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DT Cryptic No 25854

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25854

An easy puzzle today

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Some recent Tuesday puzzles have caused a few problems, but not for the last week or so.  Only a couple of links today – nothing interesting enough for supplementary information!


7a Keep unusual dialect (7)
An anagram of dialect giving a fortress in or near a city

8a Left got wise (7)
L(eft) earned (got) giving knowledgeable about literature, etc.

10a Spike’s grown up with eye-opening speed (10)
Adult (grown up) with e(ye-opening) rate (speed)

11a It’s needed when one’s in Virginia (4)
Is (one’s) in VA (Virginia) – have you seen “The Mine”: a new addition to the blog which has, among other things, a list of US States and their abbreviations?

12a Come again? (8 )
Not very cryptic – reappear

14a Put in rinser to clean (6)
A synonym for “put” is hidden (in) in the clue

15a Painter does rendition of ‘Torment’ (11)
An anagram (rendition) of “painter does” to give a synonym for torment

19a Car shortly carrying a learner driver (6)
Soon (shortly) around a l(earner) giving a type of car

20a He made ‘Small step’ with crew (8 )
S(mall) pace (step) with man (crew) giving an astronaut

22a Make illegal Ecstasy producing scourge (4)
Ban (make illegal) E(cstasy) giving a source or cause of evil, misery, etc

23a Seem rotund perhaps, and large (10)
An anagram (perhaps) of “seem rotund”

25a It’s horny stuff! (7)
Again, not very cryptic – keratin

26a Last of fuel? Burn coal (7)
L (last of fuel) ignite (burn) giving a type of coal


1d A little dab? (7)
A dab is a fish, and a small fish is a tiddler

2d Phone about everyone (4)
C(irca) all (everyone)

3d Taxing split by English leader (6)
Sever (split) by E (English leader)

4d Dosser with cider let loose (8 )
An anagram (loose) of “cider let”

5d Memorial’s solemn quality around Sabbath (10)
Grave (solemn) tone (quality) around S(abbath)

6d Setter with a certain capacity (7)
Me (the setter of the crossword) a sure (a certain)

9d He’ll change your locks for you (11)
Locks here are hair, so it’s a hairdresser

13d Stunning friend embracing bird, old chaps (10)
Pal (friend) around (embracing) hen (bird) o(ld) men (chaps)

16d Plait only twisted – not long hairdo (8 )
An anagram (twisted) of “plait only” without the l (not long) giving a hair style in which the hair is gathered together at the back and hangs down

17d Remains to carry Cameron in vehicle (7)
Dave (Cameron – call me Dave!) inside (to carry … in) car (vehicle)

18d Power’s not working – catching cold (7)
Faulty (not working) around (catching) c(old)

21d Jerk following pro? Tart (6)
Tic (jerk) following ace (pro)

24d Daughter’s single no more (4)
D(aughter) one (single)

Not too diffult was it?  Should leave you enough time to have a go at the Toughie!!

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“Just mouse over any link, and a preview window immediately appears to show you the content”.

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