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ST 3178 (full review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3178

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 18th September 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Dada once again providing an entertaining Sunday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Comfortable seat Conservative surprisingly held: it’s free (12)
CHESTERFIELD – C (Conservative) and an anagram (surprisingly) of HELD ITS FREE

9a    Character with edge in game (9)
PARTRIDGE – PART (character) with RIDGE (edge)

10a    Fish rest like birds (5)
PERCH – Double definition – one a noun, the other a verb

11a    Christmas favourite, failure (6)
TURKEY – And another – a Christmas dinner favourite or a chiefly North American slang word for a failure

12a    How might one kill a creepy-crawly? Be quick! (4,2,2)
STEP ON IT – An expression meaning to be quick could also describe a way of killing a creepy-crawly

13a    Very many for example eaten by wild animal (6)
LEGION – EG (for example) ‘eaten’ by a LION (wild animal)

15a    North American princess in ancient civilisation (8)
CANADIAN – DI (the abbreviated way we refer to Diana, Princess of Wales) inserted into CANAAN (an ancient civilisation)

18a    Weaken soil in land (4,4)
WEAR THIN – EARTH (soil) inserted into WIN (land)

19a    Ancient city where paintings etc shown in spring (6)
SPARTA – ART (paintings etc) shown in SPA (spring)

21a    Shoe: lose it, disaster! (4-4)
FLIP-FLOP – FLIP (go mad, lose it) FLOP (disaster)

23a    Supporter runs behind leader in battle (6)
BRACES – RACES (runs) goes behind the ‘leader’ in Battle

26a    Ship concerned with nothing on return trip? (5)
LINER – A reversal (on return trip) of RE (concerted with) NIL (nothing)

27a    A soldier, say, filling new crate easily (2,1,6)
AT A CANTER – ANT (soldier, say) filling an anagram (new) of CRATE

28a    Immediately at that place, further in the past (5,3,4)
THERE AND THEN – THERE (at that place) AND THEN (further in the past)


1d    Super money (7)
CAPITAL – Double definition

2d    Emperor resigns over housing blunder (5)
ERROR – Hidden (housing) in reverse (over) by empeROR REsigns

3d    Untutored cast assembled (6,3)
TURNED OUT – An anagram (cast) of UNTUTORED

4d    Offensive letter you read, polite last of all (4)
RUDE – The last letters of letteR yoU reaD politE

5d    Argon, say, is great after mixing around nitrogen (5,3)
INERT GAS – An anagram (after mixing) of IS GREAT goes around N, the chemical symbol for nitrogen

6d    Enjoy young setter from Hollywood, say? (3,2)
LAP UP – A young setter (dog) might be said to be an LA PUP

7d    On level south of French border (8)
FRONTIER – ON (from the clue) and TIER (level) go under (south of in a Down solution) FR (French)

8d    Turn pale while squeezing it (6)
WHITEN – WHEN (while) ‘squeezing’ IT (from the clue)

14d    Stop cutting allowance in bank (8)
GRADIENT – DIE (stop) ‘cutting’ GRANT (allowance)

16d    Man spared wrong sign in text (9)
AMPERSAND – An anagram (wrong) of MAN SPARED

17d    Old fossil is around, unfortunately (8)
DINOSAUR – An anagram (unfortunately) of IS AROUND

18d    Breakfast nonsense? (6)
WAFFLE – Double definition

20d    Beaten, alas no winner, ultimately? (4-3)
ALSO-RAN – An anagram (beaten) of ALAS NO and R (the ultimate letter of winner)

22d    Scottish runner just out of the medals, we hear? (5)
FORTH – A homophone (we hear) of FOURTH (just out of the medals)

24d    What fielder tries to do for contract (5)
CATCH – Double definition, the first one obvious, the second one needing checking in the BRB – contract in the sense of catch a disease

25d    Some ruler, a Jaipur prince (4)
RAJA – Hidden in some ruleR A JAipur

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