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DT 27193 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27193 (Hints)

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There’s a new Prize Puzzle today, why not have a go?  This month the winner will receive “The Daily Telegraph Cracking Cryptic Crosswords Collection” – four books of daily puzzles in a slipcase, kindly donated by Tilsit

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

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1a           Bees do it in sun, getting quite hot (5)
S(un) followed by an adjective meaning quite hot

4a           May goes round Welsh resort, we hear, with nothing on, just a set of bells (8)
A verb with a similar meaning to may (I don’t want to get into a pedantry here!) around what sounds like a resort on the north coast of Wales and O (nothing)

8a           Merry Margery, flipping meanie (8)
An adjective meaning merry or intoxicated followed by the reversal (flipping) of the Margery who once, according to the nursery rhyme, played on a seesaw

11a         Amount of money put up with a little being declared (4,3)
A slang verb meaning to put up with or tolerate followed by what sounds like (being declared) a four-letter word meaning a little

13a         Brandy very gently poured into beer by sailor (5-4)
The musical notation for very gently inside (poured into) a beer and followed by a four-letter word for a sailor

Any excuse for a video!

ARVE Error: need id and provider

15a         Elation centred around European agreement (7,8)
An anagram (around) of ELATION CENTRED followed by E(uropean)

25a         Machine regulator‘s smart turn (8)
An adjective meaning smart or shrewd followed by a verb meaning to turn or rotate


26a         Heating unit hospital needed in time (5)
H(ospital) inside a period of time, for a schoolchild perhaps

A touch of nostalgia!


1d           Payment made by end of dispute (10)
Two definitions – final payment of a bill and the resolution of a dispute

2d           Views expressed in debate are not admitting fix (8)
The abbreviated form of “are not” around a verb meaning to fix or glue

4d           Australian swimmer’s first to get tailpiece (4)
A(ustralian) after (first) a swimmer or fish gives a passage of music forming the completion of a piece, rounding it off to a satisfactory conclusion

5d           Guarantee radio listener may hear near the coast (6)
This verb meaning to guarantee sounds like (radio listener may hear) near the coast

7d           Exodus found in New Testament, or immediately after? (4)
The biblical abbreviation for the book of Exodus (which is in the Old Testament!)inside the abbreviation for the New Testament

17d         Seamen in the drink (8)
Some sailors followed by IN THE from the clue

19d         Fan club? (6)
A cryptic definition of a worldwide charitable society of business and professional people


22d         Company provided cap (4)
Co(mpany) followed by a two-letter word meaning provided or in the event of

23d         Count‘s in advance, being cut short (4)
An adverb meaning in advance without its final Y (cut short)

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The Quick crossword pun: (yew} + {knee} + {Klee} = {uniquely}

42 comments on “DT 27193 (Hints)

  1. Enjoyed very much. Thanks setter and BD whose hints I looked at retrospectively. Many of these clues were “my sort”. Favourite 8a Only got stuck in SW. Thought 19a clever once I got it. Thought I had 25a right but then wondered what 22d could possibly be. Solved once I considered more carefully the word “provided” and confirmed by answer by using the BRB. Nice day here in Nottingham so must get on!

  2. Hard work but very enjoyable. Just one thing, given the Saturday constraints, could someone explain the Counsellor in 18a. The rest makes sense but don’t see that word.
    Thx to all concerned.

    1. 18a One causing anguish to Queen needs counsellor

      The TO from the clue followed by the Latin abbreviation for Queen and a counsellor.

    2. 18a You have probably spelled the solution wrongly (as I did at first) – here the queen is not our current queen If you put the correct second to last letter, the finally five letters are then a synonym for counsellor.

      If that’s giving too much away, I don’t mind because I bought a very scrummy looking bramley apple crumble cake from Sainsbury’s this morning as there is nothing in the cake tin and I don’t have time to bake today.

      Hope you remembered what ‘double unches’ are!

      1. I too put in the wrong second to last letter in 18a and then spent far too long on it until I realiized my error.

      2. Certainly have, usually only need telling once but not always :-)
        Thx for that, you are of course quite right!

  3. Most enjoyable and testing Saturday puzzle I can remember .
    Favourite 8a but liked lots .Only let-down for me 5d.(must be my northern accent ,where it is now cool and raining after yesterday’s “summer”)
    Thanks very much .

          1. Perhaps it’s arrived in N. Yorks. Been quite dull this morning but sun now appearing & Mr. SheilaP. Is mowing what we optimistically call the lawn….we have 2 dogs & lots of brown patches.

