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ST Cryptic No 2471 – Review

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2471 – Review

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment **

I never look forward to the Sunday puzzle, and I’m seldom surprised. This is another one that takes quite a while to complete, but leaves you wondering why you bothered.


5a A number surrounded by buzzing horse flies (6)
HOVERS (flies) – an anagram (buzzing) of HORSE around V (number 5 in Roman numerals)

8a Through having smoked, is smelling of (8),
PERFUMED (is smelling of) – PER (through) FUMED (having smoked)

9a Was, first to last, strange: was evasive (7)
STALLED (was evasive) – LED (was first) after (to last – is that a proper construct, using “last” twice?) an anagram (strange) of LAST

10a Nick, on top, is really good (5)
NOTCH (nick) – top NOTCH means really good

11a Agitated that it’s not yet decided (9)
UNSETTLED (double definition)

13a Bear, or carry, with real trouble, inside (8),
TOLERATE (bear) – TOTE (carry) around (with … inside) an anagram (trouble) of REAL

14a Grasp and embrace (4,2)
TAKE IN (double definition)

17a Turn to an addendum on water (3)
SPA (water) – A PS (an addendum / a postscript) reversed (turn)

19a Follow round in, performing (3)
DOG (follow round) – performing DOG –
can you do better?
DOG (follow) – if you now put DOG round IN, you get DOING (performing) –thanks to John for that correction

20a She got a bum steer, to start with (6)
TERESA (she / girl) – A with an anagram (bum) of STEER before (to start with)

23a One’s entitlement to work for the Secret Service (4,4)
CODE NAME (cryptic definition – and not a very good one at that)

26a Egad! So that’s how the horse got spooked! (2,7)
BY THUNDER (egad!) – another so-so cryptic definition

28a Do an impression of an operatic heroine: top-class (5)
MIMIC (do an impression of) – MIMI (an operatic heroine) C (top / first letter  of Class)

29a Ramble on about a repairman (7)
MEANDER (ramble on) – MENDER (repairman) around (about) A – am I the only one that doesn’t like these upside down constructs?)

30a Means to get by working (8),
EARNINGS (naff double definition)

31a Finishes with many ahead of: doesn’t win (6)
CLOSES (finishes) – C (many / 100 in Roman numerals) before (ahead of – got the construct right this time) LOSES (doesn’t win)


1d One could play it but a tree is in the way (6)
SPINET (one could play it) – PINE (tree) inside ST(reet)

2d Talk that will p-perturb (7)
PRATTLE (talk) – P-RATTLE (p-perturb)

3d She writes of a ramshackle hut with rambling roses (9)
AUTHORESS (she writes) – “A” then an anagram (ramshackle) of HUT followed by another anagram (rambling) of ROSES

4d Manage to solve it? Away with you? (3,3)
GET OUT – yet another double definition

5d Before you strike the other out (8),
HITHERTO (before) – HIT (strike) and an anagram (out) of OTHER

6d Travel off, having a right to leave, with the attendant (5)
VALET (the attendant) – an anagram (off) of T(r)AVEL without the “r” (having a right to leave)

7d Caught as one came home drunk (6,2)
REELED IN – and another double definition!

12d Does it prove an earner for the draper? (3)
NET (a double definition, if you are not bored wit them by now)

15d In accordance with the contract (9)
AGREEMENT  – a so-so cryptic definition

16d Inside out, it’s OK (4,4)
VERY WELL (double definition) – to know something VERY WELL is to know it inside out; VERY WELL is a way of saying it’s OK

18d Won’t hurt dad to get out more (8),
PAINLESS (won’t hurt) – PA IN LESS (dad to get out more)

21d Rocks when I change ends (3)
ICE (rocks / diamonds) – I C(hange)E (the end letters of change)

22d A fellow member brought in something to wear (7)
GARMENT (something to wear) – GENT (fellow) around (brought in) ARM (member, as in arms and legs)

24d Roaring out “Start off with the herb!” (6)
ORIGAN (herb) – an anagram (out) of (r)OARING without the “r” (start off)

25d Said it’s two letters too many (6)
EXCESS (too many) – sounds like (said) X S (two letters)

27d Gives pointers to (5)
HANDS (double definition)

Well, there we are.  Far too many annoying cryptic and double definitions, not enough challenging and enjoyable clues.

Do you agree or disagree?  Please let me know.

3 comments on “ST Cryptic No 2471 – Review

  1. I think 19 across is Follow (dog) that round “in” = doing, or “performing” and I liked that clue

  2. John
    Sorry, but I still don’t like it. I guess I’m not, nor never will be, on the same wavelength as this setter. Would you like to do these reviews?

  3. Dave
    Thanks very much – I am flattered. I have a very full workload at the moment and couldn’t take on even a hobby job. Wish I had more free time


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