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Sunday Toughie 34

Sunday Toughie No 34 by Robyn

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 18th of September 2022



1a Supposing revolutionary changes image of zealots (10)
FIREBRANDS: Supposing gives us the conditional IF, reversed we get FI  plus a change of image, RE-BRANDS, FIREBRANDS the energetic persons who stir up trouble.

Material Girl (4)
JEAN: A double definition, a girl’s name that is also a fabric. I had my doubts about the fabric thinking of the French town that gave denim its name (De Nimes) but it is in the BRB as a fabric too.

Supporter of United admitted to the Saints’ ground (10)
ENTHUSIAST: This supporter is an anagram (ground) of THE SAINTS and U for united.

Knocked over computers, making racket (4)
SCAM: These computers are  an abbreviation for the Apple Macintosh’ or MACS reversed (knocked over) SCAM a swindle or racket.

President Ford, say, with sign of woe leaving America (6)
CARTER: A sign of woe or TEAR minus A for America follows a Ford Car, to give us President Jimmy Carter, the oldest living former President of the USA at 97 years young.

Report on empty space filled with nitrogen gas (8)
CONVERSE: Report on in a news sense COVER filled with N for new + S pac E (empty SpacE)

It gives speaker skill in rows about Liberal character (7,5)
BLARNEY STONE: Rows in the sense of arguments or BARNEYS + L for liberal + TONE or character. An Irish tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone is said to give one the gift of the gab.

Peaked cap, which may divide Derby or Cheshire? (12)
CHEESECUTTER: A nice Sage Derby or a crumbly Cheshire would grace any turophiles cheeseboard, how you would divide such cheese is also another name for the flat cap that looks like a wedge of cheese.

Support that man with extremely cagy forecast (8)
PROPHECY: A support or PROP, the nominative male pronoun HE and the extreme letters of CagY give us a PROPHECY or forecast.

Simplistic account saved in folder (6)
FACILE: AC for account in a FILE or folder.

Eastern inlet, site surfers may come across (4)
EBAY: E for Western and an inlet or BAY. Surfers on the interwebs may use E-BAY to buy or sell their wares.

Baddie getting on with female clad in red (10)
GOLDFINGER: Getting on or OLD + F for female in GINGER, gives us Auric GOLDFINGER the eponymous baddie in the James Bond film or book.

Glimpse face of duke, a court favourite (4)
SEED: One of the favourites to succeed on the Tennis court, to glimpse or SEE + D for duke.

While wine goes round call for bitter (10)
ASTRINGENT: While or AS + the Spanish red wine that crops up more often in crosswords than the glass TENT around to make a telephone call or RING. AS-T(RING)ENT or bitter.


1d Rip off coat (6)
FLEECE: A nice straightforward double definition to start the downs.

Heartless Del Boy perhaps on the rise, making a comeback (6)
RETORT: The head of the family in the sit-com Only Fools and Horses was Del-Boy TROtTER  TRO t TER  loses the heart or central T and is reversed (on the rise in a down clue) to give us a retort to make a sharp or witty comeback.

British engineer with chisel working for architect (12)
BRUNELLESCHI: Probably the most well known British engineer, Isambard Kingdom BRULEL and an anagram (working) of chisel, gives us BRUNELLESCHI the Italian architect famous for designing the Duomo in Florence. At the time (1446) the largest freestanding dome)

Figure advanced northward, getting the Central Line (4)
AXIS: A numerical figure SIX + A  for Advanced reversed (northward in a down clue) gives us AXIS the central line about which a body rotates.

Attractive walls round cosy home not being straight (10)
DISHONESTY: Attractive or DISHY contains the round letter O and a cosy home or NEST. DISHONESTY not being straight or truthful.

English stumped, packing freight? French scoff (8)
ESCARGOT: E for English + ST being the cricket notation for Stumped  around some freight or CARGO, gives us ESCARGOT or the garlicky snails the French particularly like to eat or scoff.

Came to feeling less excited, less content (8)
NUMBERED: The comparative of feeling  less gives us NUMB-ER + E xcite D (ExciteD less contents) Numbered or what a sum came to.

High rates with invoice, which is gutting (12)
EVISCERATION: An anagram of RATES with INVOICE gives us EVISCERATION the act of tearing out the viscera or bowels of.

Rapidly developing business valued stores (10)
PRECOCIOUS: Something valued or PRECIOUS around CO for company or business, gives us PRECOCIOUS – Rapidly developing in reaching some stages of development.

Ruins case of synthetic drugs (8)
SCUPPERS: The outer case of S yntheti C + some stimulating drugs or UPPERS, SCUPPERS to ruin or sink a ship.

Do up coats of rare textile worn by star (8)
RENOVATE: Lots of coats or casing letters in this crossword here we have another two R ar E  + T extil E around a new star or NOVA. RENOVATE to make as if new.

River contains more than one grand carp (6)
NIGGLE: The River NILE around (contains) more than one G for Grand NIGGLE to carp or busy oneself with petty criticism of detail.

Capital port that is turning into kind of wine (6)
BEIRUT: The port capital of Lebanon is the latin that is or id est I.E. reversed (turning) in BRUT a French term for the kind of wine that is dry.

Germans’ current poetry meets with resistance (4)
ODER:  a piece of poetry or ODE + R for resistance. ODER  although the main river ODER only forms a border with Germany for 187 Km there is also a smaller river with that name that is wholly German. It rises in the Harz mountains in Lower Saxony and flows for 56 Km before joining the Rhume at Katlenburg-Lindau.

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  1. Took me quite some time to find the piece of paper with the solved crossword on it, but I see that I solved this in a ‘fairly straightforward Toughie’ time and, while I had no particular favourites, I did enjoy the solve

    Thanks very much to Robyn and SJB

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