          2. It’s in Oxford and we’re doing our best to keep it.
            Doing some weeding in very big border at the top of our garden – there is a hen pheasant sitting about six feet from me with what must be about a dozen tiny babies around her – neither she nor they seem the slightest bit bothered by me.

  4. Thank you setter – not too hard and thank you BD for your hints. Took me a while to get the wordplay in 11a

    1. I clicked reply to say I still don’t get it when it suddenly came to me in a flash

  5. Many thanks to the setter for an enjoyable weekend puzzle and also to BD for his excellent hints. My rating today is **/***.

    I messed up 5d (my first answer in) by putting the wrong first two letters, which sort of made sense (but not as much sense as the correct answer!). I was forced to correct it when I couldn’t then get 4a, my last one in, as I had one wrong checking letter.

    I needed BD’s explanation to Brian above to understand the wordplay for 18a.

    My favourite today was 8a.

    1. Think everyone’s favourite will be 8a. Takes us back a few years!! Thanks BD for 19d helper. I was totally off and hence could not get 25a.

  6. Very enjoyable AND it’s sunny AND both ‘pet lambs’ plus elder’s partner coming for weekend so all is pretty good in Oxford. :smile:
    I did have to go away and let the brain do things on its own for a while before I could sort out my last four – all in top left corner and all dependent on getting something else.
    I didn’t know that a 22d was a cap – have only ever heard of a hair-do – and didn’t know what 25a was. Also didn’t know that 13a was brandy – I have heard of it but, if I’d ever given it any thought, would have assumed that it was cider. I spent too long trying (and failing) to justify the wrong answer for 21a having, as usual, missed it, and also missed 20d for ages, and for the same reason as 21a.
    I thought, for a while, that it was going to be a pangram – well it is, nearly!
    I liked 1, 9 and 22a and 3 and 14d. My favourite was 8a.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

  7. My apologies for being late on parade – so to speak – but I’ve been cutting a hawthorn hedge since early this morning and I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to complete the puzzle while having my lunch. Thank you for the video, Dave, which I’d guess was from 1964 – it was a good year for me for a number of reasons.

  8. Hello all. Thought today’s was very much my sort of puzzle, with the exception of 9a and 6d, which I’m still stuck on. Any clues anyone? By the way, 4a I only got after fiddling round with a real Welsh town which sounds very much like the final answer.

    1. 6d Plate dog perhaps turned upside down (6)

      What a dog is an example of (perhaps) reversed.

    2. 9a is A from the clue C for Conservative followed by a word that means charmingly old fashioned.
      6d a dog is an example of a type of ——-, then this word is reversed to give a word that means plate.
      Hope I don’t end up in naughty Corner for this :-)

  9. Thanks to the setter and to Big dave for the hints. Enjoyed this one immensely, NW & SE followed by SW & NE a sort of diagonal solve. New words for me in 22d & 4a which was last in, both getable from the wordplay. Made me smile, had some nice clues. 20d was a penny-drop moment. Favourites were 25a and 14&17d. 15a was an old chestnut, but was glad of it to so many checkers. Weather gone a bit cool and dull in Central London.

  10. Late joining the party and finally finished after a couple of sittings.

    Thanks as ever to BD for the hints and to all bloggers.

    18a cropped up recently and I sat here thinking ‘it can’t be’ and it was!

  11. Definitely harder than a normal Saturday, both clues and grid, I think I was in **** time by the end.

  12. Far harder, I thought, than a normal Saturday.
    Too many brilliant clues to detail.
    Many thanks to the setter and BD for the review.

  13. Have been in Milton Keynes all day at a dragon boat regatta with my younger son (14) so didn’t start this until after 8pm. Found it straightforward but extremely enjoyable – **/**** for me.
    Didn’t need the hints but did use some electronic help.
    Had heard 4a before but it’s not a word I have ever used myself! I, too, would have expected the ‘brandy’ to be a type of cider. Never heard of the band, but 1964 is the year of my birth.
    Thanks to setter and BD as ever.

  14. I thought it was going to be impossible at the beginning, but then got into the rhythm.I liked most of the clues, including 8a after initial mystification. 14d too . Thanks for the hints on 2d and 25a. Thanks to setter as well.

  15. Is the use of electronic assistance as well as a bottle of white wine cheating?

    Thanks BD for explanation of 23d.

  16. Finished it without the hints, which I used to get explanations of 4d and 19d (AND I am a member of that “fan club”!), but I do have one question: What sort of word is “smew” (3d)? Methinks the compiler was battling to get a clue that would fit his solution?

  17. Great crossword. Thoroughly enjoyable. Sorry I’m late on parade. Problems with computer. Thanks for the hints BD

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