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DT 27582

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27582

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 30th August 2014

Were they to actually read this review, I feel sure that a couple of the usual suspects would disagree with my view that this was typically straightforward offering from the Saturday Mysteron.

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1a           Keep following small enchanting woman in communication centre (11)
SWITCHBOARD –   S (small) WITCH (enchanting woman) followed by BOARD (keep, means of subsistence).

7a           Criticise a revolutionary style (7)
PANACHE –   PAN (criticise) A (from the clue) and CHE (Senor Guevara, the crossword setters’ favourite ‘revolutionary’).

8a           Slow bowler’s variation finds place to turn in front of leg (7)
TOPSPIN –   A reversal (to turn) of SPOT (place) and PIN (an informal word for the leg).

10a         Bird’s egg on garden plant (8)
LARKSPUR – LARK (bird) and SPUR (egg on).

11a         Curt’s no leader, put in place by company group (6)
COHORT –   SHORT (curt) with its first letter removed (no leader ) – goes under (is put in place by) CO (company).

13a         Fish for tea (4)
CHAR –   A type of fish or a slang term for tea (the Cockney spelling of the word)

14a         Pupil who’s left school able to write and rub out! (10)
OBLITERATE – OB (old boy, pupil who’s left school) and LITERATE (able to write).

16a         Old Western film one employed at RADA? (10)
STAGECOACH –   A well known old Western film split 5,5 could be someone employed at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts.

18a         Miss hugging Old Nick (4)
GAOL –   GAL (dialect word for girl) ‘hugging’ O (old).

21a         Snake catches Marvin napping (6)
ASLEEP –   LEE (Marvin) is ‘caught by’ or inserted into an ASP (snake).

22a         Twitter’s number one for upsetting immense number (8)
TRILLION –   TRILL (just like twitter, a noise made by a bird, for example) followed by a reversal (upsetting) of NO I (number one).

24a         English composer not a green artist (2,5)
EL GRECO –   Remove the A from ELGAR (the English composer, not the crossword setter) and follow with ECO (green).

25a         Player caught in a lock (7)
ACTRESS –   A (from the clue) C (caught) and TRESS (lock of hair).

26a         Ancient Mayor of London once walked round a street there (3,4,4)
OLD KENT ROAD –   OLD (ancient) KEN (Livingstone, once Mayor of London) TROD (walked) with A from the clue inserted (round a).


1d           Belted out tune when served up drink (7)
SANGRIA –   SANG (belted out) and a reversal (when served up in a down clue) of AIR (tune).

2d           As a precaution if appearing at court? (2,4)
IN CASE – In order to make sure (as a precaution) sounds like one might be taking part in a court case.

3d           Means to pay for such as ‘Good Soldier Schweik’ on the radio (10)
CHEQUEBOOK –   On the radio is the indication that we are looking for a homophone of a CZECH BOOK such as ‘Good Soldier Schweik’.

4d           Crazy   flutters (4)
BATS –   A double definition – crazy or what one might do with one’s eyelids.

5d           Lily Allen’s first rendering of ‘Old Shep’ (8)
ASPHODEL –   A (the first letter of Allen) followed by an anagram (rendering) of OLD SHEP.

6d           Ambassador’s reduced qualification (7)
DIPLOMA –   Remove the final letter (reduced) from a DIPLOMAT such as an ambassador.

7d           It lost peace producing tyranny (6,5)
POLICE STATE is an anagram (producing)of IT LOST PEACE.

9d           Catch handlers going astray in the country (11)
NETHERLANDS – NET (catch) followed by an anagram (going astray)of HANDLERS.

12d         Inharmonious gig with records delivered finally in rave (10)
DISCORDANT –   DISCO (gig with records) followed by a RANT (rave) into which is inserted the final letter of delivered.

15d         American hero — North Dakota clergyman (8)
REVEREND –   REVERE (Paul, the American hero) followed by the abbreviation for North Dakota.,

17d         Fast   car hampered by insubstantial legroom (7)
ALLEGRO – A lovely surface reading –   ALLEGRO is a musical term meaning fast and lively.   It is also the name of an old car which, as far as I can remember, wasn’t particularly roomy inside.   The solution can be found hidden in (hampered by) insubstantiAL LEGROom.

19d         Sweet flavour and wrapping I notice (7)
ANISEED –   AND (from the clue)   wrapping I SEE (I notice).

20d         Completely drunk Bishop’s gambling game (6)
BLOTTO –   B (bishop) and LOTTO (gambling game).

23d         Carry on   habit? (4)
COPE –   And the double definition that held us all up! COPE can mean both carry on and also a habit worn by a member of the clergy.

Note to Gnomethang:   next week is technically my week off from blogging, but I am sure that won’t last!   ;)