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Sunday Toughie 41

Sunday Toughie No 41 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 6th of November 2022



1a Twisted Sixties youth cheats agent with American celebrity (12)
SUPERSTARDOM: A sixties youth (MOD) (who was distinguished by neat dress from rival Rockers), persons who cheat (RATS), and an abbreviation for a sales agent (REP) and finally two letters that indicate American (US). When you have got all that you reverse (Twisted) the lot for a word that describes celebrity MOD RATS REP US <>SUPERSTARDOM.

9a Volatile racer — tricky to hold it back (7)
ERRATIC: An anagram (tricky) of RACER contains a reversal (hold… back) of IT.

10a Work too hard, getting cross after obvious answer (7)
OVERTAX: A synonym of obvious OVERT, A for answer and the letter that looks like a cross X.

11a Guitarist’s effect gets lot more rocking (7)
TREMOLO: An anagram (gets… rocking) of LOT MORE.

12a Adolescent golfer’s starting-point: hack with energy (7)
TEENAGE: Start with the place a golfer’s ball starts from TEE add a rough horse or NAG and E for energy.

13a Unlimited supply of chairs and nosh at home (3,2)
EAT IN: The supply of chairs or S(EATIN)G loses the limiting letters. to dine at home.

14a One’s monitor, slightly twisted inside, must be flawed (9)
IMPERFECT: A contraction of a less formal one is I am > I’M, and a very slight internal reversal of a school monitor PREFECT reverses just the 2nd and 3rd letters. (Not the monitor on the badge – that would be too easy)

LIBRARY MONITOR badge blue and gold (pack of 5) | School Merit Stickers

16a Pat is simply not 14 (4,5)
JUST RIGHT: An antonym (is simply not) of 14a IMPERFECT

19a You and me chasing son with his cut food (5)
SUSHI: S for son and US for you and me and 2/3rds of HIs gives us the Japanese food SUSHI.

21a Arsenal not firing in this international contest (4,3)
COLD WAR: This international dispute was all “Jaw Jaw” instead of “War War” but the weapons kept in an arsenal were rarely used. As Ukraine will testify the dispute is not quite so unheated today.

Where Russia's invasion of Ukraine stands | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

23a Love taking part in lecture (7)
ORATION: The letter that looks like a zero score in tennis, and a part or RATION, give us a spoken lecture or ORATION.

24a Times appearing twice — second time without article they delete (7)
ERASERS: A plural geological time period ERAS appears twice but the second time it loses the definite article. ERAS-ERaS

Erasers and Eraser Pencils for Artists and Creative Individuals

25a Gets on with reports (7)
RELATES:  A double definition. to understand or get on with and to report a story.

26a Telegraph backing perjuror means it may be going downhill! (5,7)
Synonyms of telegraphic communication CABLE, a reversal (backing) of a perjuror LIAR>RAIL and a synonym of means WAY, are a mode of transport that goes downhill (and uphill but that would not be as friendly to the surface of the clue)
The Garaventas: the Swiss cable car pioneers | House of Switzerland

1d Confident, hosting female sex in excess (7)
SURFEIT: A synonym of confident SUR-E contains the letter that denotes female F, followed by an informal sexual activity IT.

2d Dig this kind of clue — first place! (3-4)
PUT-DOWN: An informal taunt or dig starts (first) with a synonym of place PUT, followed by the direction of the type of clue that 2d is.

3d Bill‘s working out (9)
RECKONING: Another double definition, for the calculation or working out of the bill.

4d One’s tickled to be taken for dinner? (5)
TROUT: A nice little all in one, something for dinner and the means to capture said fish supper.
THE TICKLED TROUT INN - Updated 2022 Reviews (Bilton-in-Ainsty)
Check out the hinty blog for some nice Shakespeare Twelfth Night quotes from Huntsman and Robert Clark or try the rather nice Pub/Restaurant above (The Tickled Trout in Bilton in Ainsty) if you are ever in my part of Yorkshire.

5d Beast came by ‘orse, we hear (3,4)
ROE DEER: This beast is how someone who drops his aitches or other initials could claim to have arrived on ‘orse back. I RODE HERE becomes ROE DEER.

6d Scandal revealed — time to entrap Republican (7)
OUTRAGE: To reveal a secret OUT plus some time AGE entraps R for Republican. A scandal or OUTRAGE.

7d Allow that woman to collar a raise and Parisian clothing (7,6)
LEATHER JACKET: To allow or permit LET, collars an A from the clue, that woman gives a female pronoun HER, to raise a car to change a wheel JACK and a Parisian and ET, create an item of clothing.

8d Former partner with cheeky humour quashing point one’s employed in court (6,7)
EXPERT WITNESS: A former partner EX, something cheeky or impertinent PERT, some humour WIT and a point or headland NESS are employed to testify in court.

15d Fragrant stuff — tip in or tip out (9)
POTPOURRI: I thought this was a simple anagram and a hint would not be required but I couldn’t make it fit any fodder in the clue.
After some deliberation, you need a synonym of tip (a cup of tea perhaps) in an anagram (out) of ‘or tip’

17d Take a little scan at luscious, uplifting fruit (7)
SULTANA:  This hidden fruit is a reverse lurker (take a little…uplifting in a down clue)

18d Hard cheese, uncooked — bargain! (3,4)
RAW DEAL: Synonyms of uncooked RAW, and a bargain or DEAL give us a RAW DEAL. Hard cheese being an informal saying of regret at a RAW DEAL.

19d Petty requirement to ‘abolish all ownership’ (7)
SHALLOW: Another lurker (requirement to) for something petty or SHALLOW.

20d Rattling away, lift’s avoided by American always in a hurry (7)
SWIFTLY: An anagram (Rattling) of AWAY, LIFTS after A for American is avoided twice (always), leaving WYLIFTS the fodder for an adverb for rapid or in a hurry.

22d Contract clause involving shillings not pence — bit of a step up (5)
RISER: The contract clause that an artiste may insist on RIDER, changes the d for pence (l.s.d.) to s for shillings to be the part of a step that lifts up between treads.


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