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DT 27193

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27193

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Cephas provided us with a nice mix of clues last Saturday, making an enjoyable puzzle, despite the grid being full of double unches.    I can’t repeat what a fellow blogger said about this grid  – very naughty boy!!

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1a           Bees do it in sun, getting quite hot (5)
SWARM  –   S (sun) plus WARM (quite hot).

4a           May goes round Welsh resort, we hear, with nothing on, just a set of bells (8)
CARILLON –   Insert into  CAN (may, is able to )  RILL (a homophone  – we hear – of the Welsh resort of Rhyll) and O (nothing).

8a           Merry Margery, flipping meanie (8)
TIGHTWAD –   TIGHT, like merry, is an informal way of saying intoxicated, and should be followed by a reversal (flipping) of DAW, the surname of Margery in the nursery rhyme See-saw Margery Daw.

9a           A charmingly old-fashioned Conservative’s brought in to advise (8)
ACQUAINT –   A (from the clue) and QUAINT (charmingly old-fashioned) with C (Conservative) inserted (brought in).

11a         Amount of money put up with a little being declared (4,3)
LUMP SUM –  LUMP (put up with, as in “like it or lump it”) and a homophone (declared) of SOME.

13a         Brandy very gently poured into beer by sailor (5-4)
APPLE-JACK –   Insert PP (the abbreviation for the musical instruction pianissimo,  softly) into ALE (beer) and follow with JACK (sailor).

15a         Elation centred around European agreement (7,8)

18a         One causing anguish to Queen needs counsellor (9)
TORMENTOR –   TO (from the clue)  R (Regina, queen) and MENTOR (counsellor).

21a         Verdict I only can bring in a manner of speaking (7)
DICTION  –  Hidden in verDICT I ONly.

22a         Charlie’s picture replaced at a reduced rate (3-5)
CUT-PRICE –  C (C for Charlie in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) followed by an anagram (replaced) of PICTURE.

24a         Get used to bill coming before trade (8)
ACCUSTOM –   AC (account, bill) and CUSTOM (trade).

25a         Machine regulator‘s smart turn (8)
FLYWHEEL –   FLY (smart, knowing) and WHEEL (turn round).

26a         Heating unit hospital needed in time (5)
THERM –    Insert H (hospital) into TERM (time).


1d           Payment made by end of dispute (10)
SETTLEMENT –   Double definitions.

2d           Views expressed in debate are not admitting fix (8)
ARGUMENT –   Insert GUM (fix) into ARENT (are not).

3d           Smew aunt confused with another bird (4,4)
MUTE SWAN –   A confused anagram of SMEW AUNT.

4d           Australian swimmer’s first to get tailpiece (4)
CODA –  So who else had a gnoment of wondering why a COD was specifically  Australian?!!   Then I read the clue properly.    The ‘swimmer’ goes first so it is COD before A (the abbreviation for Australian).

5d           Guarantee radio listener may hear near the coast (6)
INSURE –   Which someone listening might hear as IN SHORE, or near the coast.

6d           Plate dog perhaps turned upside down (6)
LAMINA –    A reversal  (turned upside down) of an ANIMAL, of which a dog is an example (perhaps).

7d           Exodus found in New Testament, or immediately after? (4)
NEXT –   Insert EX (the abbreviation for  the Old Testament book, Exodus) into NT, the abbreviation for the New Testament.

10d         Trophy on table in cabinet (8)
CUPBOARD –   CUP (trophy) and BOARD (table).   Reminds me of teaching a dyslexic son to spell  –  it helped to split  words into two parts, just like the explanation for the clue.

12d         Grand joke by one interrupting Scotsman (8)
MAJESTIC –   Insert JEST (joke) and I (one) into MAC, the Scotsman.

14d         Carrying on with relative preservation of silence? (7,3)
KEEPING MUM –   The first part of a clue is a fairly cryptic explanation of an expression meaning keeping completely quiet or promising secrecy.

16d         Ignore    price reduction (8)
DISCOUNT –   Another double definition.

17d         Seamen in the drink (8)
ABSINTHE –   ABS (the plural of the abbreviation for Able Seaman) followed by IN THE (from the clue).

19d         Fan  club? (6)
ROTARY –   An fan is something that is ROTARY or moves in a circular motion.  The  ROTARY club ios an organisation  formed to encourage service to and within the community.

20d         Garden Richard’s built around ornament (6)
ENRICH –    ‘Built around’ is a sign that you are looking for the word hidden in gardEN RICHard.

22d         Company provided cap (4)
COIF – A type of cap is obtained by following CO (the abbreviation for company) with IF (provided}

23d         Count‘s in advance, being cut short (4)
EARL   –  Truncate (being cut short)  EARLy  (in advance).

See you next week with my review of the next Saturday Prize Puzzle.

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  1. No £50 for me then! Turns out I got three wrong. Putting pinwheel for 25a put me off there!

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