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Name That Tune by X-Type

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I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN, a track on the album BEATLES FOR SALE, written by LENNON and MCCARTNEY is highlighted tracing the path of the sun (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Having had some good responses to the original Name That Tune – which required solvers to leave out certain entries, in order to fit in with implicit “instruction” given in the Beatles’ song “You Won’t See Me” – I then had an idea for a different treatment of another Lennon-McCartney song. And it so happens that those two names are comprised of 15 letters: and thus it was perfect for one of my preferred grid shapes, which is a 15 x 10 cells rectangle.

I don’t know where the idea for the song came from: but “I’ll Follow The Sun” popped into my head and I immediately thought of using the “track” the path of the sun through the sky – rising in the East, dipping South through the day, then setting in the West (at least, as far as the Northern Hemisphere is concerned). And – another piece of serendipity – that song title also has 15 letters; so the “track” of the title’s words could exactly cross the grid, from right (East) to left (West). Hopefully, the fact that it is not just a straightforward “unclued entry” will have made it a bit harder to spot within the grid!

Of course, there is another “standard” unclued entry in the grid, apart from the song-writers; and that is the title of the Album: “Beatles For Sale” (it has only 14 letters – but you can’t win ’em all!”).

I know this is not one of the most difficult EVs you will come across – but it will hopefully provide some amusement and a “penny drop” moment when you spot the song title…




A full review of this puzzle can be seen over on fifteensquared.


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