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DT 39196 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30107

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st October 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Chalicea provided an enjoyable Saturday Prize Puzzle 

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1a    Absurdly quaint date, extremely old-fashioned (10)
ANTIQUATED – An anagram (absurdly) of QUAINT DATE

6a    Support rear (4)
BACK – A double definition

8a    Inclination to manage English clubs in US city (8)
TENDENCY – TEND (manage) E (English) and C (clubs), the latter inserted in NY (New York, US city)

9a    Collapsed screes in secluded place (6)
RECESS – An anagram (collapsed) of SCREES

10a    Crossword setters use these to baffle and bewilder, say (8)
SYNONYMS – Baffle and bewilder are synonymous, like many words used by crossword setters

11a    Born and died without thing essentially required (6)
NEEDED – NEE (born) and DiED without the ‘essential’ letter of thIng

12a    Objectives of radio mast from time to time (4)
AIMS – The even (from time to time) letters of rAdIo MaSt

14a    Vehicle adult parked between two others (7)
CARAVAN – A (adult) ‘parked’ between CAR and VAN (two other vehicles)

18a    Frees oneself from bounds of enormous cloaks (7)
ESCAPES – The ‘bounds’ or outside letters of EnormouS and CAPES (cloaks)

20a    Coloured whirlpool cycling (4)
DYED – Cycle the first two letters of EDDY (whirlpool) to the end of the word

23a    Snapper arrived with artist (6)
CAMERA – CAME (arrived) with RA (artist)

24a    Mishap as one day overwhelmed by stress (8)
ACCIDENT – I (one) and D (day) ‘overwhelmed’ by ACCENT (stress)

25a    Stable civil power mostly in charge (6)
STATIC – STAT (most of state = civil power) IC (In Charge)

26a    Cover of navies oddly involved in European run (8)
ENVELOPE – The odd letters of NaViEs ‘involved in’ or inserted between E (European) and LOPE (run)

27a    Biting when account half paid (4)
ACID – AC (account) and the second half of paID

28a    Editor with viewpoints on drugs? (10)
SUBSTANCES – SUB (editor) STANCES (viewpoints)


1d    With creative skill, information technology succeeded, turning up in a truck (8)
ARTISTIC A reversal (turning up) of IT (information technology) and S (succeed) inserted in an ARTIC (truck)

2d    Article in temporary shelter for occupant (6)
TENANT – AN (indefinite article) inserted into TENT (temporary shelter)

3d    Powerful figures on board in New York borough (6)
QUEENS – Powerful chess pieces or a borough in New York

4d    Go along with a third-rate crew? (9)
ACCOMPANY – A (from the clue) C (third-rate) COMPANY (crew)

5d    Gloom of daughter on vessel on Scotland’s deep loch (8)
DARKNESS – D (daughter) ARK (vessel) NESS (Scotland’s deep loch)

6d    Cooked crab I ate, the source of digestive problems? (8)
BACTERIA – An anagram (cooked) of CRAB I ATE

7d    Some replicas setter discovered in storage unit (8)
CASSETTE – Hidden in (discovered) repliCAS SETTEr

13d    Remedies powerful Italian family head cut back (9)
MEDICINES – MEDICI (powerful Italian family) and NESs (headland ‘cut’)

15d    Main computer network in roof space (8)
ATLANTIC – LAN (computer network) inserted into ATTIC (roof space)

16d    Emotionally moved, behaving in an unnatural way (8)
AFFECTED – Double definition

17d    Canvassed poorly, lacking skill initially, for wage increases? (8)
ADVANCES – An anagram (poorly) of CANVASsED without the initial letter of Skill

19d    Dogs receiving large decisive blows (8)
SETTLERS – SETTERS (dogs) ‘receiving’ the abbreviation for Large – a blow that settles the result of something, eg a boxing match

21d    Production of films of upset people surrounded by spies (6)
CINEMA – A reversal (upset) of MEN (people) ‘surrounded’ by CIA (American spies)

22d    Superbly courageous maltreated coheir (6)
HEROIC – An anagram (maltreated) of COHEIR

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