d taking my top spot. Enjoyable, good fun and entertaining. What’s not to like?

    Many thanks to, presumably Cephas, and CS.

  14. I had a hiatus 2/3 through. After a chore or two I resumed and all fell in to place. Apart from 7d where 2 words fell in to place.
    Many thanks CS and setter. CsOTD 11a, 3 & 16d.

  15. All seemed relatively straightforward except that like other BD bloggers, I was not convinced by 7d and even with CS’ hint I’m not confident that I have the right answer. I will submit my completed grid anyway – ever the 9a perhaps this will be my weekend to win the £50 voucher. COTD is a joint award from me – 16d and 23a. Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable romp.

  16. The setter has been very kind to us today, in my opinion. No hold-ups at all once I had got the correct second word in 27a. I’m left wondering what the alternative answer to 7d might be since my grey cells are only providing me with one, hopefully the right, answer. Time will tell. Too many lovely clues to choose favourites. Thanks to the setter and Cripticsue.

  17. After agonizing for a whole ten minutes I’ve just got the second answer for 7d. Now I’m in a quandary as I agree that both answers are equally plausible. Good job I’m not after that elusive reward!

      1. I would argue that one needs the specific item because the course MUST contain the general item but it MIGHT contain the specific one.

    1. Thinking of buying a real paper and submitting my alternative for 7d although I was convinced my on line answer was right, now worried!

  18. That was a gentle and enjoyable way to start the weekend off. No really sticky patches apart from last one in (7d) and 27a both of which called for help. Fav was 23a. Thank you Cephas (?) and CS.

  19. Although I’ve tested negative for the last week, I’m still in recovery mode from the dreaded Covid, and as a result I’m sleeping about twelve hours each night – thus a late start for me, along with the toast and orange juice with no bits.

    This crossword was a very enjoyable jaunt with the exception of 16a, which has been placed on THE LIST. Next of kin have been informed.

    Thanks to the setter and PC Security (anag).

  20. Forget the money, it is the pleasure of flashing the DT pen. Thoroughly enjoyed this, 22d was my favourite. Many, many Happy Returns to the Blog Birthday, Lang may your lum reek.

  21. Another good fun puzzle. CS seems to confirm that I have the correct answer for 7d out of the 2 available. We are lucky enough to live near to where Winterwatch is filmed and absolutely love the huge quantities of geese flying over on a daily basis. D thinks most of them are female as they have their mouths open! I think Michaela must be on some hyperactive protein drink as she is so bonkers and off the wall. My first cat, Sam the Pooh, was very well behaved (I thought), no climbing on worksurfaces etc. but I did find what looked suspiciously like cat tongue marks in the butter on several occasions but never caught him at it. I think cats must like butter. Hope you feel better soon Chriscross. Thanks to the setter and CS.

  22. Quite a riddle feel to this one which didn’t lend itself well to my completion over about 4 sessions in a busy Saturday house! I got held up in the SW corner in particular after entering 3 different answers to 16d before checkers confirmed the correct one. On the other hand I got 7d early on, didn’t think much further about it and only once I had submitted and read the blog started to doubt myself… I went for the more general answer so fingers’ crossed. My Dad is loosely an 11a, so that goes down as CotD, and one he’d have been very disappointed had I blanked! **/***

    Congratulations to the site for 14 years and many thanks to those who administrate behind (and in front) of the scenes.

    Ty to Cephas and CS

  23. Completed most of this early but there were a couple that made me think hard. Most unusually, I didn’t appear to get the usual email with hints…..this is most definitely not a criticism

    Thank you to all setters and those who write their hints and reviews, my cryptic crossword knowledge is making steps from the nursery school into the primary school 😀

    Congratulations to BD on the anniversary of the website and best wishes for your continued recovery too

  24. Nice puzzle for Saturday and I was going to say my bet is it’s a Cephas production … and I see it is … as he commented before I did.I found this, for the most part a R & W solve.

    For me 2*/4.5*

    Favourites include 10a, 23a, 6d, 8d, 14d & 25d with winner 8d for it’s ‘lego’ quality.

    Thanks to Cephas and CS

    1. Congratulations!
      A lovely puzzle to celebrate. My favourite was 23a but there were many to choose from.
      Covid seems to be a problem again I hope Chrisscross and husband soon recover.
      Thankyou setter and Sue, the hinter.

  25. 4d was my last in. I forgot about that particular butter, and another name for an angler. 8d was my favourite. Thank you setter and CS. Off to check the turkey cooking in the oven. I bought two at Christmas.

  26. A few little tricks today – for me anyway.
    I think I’ve finally got the right answer to 7d – and why!
    My favourite was 22d although 7d is rather clever too!
    Thanks to Cephas for the birthday crossword and to CS for the hints.
    I wonder if there’s any chance of doing any of the NTSPP . . .

  27. Hello, tiny brain here! Now that’s what I call a barrel of fun, from start to finish. Last in was 7d like a lot of others. I hesitated to write 4d in, nowhere can I find “stick” as a synonym, but it has to be. How can one possibly find a fave with this choice, maybe 22d, but 16d amused.
    Thank you Cephas, you’re a star and I love you. Also thanks CS for the lovely hints and pics. Happy Birthday for Big Dave’s anniversary. How is he doing? I hope on the mend.

  28. Where would we be without this blog. A great achievement for BigDave and my thanks to all the setters, the hinters from near and far and the bloggers whose lives we follow through covid cats, holidays , broken limbs, etc all give me much enjoyment. I do tend to need the hints more often these days, I like to think the crosswords are getting harder but the fact really is I am getting older! Happy anniversary.

  29. Completed after an enjoyable late lunch with ex colleagues. It seems 2 glasses of wine cleared my grey cells remarkably well! I fairly cantered through from start to finish. Too many excellent clues and it took awhile for the penny to drop re 4d though I got the answer earlier. Many thanks to Cephas and CS.

    Happy Anniversary to Big Dave and this marvellous website and best wishes for improving good health.

  30. Late start today but managed to finish without hints. It was only when i read the blog that like others doubts started rising about 7d. After reading the clue more carefully changed my answer to what must be correct … . I hope. Now ready to claim a pen.

  31. Now that’s the way to start one’s Saturday off, a perfectly doable puzzle. I made a couple of missteps which held me up, but once I sorted those I was on my way to the finish. 16a was a bit of a guess, but it just had to be, and later verified. Thanks to Cephas for a very enjoyable puzzle, one that didn’t make me feel really stupid, and thanks to CS for the hints.

  32. Very much enjoyed this puzzle – like others my only real stumbling block was 7d – thanks to Falcon for finally making the penny drop. My favourites were 23a and 17d (appropriate for BD today). Many thanks to Cephas and to CS.

  33. Well I was struggling with the quickie pun so didn’t hold out much hope of managing the cryptic! Called it a day in the early hours and blow me if I didn’t wake up and get a few answers instantly. Such a good feeling to get a toe hold. New water bottles and tea and toast with marmalade and most of the crossword sorted – I’m a happy bunny! Many thanks to Cephas and to CS. Chilly here in Surrey too. I’m enjoying reading 12 short stories by renowned authors based on Miss Marple. I don’t normally like short stories but so far these are very good.

  34. Did anyone else come up with an alternative answer for 7d? In which ‘course’ was attributed a different meaning?

  35. 8d last in with wry smile 😊. Clue of the crossword (can’t say day as it’s taken me several attempts to finish as is usual for me). Thanks to Cephas for stirring my little grey cells and to CS for her stirling work.

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