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Big Dave – An Update

I want to update you on the latest news about BD. The previous update can be found here.

At the moment, Dave has now been moved to his local Cottage Hospital in Malvern, where he is currently resting and having his condition assessed and treated.

He has still been having phone and IT problems which have limited his access to the site, but he has been updated on all the kind thoughts and wishes everyone has been sending through. Both Dave and his family send their appreciation.

Some of the tests he underwent did find some additional issues, and he is being treated for them. There is the possibility of a return home sometime soon, subject to care packages being put together for him. His mobility has remained relatively poor since the fall, and this is still causing concern.

He has asked not to be disturbed at the moment, and we encourage you to respect this. Of course, we’ll update you when we hear more info.

59 comments on “Big Dave – An Update

  1. I do hope that Big Dave is more comfortable in his Cottage Hospital and that he will manage to get home soon.

    All the best, big man.

  2. Thank you for the update Tilsit. How frustrating for BD and best wishes to him for an early return home.

  3. Please let BD know how much he is missed. He must be very frustrated with the IT difficulties, being an IT as well as cryptic maestro. Sent with warmest regards.

  4. Every good wish to everyone’s hero. Was there ever anyone so respected with such an appreciative following. Added to everyone else, I send positive vibes for a full recovery. No doubt BD’s frustration will equal his current indisposition. We all miss you, but are well cared for in your absence. Come back soon.

  5. Thank you for the update, Tilsit. Like so many here, I send my best wishes for his speedy recuperation and return home, which I’m sure is where he would ideally choose to be. We’re all thinking of you, BD.

    1. You’ve lengthened your alias since your previous comment so this needed moderation. Both aliases will work from now on.

  6. Wishing you all the best! Our family is new to cryptic crosswords and every time we get stuck we say “ let’s see what Big Dave has to say!” We’ve learnt so much.

  7. Thanks Tilsit – very much appreciated.
    Sending good thoughts to the big fella to be well enough to get home soon🤞
    Raising a glass to you Sir 🍷

  8. Thank you for the update. I hope his treatment will help get him somewhat better. Best wishes to him and his family.

  9. All the very best BD. You are such an important part of so many people’s lives. Thinking of you and your family. Warmest wishes.
    Thanks for the update Tilsit.

  10. Thanks for the comprehensive update Tilsit. I would like to add my best wishes to BD for a full recovery and a peaceful time at the cottage hospital in Malvern.

  11. Best wishes to The Man, but also best wishes and thanks to all of those who are helping out and keeping things going. I read the site more for the comments than the hints as the community spirit of solvers worldwide is admirable. Oh, and also best wishes to Brian. His comments help me see sunshine in the darkness.

  12. Thank you for the update Tilsit.

    All best wishes to Big Dave, Mrs Big Dave et al. Here’s hoping he gets everything sorted out soon, including the IT issues.

  13. Thanks for the update and, like everyone, I wish Big Dave all the best for a speedy return home and recovery.

    1. I’ve changed your name from all upper case, as people doing the internet equivalent of shouting is one of many things that makes BD grumpy

  14. Best wishes to the creator of the best crossword blog in the world, we all miss you Big Dave.

  15. Take the greatest care Big Dave. You are really appreciated and your site has given me so much pleasure. Every Best Wish.

  16. Thinking of you Dave, get well in your own time, looking forward to you being back, love and regards, Mary

  17. Best wishes to the big fella and his family and thanks to those taking care of him and those taking care of the site in the meantime.

  18. Here’s wishing Big Dave all the best, and hoping he is more comfortable now that he has been moved to the Cottage Hospital. We all miss you.

  19. Have been reading this blog for many years. It’s brilliant. Please add my best wishes to BD and many thanks to all those keeping the site going in his absence.

  20. Thank you for the update.
    Sorry to hear that Big Dave is still in hospital, but glad to know there’s a good prospect of him getting home in the near future. Probably stating the obvious, but that’s always a great psychological boost.

  21. Very sorry to hear of BD’s troubles, sending him my best wishes & I hope that the move to the cottage hospital provides a more comfortable environment for him. Many thanks to the other bloggers for keeping us informed and for keeping the site going in his absence.

    I am very much missing the Toughie Calendar, would anyone else have access to the information to update this? I find this invaluable, I’m a particular fan and follower of Elgar Toughies (please don’t throw thing at me!) and it’s good to know when I need to buy a Telegraph so as not to miss one!!! Also really appreciate the hints & tips, so often I have got an answer but need help understanding why!

    1. Welcome to the blog, Amigne.

      The Toughie Setters list for the week does get updated now. Elgar, for some time, has been appearing in the Toughie slot every other Friday.
      The Toughie setters for the coming week are:

      Sunday: proXimal

      Tuesday Robyn
      Wednesday Logman
      Thursday Beam
      Friday Elgar

      1. Thanks Gazza, & thanks for the heads up for this Friday’s Elgar too.
        I don’t seem to be able to see anything showing on the calendar page since mid-June though, maybe I’m looking on the wrong page or maybe it’s just my browser misbehaving?

        1. Hello, Amigne. The Toughie calendar page isn’t being updated because only BD knows the required password. However, we are still displaying Toughie setters for the upcoming week in the sidebar on the right hand side of the home page and all Toughie blogs. On a device with a small screen the sidebar is displayed near the bottom of those pages.

          1. Ah thanks Mr K – hadn’t spotted the sidebar.
            Please to hear the latest good news from BD – got everything crossed for him. Again huge thanks to the team for keeping the blog up to date in the meantime. It must be like a full time job!

  22. Warmest best wishes to Big Dave and Mrs BD and family. So sorry you are still out of action, Big Dave, but hope you will soon be home and feeling very much better.
    Many appreciative thanks to Tilsit and to all who are doing such an excellent job keeping this superb Blog running smoothly. Very well done!

  23. We don’t visit so often these days, and post even less, but our thoughts are with BD, this site’s driving force.

  24. I’m delighted to hear from Tilsit’s update that you are making progress, BD. Here’s hoping you can get home soon.

  25. Just read the post by Tilsit and it’s terrific news that BD is getting home soon, hopefully. I wish him a speedy recovery and my best wishes to his family.

    Can I also take this opportunity to thank all who have stepped up to the plate during BD’s absence and kept this wonderful blog operating and on track. The hard work of you all is greatly appreciated.

  26. Thank you for the update, Tilsit, and to all of the Famous Five who are keeping the site running in Big Dave’s absence.

    Best wishes to him, hoping that his wishes are granted soon and his IT issues are swiftly sorted.

  27. I like that, Smylers , the Famous Five. You might even say the Famous Fill in Five, what a great job they are doing. And many thanks for the update on Big Dave to whom all good wishes for a complete recovery. What a fabulous site this is, it has been a lifeline. Stay safe everyone.

  28. Dear BD, without you “Fings ain’t wot they used t’be” Do hope your October target return date materialises but in the meantime best wishes for your recovery.

  29. I’ve been away from the blog for a while so am late in wishing BD a speedy recovery and I hope he gets home soon. Having just had major surgery I can affirm that it’s the best place to be.

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