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DT Cryptic No 25849

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25849

A distinct improvement on the previous two Wednesdays

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

Some of you have been dreading Wednesday’s puzzles in recent weeks – well this one will make a pleasant change.  A little harder than the last two days, but most of you should be able to cope with this one.

The across clues:

7a Clare playing retained appeal in musical performance (7)
An anagram (playing) of Clare around (retained) It (sex appeal)

8a Island backed account introduced by youngster (7)
An island from ca (backed account) preceded by (introduced by) minor (youngster)

10a Accepting lot getting a fact I misplaced about record (10)
An anagram of “a fact I” (misplaced) around (about) list (record)

11a Sort dirty perfume bottles (4)
Hidden (bottles) in the clue

12a Game showing damaged boot in decline (8 )
An anagram (damaged) of boot inside (in) fall (decline)

14a Convey meaning (6)
Double meaning – import

15a Cold rugby player is beginning to hesitate (11)
The rugby player is a stand-off (half) followed by “is” and h(esitate)

19a Excellent reserve embracing exercise? Right (6)
Sub (reserve) around (embracing) PE (exercise) and r(ight)

20a Request European entertainment in US city (8 )
E(uropean) + treat (entertainment) inside NY (US city)

22a Principal among the Romans (4)
Hidden (among) in the clue

23a Poet extended chap (10)
Long (extended) fellow (chap)

25a Wealthy figure, a good name entertained by end of game (7)
Mate (end of game) around (entertained by) “a” + g(ood) + n(ame)

26a Acknowledgement about country residence, we hear (7)
Re (about) ceipt (sounds like seat – country residence, we hear)

The down clues:

1d Note in constituency old rector and politician (7)
N(ote) inside seat (constituency) + o(ld) + r(ector)

2d Promotion for energetic singer (4)
Avid (energetic) reversed (promotion – correctly used for a down clue)

3d Affectedly pretentious young man and woman (2-2-2)
La d (young man) and I da (woman)

4d Spymaster is leading source of trouble (8 )
M (spymaster in the James Bond novels) + “is” + chief (leading)

5d Tea top host arranged? Cleaning item required (10)
An anagram (arranged) of “tea top host”

6d Symbol of authority namely transforming Peter (7)
Sc (scilicet / namely, Latin) + an anagram (transforming) of Peter

9d With nothing to do, vandalise a seat on dole (2,1,5,3)
An anagram (vandalise) of “a seat on dole”

13d Appropriate drink? Male has drink with nothing in it (2,3,5)
To t (drink) he (male) + pint (drink) around o (nothing)

16d Wealthy figure I inspired – with unknown excellence (8 )
Nob (wealthy figure) + I + lit (inspired) with “y” (unknown)

17d A late form of service? (7)
The service for someone who has died (late)

18d Ill-tempered agent consuming drink heading north (7)
Spy (agent) around (consuming) trop (port / drink reversed) – heading north is a down clue only construct – for an across clue it would be heading west

21d Sweet scent of feet? Not entirely! (6)
Hidden (not entirely) in the clue

24d For audience, disclose without permission national symbol (4)
Sounds like (for audience) leak (disclose without permission) giving a national symbol of Wales

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