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DT 27594

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27594

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 13th September 2014

Morning All! A bit of a curate’s egg for me. A couple of excellent clues and a couple that I did not care for. Also a couple that made me think and laugh.

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1a           Exuberant actors recoiled in false show of emotion (9,5)
CROCODILE TEARS – An anagram (indicated by exuberant) of ACTORS RECOILED.

10a         Criticise Mary who cooks on TV, receiving small sound of disapproval (9)
RASPBERRY – I have never heard of the TV cook Mary BERRY. Nevertheless start with RAP (criticise) then BERRY as above and finally insert S for small – RA (S) P BERRY. Gets one from me!

11a         Policeman getting tip off on Her Majesty — a work for the Met? (5)
OPERA – Remove the first letter (taking the tip of) from (c)OP or policeman, add ER for the current queen (Elizabeth Regina) and finally add the A from the clue.

12a         Get keen on messy place coming clean (7)
HONESTY –Place HONE (get keen for a blade) on a STY. I was taught that A on B in an across clue meant A after B….

13a         Advertising European TV with channel already selected? (6)
PRESET – A charade of PR (the abb. of advertising/Public Relations) then E for European and finally a (TV) SET

15a         Polish expert (4)
BUFF – A well polished double definition!

17a         and 18: Toast in base tent, foolishly — take precautions! (6,4)
BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES – My favourite clue. Take “DOWN THE HATCH” for a drinking toast and insetrt into an anagram (foolishly) of BASE TENT.

18a         See 17 (3,7)
See above!

20a         Leave out captain? (4)
SKIP – A definition and cryptic def – SKIP being short for Skipper/Captain.

22a         Diffuse through cosmos eerily (6)
OSMOSE – A hidden word (indicated by ‘through’) inside the last two words.

23a         Unnerves retired lieutenant, restrained by judges (7)
RATTLES – Reverse (retire) the LT for lieutenant and plae (or restrain him ) inside RATES for judges – RAT (TL) ES.

26a         ‘Railway Children’ author endlessly recalled playwright (5)
IBSEN – When you get NESBIT, the Railway Children author all you need to do is remove the last letter (endlessly) and reverse (or recall) the result.

27a         It’s a grand sight in Venice and in France to this artist (9)
CANALETTO – A great charade of CANAL (the Grand Canal being a sight in Venice) then ET (‘and’ in the French language) followed by TO from the clue.

28a         Dirty tricks investing thousand in finance company (6,8)
MONKEY BUSINESS – Place a K (Thousand or Grand) inside of MONEY BUSINESS (finance company). Anyone who thought that a Monkey was a grand go to the foot of the Bow Bells.


2d           Sticky stuff keeps son in check (5)
RESIN – Place the abb. S for Son inside REIN or check/control.

3d           Picasso, for instance, succeeded in old measure (6)
CUBIST – My last one in. S for S(ucceded) in the family tree placed inside a CUBIT – a measurement dating back to Noah’s Ark in the Bible.

4d           Bowler’s tally in local contest (5,5)
DERBY MATCH – A bowler hat is also known as a DERBY. Add MATCH for Tally.

5d           Sets down poems (4)
LAYS – Two definitions – to putting down a baby and also a poem set to music.

6d           Troon WI misused golf club (3,4)
TWO IRON – A misused anagram of TROON WI and a rarely used golf club!

7d           Australian landmark broadcasts on radio with popular music (5,4)
AYERS ROCK – AYERS, a homophone (on radio) of airs and then ROCK music.

8d           Reporter at Olympics, perhaps, could make last sprint go with it (8,6)
STARTING PISTOL – The gun that makes a report/bang at the Olympics could be an anagram of LAST SPRINT GO and (with) IT.

9d           Mini riot breaking out with bishop banning alcohol (14)
PROHIBITIONISM – An anagram (breaking out) of MINI RIOT and (with) BISHOP.

14d         Soldiers taking German gentleman in old military vehicles (5,5)
OTHER RANKS – Place HERR (a German Gent) inside O for Old and TANKS (military vehicles). Nice surface reading.

16d         Member of society that’s dispensed with forenames (9)
FREEMASON – An anagram (dispensed with) of FORENAMES.

19d         Want expert to limit cattle disease heading north (7)
ABSENCE – The ACE (expert) is containing (limiting) BSE – The cattle disease ) and the heading of North – N.

21d         Scarf on top of neck is hot (6)
STOLEN – Place a STOLE (scarf) on top of N for North.

24d         Place fortune on American sports car (5)
LOTUS – LOT for fortune on top of US for American.

25d         Second taxi to refuse to come out (4)
SCAB – S for Second and CAB for Taxi.

It’s a week off for me – I’ll see you all Thursday week.


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  1. Not a show stopper of a crossword but ok for a Saturday morning on recovery from a heavy Friday evening. I enjoyed 16d as I have been a member for more years than I care to remember. Thanks to Gnomethang for a splendid review an to the setter for keeping me amused for a wee while.

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