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NTSPP – 176

NTSPP – 176

A Puzzle by Quaiteaux

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NTSPP - 176

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic.


8 Looters rage – nearly crushed chart follower (10)
{ASTROLOGER} – … charts of star signs.  An anagram (crushed) of LOOTERS RAG[E] with the final E removed (nearly).

9 /25: Soap goes in and out (4,3,4)
{HOME AND AWAY} – … an Australian soap opera.  The answer to 9a followed by 25a gives the name of the soap opera which might also mean in and out.

10 Are no changes to be found in newspaper? Don’t be scared (4,3)
{FEAR NOT} – An anagram of ARE NO (changes) inside the abbreviation for Financial Times (newspaper)

11 I swear at goal first, sir (7)
{EFFENDI} – The I in the clue is preceded by (first) a word meaning swear at and a word meaning goal or aim.

13 Hand closed on drug – I set out, most excitable (9)
{FIESTIEST} – Another word for the closed hand goes around (on in an across clue, as in over) an E (drug).  This is followed by an anagram (out) of I SET.

14 It’s not perverted to go after men, says writer (5)
{ORTON} – … of plays such as Loot.  An anagram (perverted) of NOT goes after the abbreviation for Other Ranks (men).

15 The Roaring Twenties, say, not characterised essentially from the outset by decline (9)
{DECADENCE} – The Roaring Twenties are an example (say) of a period of 10 years.  This is followed by the initial letters (from the outset) of Not Characterised Essentially.

21 See 4 Down

22 Anabolic steroid traded when bistro destroyed, being neither hot nor cold (9)
{LAODICEAN} – … from the charge levelled against one of the seven churches in the book of Revelation.  An anagram (traded) of ANABOLIC STERIOD once the letters of BISTO have been removed.  The second anagram indicator (destroyed) tells us that the letters in BISTRO are not in the same order when removed from the initial phrase.

24/25/12 Match instructions uttered by 21’s concerned mother? (4,3,3,4,4,8)
{KEEP DRY AND AWAY FROM CHILDREN} – The instructions found on a box of matches might also be instructions given by a mother concerned about when her son (a sexual predator) is going out.

26 America’s absence makes sense (4)
{NOUS} – The answer, when split 2,2 might mean America’s absence.

27 Be alert about listener indoors, who’s a snitch (10)
{TALEBEARER} – An anagram (about) of BE ALERT with another word for a listener inside (indoors).


1 After supporter turns up on foot, kill and go away (4,3)
{NAFF OFF} – Reverse a three letter word for a supporter and follow this by an abbreviation for foot and a word meaning kill.

2 Triglyceride as inert compound (7)
{STEARIN} – An anagram (compound) of AS INERT.

3 Do her nut about strip – it’s mad! (5,3,4) {ROUND THE BEND} – An anagram (about) of DO HER NUT followed by a word for strip.

4/21 Supporting Chester on this occasion (3,3,5)
{FOR THE NONCE} – A word meaning supporting followed by the type of person described by the cockney rhyming slang “Charlie Chester”.

5 Mixed penne with the liquid – you’ve forgotten what comes after this? (8)
{NEPENTHE} – … a drug described in Homer’s Odyssey that relieves one of emotional pain, grief or sorrow.  An anagram (liquid) of PENNE THE (mixed A with B tells us to add the two words together for the anagram phrase).

6 Half-arsed practice sessions are damaging arrangements of computers (7)
{BOTNETS} – … series of computers compromised by hackers.  Half of the word bottom followed by another word for cricket practice sessions.

7 It’s simple to return in an environment of vacant detachment, though not normal (7)
{DEVIANT} – Reverse (to return) a word meaning simple inside (in an environment of) the outside letters (vacant) of detachment.

12 See 24 Across 16 A bird of passage might fall victim to it (5,3)
{ALLEY CAT} – What might kill a bird in a passage way.

17 Moving deviously, partners like a bit of groping (7)
{SNAKING} – Partners in a game of bridge followed by a word meaning like or similar to and the first letter (bit of) groping.

18 Pin shoved up into jacksie – does that ring a bell? (7)
{ANGELUS} – … the bell tolled to call people to prayer.  Another word for a pin (as one of the limbs of the body) is reversed (shoved up) into another word for the bottom.

19 Show up as small where sex is involved with expression of laughter (7)
{BEDWARF} – The place where you most usually have sex followed by the abbreviation for with and a three letter word used to express laughter.

20 ‘Beheaded fool (beheading difficult in drinking environment) (7)
{INNYARD} – Where you might sit outside a pub to drink.  A five letter word for a fool has its first letter removed (beheaded) and this is followed by a word meaning difficult, also with its first letter removed.

23 Being an ass for one brief time, right? (6)
{ONAGER} – Remove the last letter (brief) of ONE and follow this with a word meaning time and an abbreviation for right.


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    If I have what I hope will be a reasonably quiet day tomorrow I am going to carry on trying.
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