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DT 27588

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27588

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 6th September 2014

Morning All! This was a reasonably straightforward but enjoyable puzzle from (I am guessing) Cephas. I managed to solve it after my delayed flight back from Belfast last night.

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6a           Patient‘s protracted agony (4-9)
LONG-SUFFERING – A definition first then the cryptic definition of a drawn out feeling of pain.

8a           Man‘s great upset before reaching hospital (6)
GARETH – An anagram (upset ) of great before the abb. H for Hospital.

9a           Cry aloud for one in shellfish’s grip (8)
PROCLAIM – Start with PRO (for.in favour of) then insert I for One inside a CLAM (in the grip of a shellfish).

10a         Regularly sourced raw material (3)
ORE – The even letters (regularly) of sOuRcEd.

11a         You should set down in lake and away from the sea (6)
INLAND – The setter has instructed us to write down (set down) IN, L for Lake then AND in that order – so do it!.

12a         Later, slightly confused, say nothing for close friend (5,3)
ALTER EGO – a SMALLISH ANAGRAM (SLIGHTLY CONFUSED) of ALTER followed by E.G. (say) and then O for nothing.

14a         Book hike in bush (7)
BRAMBLE – A charade of B for Book then RAMBLE for walk.

16a         Bird from Sweden going to bask (7)
SWALLOW – A similar construction to the clue above – S (the IVR code for Sweden) then WALLOW/bask.

20a         Exotic scarab is in plant (8)
BRASSICA – An anagram, indicated by exotic, of SCARAB IS.

23a         Beastly bloomer needs earth (6)
LUPINE – The bloomer is the LUPIN flower and then add E, the abb. for Earth in electrical parlance.

24a         Atlas, perhaps, setters ent back (3)
GOD – The setter here is the DOG not the crossword person. Reverse this (sent back) to get an old God of which Atlas is an example.

25a         Implication concerning way of speaking (8)
OVERTONE – A charade of OVER (concerning) and TONE (way of speaking).

26a         Frozen stiff in fine outfit shown by papers (6)
FRIGID – Another charade, this time of F for Fine, RIG for outfit and then ID for papers/Identification.

27a         Money-spinner? (8,5)
ROULETTE WHEEL – A cryptic definition and we all know who gets the money!


1d           Type of bowling that’s not on leg! (8)
UNDERARM – Well, if it is not on (top of) the leg it must be UNDER (the) ARM!.

2d           Lops head off flower (8)
ASPHODEL – An anagram (off) of LOPS HEAD. This was easier for me having fought with a different anagram for the same plant recently.

3d           Apres-ski, maybe when it’s less expensive? (7)
OFFPEAK – The after skiing drinkies usually occur OFF the PEAK that you have just skied down. The second is the straight definition. I prefer après-golf.

4d           Engineers wrong to answer back (6)
RETORT – RE for the Royal Engineers and then TORT for a (legal) wrong.

5d           For him, work is a grind (6)
MILLER – A simple cryptic definition of the man who grinds the flour.

6d           Nerd is in Shakespearean character on course, moving student (7,6)
LEARNER DRIVER – Place the NERD inside king LEAR and a RIVER course.

7d           In decline, how long idling untidily? (5,8)
GOING DOWNHILL – It is easier to spot the anagram (untidily) of HOW LONG IDLING when you remove the GOING via checking letters.

13d         When one expects a letter from Crete? (3)
ETA – The ETA (as well as being a Greek letter) is also an abb. of Estimated Time of Arrival (My own ETA from Belfast to Gatwick this evening was 2.5 hours to the detriment).

15d         Public transport isn’t quite bankrupt (3)
BUS – All but the last letter (isn’t quite) BUS(t) for Bankrupt.

17d         Game birds — or wolf, possibly? (8)
WILDFOWL – Wolf is an anagram of FOWL and a good anagram indicator might be wild so put the two together.

18d         Ill-balanced poles did topple (8)
LOPSIDED – An anagram, indicated by topple, of POLES DID.

19d         Fellow almost trapping spy — a kind of red (7)
MAGENTA – Almost all of MA(n) for fellow containing (trapping) an AGENT (spy).

21d         I won’t visit grave containing watery liquid (6)
SEROUS – Not the most common word in the world but easy enough to work out. Remove (it isn’t visiting) the I from SER(i)OUS or grave.

22d         Had a good press? (6)
IRONED – A gentle cryptic definition to finish with.

Well G’Night (or morning!) all. I’ll see you next Thursday for a Sunday review.


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  1. Thanks for the super review, Gnomethang. Have just discovered my hard copy. (That’s what happens when one ‘tidies up’ papers!) Enjoyed this, but needed two answers, even after BD’s excellent hints. No excuse for that. 6d was my fave. Thanks to Cephas.

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