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Sunday Toughie 52 (Hints)

Sunday Toughie No 52 by Robyn

Hints and Tips by Sloop John Bee

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Not as tricky as the New Year’s Day Robyn, but lots to like. Very musical today with lots of earworms from The Lone Ranger, Supertramp, Hall and Oates, Elvis and any beat 21a of your choice. Shakespeare gets a couple of look-ins too. I tried to take a pic of my BD 6d without revealing too much but I see I have revealed a crossing letter. They are both hinted so San Fairy Ann.

A balanced 14a and 14d clues today. Half hinted. Hopefully, you will get enough checkers to get the rest, but if you want another nudge just ask.

Here we go…

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EV 1574 (Hints)

Enigmatic Variations 1574 (Hints)

Obscurity by Chalicea

Hints and tips by The Numpties

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Solvers can be sure that they will have no difficulty with an EV by Chalicea who invariably sets crosswords packed with thematic material but with relatively gentle clues that adhere fairly strictly to Chambers Dictionary definitions.… Continue reading

ST 3196 (Hints)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3196 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Senf

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A very good Sunday morning from Winnipeg where the un-seasonally warm January continues although more seasonal temperatures are forecast to return in three or four days time.

For me, and I stress for me, Dada not so friendly today, with a not too friendly grid, with five anagrams (three partials), two lurkers, and no homophones, all in a symmetric 30 clues; with 15 hints ‘sprinkled’ throughout the grid you should be able to get the checkers to enable the solving of the unhinted clues.… Continue reading