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DT 27600

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27600

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 20th September 2014

Thanks to Cephas for a perfect puzzle for a hectic Saturday – no time at all to solve this pangram with several of the cryptic definitions earning it a whole extra enjoyment star.

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1a           Girl who went to Palace after church for Cup (7)
CHALICE   – CH (the abbreviation for church) followed by ALICE, the nursery maid who accompanied Christopher Robin on his trip to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

5a           Overweight female seen with science centre times (6)
FLABBY –   F (female) LAB (science centre) and BY (times, multiplied by).

9a           Natural impulse in street and in court (8)
INSTINCT – IN (from the clue) ST (street) IN (from the clue) and CT (court).

11a         Almost in Norway before the due time (6)
NEARLY – N (IVR code for Norway) and EARLY (before the due time).

12a         Bad luck with Jack batting, needing ten (4)
JINX – J (Jack) IN (batting) and X (the Roman numeral for 10).

13a         Made English clean digs I refurbished (10)
ANGLICISED is an anagram (refurbished) of CLEAN DIGS I.

14a         Sophisticated gent needs servant around the place? (3-5-4)
MAN-ABOUT-TOWN –   MAN (servant) and ABOUT TOWN (around the place).

17a         Drunken cows on the line? (7,5)
ROLLING STOCK –   A splendid cryptic definition – here of engines and vehicles that run on a railway.

21a         Sheet anchor? (7-3)
CLOTHES-PEG –   And another!

22a         Redesigned fuel outlet (4)
FLUE is a redesigned anagram of FUEL.

23a         Famous birthplace of one with endless support in the West (6)
ASSISI –   Almost all of ASSIST (endless support) goes before (west of) I (one).

24a         ‘Waltzing Matilda’ presented by Australian briefly in Adriatic region (8)
DALMATIA –   An anagram (waltzing) of MATILDA plus A (Australian briefly) produces a lovely part of the Adriatic coast that is well worth a visit.

25a         Layered item of clothing that’s a bright colour (6)
TIERED –   TIE (item of clothing) and RED (bright colour).

26a         European expected to keep pet in school (7)
EDUCATE –   E (European) and DUE (expected) with CAT (pet) kept in or inserted.


2d           Sounds convenient, international player getting scoring adjustment (8)
HANDICAP –   A homophone of HANDY (sounds convenient) HANDI plus a CAP (international sportsman).

3d           State supports the Parisian that’s in rubber (5)
LATEX –   LA (the French (Parisian) word for that supported or followed by the abbreviation for TEXAS

4d           Can veto remarkably small amount of money (7)
CENTAVO is an anagram (remarkably) of CAN VETO.

6d           One is naturally spotted having this long tie askew (7)
LENTIGO – An anagram (askew) of LONG TIE produces the ‘proper’ term for  freckles.

7d           One’s mad for Rio fruit (6,3)
BRAZIL NUT – Someone crazy about the country where the city of Rio can be found.

8d           You old learners will need education expressed loudly (6)
YELLED –   YE (an old way of saying you) LL (two lots of the abbreviation for Learner) and ED (education).

10d         Mum, tipsy, fell missing last of steps (5-6)
TIGHT-LIPPED –   TIGHT (drunk, tipsy) and SLIPPED with the S removed (missing last of stepS).

15d         Attack when pilots are off work? (3,6)
AIR STRIKE – A time when pilots might refuse to work?

16d         Inform Bill Strange (8)
ACQUAINT –   AC (account, bill) and QUAINT (strange).

18d         Diesel spilled, quarter in sheltered area (3,4)
LEE SIDE –   An anagram (spilled) of DIESEL plus E (East, one quarter of the compass).

19d         Watched with amazement gold egg breaking open (7)
GOGGLED is an anagram (breaking open) of GOLD EGG.

20d         Room is not far, over kind of junction (6)
CLOSET –   CLOSE (not far) and a T junction.

22d         Old Spanish leader abandoning old currency, mainly obsolete (5)
FRANC –   Remove the O from General FRANCO and you get a mainly obsolete currency.


I’ll be back next Friday with the explanations of the latest puzzle from the Saturday Mysteron.


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  1. See I did wait and read your review! I don’t know why I missed the z! I now see why it would have given the answer if you had told me which clue it was that contained the z. Thanks

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