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DT 30155 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30155

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th November 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A Saturday Prize Puzzle with the usual mix of clue types – a surprising number of commenters on the day didn’t realise that this was the work of Cephas

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6a    Gradient Brian negotiated having to grit his teeth (4,3,4,2)
GRIN AND BEAR IT – An anagram (negotiated) of GRADIENT BRIAN

8a    After sound of disapproval, who heard sound of weeping? (3-3)
BOO-HOO – HOO – a homophone (heard) of WHO goes after BOO (a sound of disapproval)

9a    Ordinary to be occurring seven times a week (8)
EVERYDAY – Something so ordinary it might occur EVERY DAY (seven times a week)

10a    Have no credit in old money (3)
OWN – Remove the CR (no credit) from crOWN (old money)

11a    Guarded, having received stolen goods (6)
FENCED – Guarded by a fence, or having received stolen goods

12a    Daughter and I emphasise pain (8)
DISTRESS – D (daughter) I (from the clue) STRESS (emphasise)

14a    Support the new visionary (7)
PROPHET – PROP (support) and an anagram (new) of THE

16a    Ghost said supporter will accompany cat (7)
PHANTOM – A homophone (said) of FAN (supporter) will accompany TOM (male cat)

20a    Firm breaking law in the beginning (8)
STALWART – An anagram (breaking) of LAW inserted into START (beginning)

23a    Find a colt rampaging with energy (6)
LOCATE – An anagram (rampaging) of A COLT with E (energy)

24a    Cleopatra’s poisoner found within? (3)
ASP – Found within CleopatrA’S Poisoner

25a    Section of drawing spanning width (8)
WINGSPAN – The second hidden word in a row – found in a section of draWING SPANning

26a    Given and received from building society perhaps (6)
MUTUAL – This adjective meaning ‘given and received’ can also describe an institution such as a building society owned by its customers

27a    Last to end of boxing match, or race? (2,3,8)
GO THE DISTANCE – As the clue says, last to the end of a boxing match or race


1d    Top cover for retirement (8)
NIGHTCAP – Something that covers your ‘top’ when you are in bed

2d    Pet about to be given American food (8)
CANOODLE – C (circa, about) A (American) NOODLE (food)

3d    A theologian to finish article, they are found at the end (7)
ADDENDA – A (From the clue) DD (Doctor of Divinity, theologian) END (finish) A (indefinite article)

4d    Break hole in wall (6)
RECESS – Double definition

5d    Collect maybe where light gets in through (6)
PRAYER – RAY (light) gets in PER (through)

6d    Travelling extensively running after the ball (13)
GLOBETROTTING – TROTTING (running) goes after GLOBE (ball)

7d    Carry coffee from French filling station (9,4)
TRANSPORT CAFÉ – TRANSPORT (carry) CAFÉ (French coffee)

13d    Drink with three-quarters of side (3)
TEA – Three-quarters of TEAm (side)

15d    Husband has two opposing points to axe (3)
HEW – H (husband) E W (two opposing compass points)

17d    Companion giving friendly assistance? (8)
HELPMATE – This companion sounds like they could HELP a MATE

18d    Turned into nice poisonous alkaloid! (8)
NICOTINE – An anagram (turned) of INTO NICE

19d    Deputy has most of the reputation (5-2)
STAND-IN – Most of STANDINg (reputation)

21d    Instruction to players to take it smoothly (6)
LEGATO – An instruction to players of musical instruments to take it smoothly

22d    Real upset about politician is more considerable (6)
AMPLER – An anagram (upset) of REAL goes ‘about’ MP (politician)

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