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DT 27205

  Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27205

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I’m fairly certain this was a Cephas Saturday and found the puzzle very enjoyable with his usual amusing Cryptic definitions and some lovely surface readings.

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1a           Black stuff covering bishop’s pen (6)
CORRAL – COAL, the black stuff, around the outside of RR – the abbreviation for a Right Reverend – the formal address of a Bishop.

4a           Breakfast food cooler? (8)
PORRIDGE – Two definitions, the second being the cryptic. You stir it as well!.

8a           Scientist on holiday entering wine store (6)
BOFFIN – OFF work (on holiday) inside BIN for wine store.

9a           Having recently become member of a union (5-3)
NEWLY-WED – A gentle cryptic definition – not a Trade Union.

10a         Men of letters, burning with irate rambling (8)
LITERATI – LIT for burning then an anagram (rambling) of IRATE.

11a         Could be worse, ringing about legal document (6)
ESCROW – An anagram (could be) of WORSE around the outside of C for about (one abbreviation of circa).

12a         Hard-hearted, without Biblical character? (8)
RUTHLESS – Another definition plus cryptic. She had her own book in the Bible.

13a         Sauce with food — it’s red and goes on chops (6)
LIPPIE – A nicely diverting surface reading – not ketchup!. A charade of LIP (sauce/impertinence) followed by PIE for food.

15a         Reportedly uninterested, husband’s left her in bed! (6)
BORDER – Another nice surface!> A homophone (reportedly) of BORED – BORD then (h)ER with the H for Husband removed.

18a         Muscles stretch — that’s in theory (8)
ABSTRACT – A charade of ABS (abbreviation for Abdominal muscles) then TRACT for a stretch of e.g. land.

20a         Where young lady returning with nothing on may take a dip? (6)
LAGOON – Another fine clue. Reverse a GAL (young lady returning) then add O dor nothing and ON from the clue.

21a         Put forward in support of sterling (8)
PROPOUND – A charade of PRO – in support of  – and POUNDs sterling.

23a         Virginia not involved in crooked villainous trick (8)
ILLUSION – Remove VA (the abbreviation for the state of Virginia) from VILLAINOUS and then make an anagram (crooked).

24a         Spoke for a tedious group of characters inside (6)
ORATED – All the characters are hidden inside fOR A TEDious.

25a         Storyteller’s stirring rant and roar (8)
NARRATOR – The apostrophe ‘s stands for IS which tells you that a word for storyteller IS an anagram (stirring) of RANT and ROAR combined.

26a         Mischief-maker trapping insect, all round it’s pathetic (6)
FEEBLE – Start with an ELF (mischief-maker) then insert a BEE (insect) then reverse the lot (all round) EL (BEE) F ß.


1d           Accountant and graduate left small party (5)
CABAL – The abbreviation for Chartered Accountant followed by BA (Bachelor of Arts and L for Left.

2d           Rush outside recently having restored energy (9)
REFRESHED – REED (rush/grass) outside of FRESH for recently.

3d           Row over time needed for descent (7)
LINEAGE – A LINE or queue/row on top of (over in a down clue) AGE for time.

4d           Remedy for a writer missing the point (6-9)
PENCIL-SHARPENER – A nice cryptic definition.

5d           Harsh treatment of unseasoned wood (3,4)
RAW DEAL – RAW (unseasoned) followed by DEAL (a species of tree/wood)

6d           In retrospect, we would decline a little liquid (7)
DEWDROP – Reverse (in retrospect) WE’D, we would, and then DROP for decline/decrease.

7d           Won’t emend revised bequest (9)
ENDOWMENT – An anagram (revised) of WONT EMEND.

12d         Fizzy beer left by beast — revolting (9)
REBELLION – An anagram (fizzy) of BEER followed by L for Left then the king of the beasts, the LION.

14d         Celebrity being mature! (9)
PERSONAGE – Person for being then AGE for mature.

16d         Soldier‘s uniform (7)
REGULAR – Two definitions. The apostrophe ‘s here tells you that one word means (is) the same as the next.

17d         Act without restraint in high-scoring cricket match? (3,4)
RUN RIOT – A bit like a run-fest but possibly more violent!

19d         Parade and exhibition substandard (4,3)
SHOW OFF – SHOW (exhibition) followed by OFF (substandard – that’s a bit off).

22d         Miss a trick (5)
DODGE – A double definition, the first a verb the second a noun.


Thanks to the setter – pretty sure it is Cephas. I’ll see you all next Friday for another Saturday review.

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  1. Thanks to the setter and to Gnomey for the excellent dissection. Having had several days to think about it I still think 12d is very odd – you surely cannot use any old present participle as a gerund, regardless of whether or not it’s in general use. I can’t come up with a sentence where you can swap rebellion for revolting without it sounding very forced.

  2. Thanks gazza. i would agree with you on 12d: In rebellion or rebelling. I was going to mention it but was pushed for time before spoiling a good walk.

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