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DT 29161

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29161

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs where there is a fine, sunny start to the day.

It’s Friday, so it’s another puzzle from Giovanni, with nothing too unfamiliar in the answers, and wordplay which gets you there if you need it.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ANSWER buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

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1a & 22 Down    Sailor, a bod cavorting with Balinese dame (4-6,6)
ABLE-BODIED SEAMAN – Anagram (cavorting) of A BOD and BALINESE DAME.

6a           Neighbour has a word suggesting doubt (4)
ABUT – The answer is a verb. Split it (1,3) and you get A (from the clue) and a conjunction suggesting doubt or opposition,

9a           Like someone apportioning blame in a case? (10)
ACCUSATIVE – This is the grammatical case used for words which are the object of the main verb.

10a         In Home Counties see bush with fruit (4)
SLOE – The geographical location of the Home Counties wrapped around a word meaning ‘See!’ or ‘Behold!’.

Image result for sloe

12a & 24a            Boy, I rage — funny cartoon character (4,4)
YOGI BEAR – Anagram (funny) of BOY I RAGE.

13a         Did a bunk or a bed containing second prisoner start to disintegrate? (9)
ABSCONDED – Put together Second, one of the usual crossword prisoners, and the first letter (start) of Disintegrate. Then wrap A BED (from the clue) around the result.

15a         Ease with which yours truly gets entrance at back of US university (8)
MITIGATE – A three-letter acronym for a well-known American university, followed by another wat of saying ‘yours truly’ and an entrance to a field.

16a         Sign of disgrace of character in dump with mother (6)
STIGMA – The character who lived in a dump in the children’s novel by Clive King, followed by a short word for ‘mother’.

Image result for stig of the dump book

18a         Man of darkness, according to report (6)
KNIGHT – A man on the chessboard who sounds like (according to report) a period of darkness.

20a         Hand out everything old — make provision, running short (8)
ALLOCATE – Put together another word for ‘everything’, Old, and a word for ‘make provision (of food)’ minus its last letter.

23a         Dishonour — that is what ultimately no politician should have to accept (9)
NOTORIETY – NO (from the clue) and a politician from the Right of the political spectrum, wrapped around the abbreviation for ‘that is’ and the last letter (ultimately) of whaT.

24a         See 12 Across

26a         Dotty lady who sings (4)
GAGA – Double definition, the second being the second part of the stage name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

27a         This person’s terribly emotional, not the first to be burning? (10)
IMMOLATION – Another way of writing ‘this person is’, followed by an anagram (terribly) of (e)MOTIONAL minus its first letter.

28a         Emperor and Queen in negative response (4)
NERO – The regnal cipher of the Queen inserted into a word of refusal.

29a         At home with fellow drinking wine, I will offer something in the kitchen? (10)
INGREDIENT – Another word for ‘at home’ followed by another word for a fellow wrapped around wine of a particular colour and I (from the clue).


1d           Horse takes bit off the end of a smaller creature (4)
ARAB – A (from the clue) and a small furry animal with the BIT removed from the end of its name.

2d           Key operation for bosses wanting to keep control? (7)
LOCKOUT – Cryptic definition of the situation where an employer prevents employees from coming to work.

3d           Swimmer requesting silence when there’s clamour around (7,5)
BASKING SHARK – Put together another word for ‘requesting’ and the sound made to call for silence, then wrap the clamour a dog makes around the result.

Image result for basking shark

4d           Takes away pamphlets after editor’s become upset (8)
DETRACTS – Reverse (upset) the usual abbreviation for ‘editor’, then add some political or religious pamphlets or leaflets.

5d           New love oddly denied — is husband mischievous? (6)
ELVISH – Remove the odd-numbered letters (oddly denied) from nEw LoVe, then add IS (from the clue) and Husband.

7d           See aggressive male do good — man of courage? (7)
BULLDOG – An aggressive male bovine, followed by DO (from the clue) and Good.

8d           Get nowhere fast in current circumstances? (5,5)
TREAD WATER – Cryptic definition of a way of keeping afloat without actually moving across the ground.

11d         Sort of panel to exercise authority over directors (7,5)
CONTROL BOARD – ‘Exercise authority over’ followed by the collective noun for the directors of a company.

14d         One’s been recently fired for criminal activity? (7,3)
SMOKING GUN – This phrase for evidence of criminal activity is literally a description of a weapom which has just been fired.

17d         Sports person outside game as one watching the drama (8)
PLAYGOER – A generic term for someone engaged in a sporting activity wrapped around an Oriental board game involving black and white stones.

19d         One or two maybe? (7)
INTEGER – One and two are examples of the answer, as are three, four and five…

21d         Virginia tucked into a cereal, wanting too much (7)
AVARICE – A (from the clue) and a cereal crop which is a staple for much of the world, wrapped around the abbreviation for the state of Virginia.

22d         See 1 Across

25d         Bird in bit of wood? (4)
KNOT – Double definition, the second being an imperfection in a plank of wood where a branch once left the original tree trunk.

Image result for knot wood

The Quick Crossword pun RESTER + SHORED = REST ASSURED.

44 comments on “DT 29161

  1. After a slow start, the grid filled up quite nicely (**/*** for difficulty and *** for enjoyment). It was sufficiently challenging and I liked the 1d/12a combination clue. How about 25 d though, knot again! Thanks to DT for the review and to Giovanni.

    1. I’m lost. What type of avian creature is a 25d? DT’s hint only gives half of the double definition but thanks anyway to him and Giovanni who, otherwise, I thought was quite benign.

      1. You’ve probably Googled it by now, but here’s a good way to remember it:
        Knot – Calidris canutus

        The knot’s common and scientific names are derived from King Canute (or Knut) who, like the shorebird, was associated with the incoming tide

  2. No hold-ups today, apart from having to look up the bird once I guessed what the wood reference had to be. Thoroughly enjoyable. Many thanks to DT and G

  3. Another typical Friday – my favourite was 16a as I have fond memories of reading that book to the boys a long time ago now

    Thanks to Giovanni and DT

    1. I’ve ever heard of it, but now that I’ve googled it, I feel I must get hold of a copy and read it!

  4. A comfortable solve this morning without any notable or standout clues. Enjoyable enough while it lasted, which wasn’t terribly long given a lack of any obscurities.

    Thanks to The Don and DT.

  5. A very enjoyable Friday puzzle that took a little while to ‘break into’ but then completed in a typical Friday time – 2.5*/3.5*.
    For the second day in a row, a character(s) from a book I had never even seen although today I was able to ‘bung this one in’ without having to resort to electronic assistance.
    Candidates for favourite – 13a, 26a, and 14d – and the winner is 26a.
    Thanks to Giovanni and DT.

    1. I’d have thought you’d have heard of Yogi Bear, Senf……better than the average just like you !

        1. I suspect that we’re in the “too old” bracket for that book, Senf. 1963, I was an adult by then.

  6. This puzzle looked tricky on first read but like others once started it flowed along nicely and agree with DT **/***, an enjoyable start to the weekend.
    Thanks to DT for the parsing of 1d, my attempt was removing a couple of letters( a bit ) off a small creature which I had as a scarab beetle ! never mind
    Nicely clued throughout, no real favourite.

    1. That was exactly how I parsed it Beaver and I hadn’t read the hints before reading your comment. Very interesting – I wonder which explanation the setter intended.

  7. Needed electronic help in the NE corner, and I too thought scarab for 1d until I saw DT’s hints.
    So, I did quite well …for a Giovanni,

    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT .

  8. **/***. Enjoyable puzzle with a few smiles along the way. 26a was my favourite. Thanks to Giovanni and DT for the review.

  9. Enjoyable while it lasted. No real holdups. SCARAB was good enough for me until I saw OM’s comment above and then DT’s hint. No real favourite today.

  10. Just like everybody else it seems, I found this one very slow to get started, but finished in the end. I think using electronic help to get the anagram at 1a/22d was the catalyst.

    Many thanks to the Don and DT.

  11. was able to complete this without hints, except for 27a. According to BRB the answer doesn’t mean burning.

  12. I did this one on the bus and it went in at a steady pace. In fact, better than a fast gallop, I solved some of it at over 50 mph! I did get held up for a while in the SE corner and that pushed it up to just above average difficulty, and it was an enjoyable solve. Favs: 27a, 29a. 3* / 4*

  13. I’m another (sc)Arab failure.

    The only Stig I have heard of was the “unknown” driver on Top Gear.

  14. Had to go out before the blog came up although solved this one over breakfast.
    Quite enjoyed it with 3&11d getting special mention.

    Thanks to DG and to DT for the blog – nice to see the smarter than average bear again!

  15. Yes – a typical Friday crossword but without any sport/religion/music or other things I can’t do.
    I wasn’t a victim of the ‘scarab’ but I admit to always forgetting the 15a US university.
    I liked the Shrek clue and my favourite was 26a.
    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT.

      1. 16a – I loved the film – it was one of those that both Lambs said, “Oh Mum, you’ll love this – you’ve really got to watch it with us”, so, with huge misgivings, I started watching it with all of them and just carried on until the end.

  16. A benign challenge today! Well, almost….
    Once I got started solving seemed to accelerate. 8d was my top clue in what turned out to be a very pleasant crossword.
    Thanks to Giovanni, and to DT for the review.

  17. I join others who were delayed out of starting blocks but eventually, as ever, Giovanni did come true for me with West less demanding than the East. I too went via scarab for 1d whilst wondering about bit and the end in fact being the beginning. 16a was a bung-in because I hadn’t heard of the character. Suppose the 25d chestnut is a ‘bit’ of wood. Thank you DG and DT.

  18. Very enjoyable for me. I didn’t know the book in 16a but the answer just had to be.
    My only hold up was putting the wrong ending for 9a, sloppy, as Brian would say, so 5d was elusive, soon sorted.
    Fave was 7d, but 26a was smile worthy.
    Thanks to Giovanni for the fun and to DT for his review, especially unravelling 16a.

  19. I struggled with this one and had to have some electronic help. Many thanks for the hints and tips. To my chagrin, I did not get 25d despite it having been used recently. I don’t think I will forget this bird now! No favourites for me today but I quite liked the pun.

    Grateful thanks from a sunny Shropshire to all concerned.

  20. I found it very difficult to get started 🙁 Then wallop completed 😃 ***/*** Favourites 3d & 25d Thanks to Giovanni and to DT 🤗

  21. An enjoyable solve that all went together smoothly for us. Our favourites were the story book characters in 12/24 and 16a.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  22. Feels like I was doing a different crossword to everyone else as I found this very hard.

    Needed answers to many clues which I would never have been able to solve.

    ****/* for me today.

  23. Forgive the late submission, not long arrived in Tenerife on holiday.
    Superb Giovanni puzzle, my fav was 3d but they were all excellent.
    Thx to the Friday Maestro for passing a long flight enjoyably.
    And for the hints although not needed today.

  24. Like Brian, late on parade due to house move, golf at the Belfry…
    Very enjoyable, though was confused by ‘see’ in 7d, cant see why it is there and automatically assumed it was Giovanni’s religeous inclination.
    Thanks for the hints for a couple of parsings.
    Ta to Giovanni also, very enjoyable.

  25. Also very late on parade. Struggled with 11d even with the hint but the penny has finally dropped. I remembered the Knot (bird) from last weekend, which was very satisfactory. Thanks to DG and DT.

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