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DT 26611

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26611

Hints and tips by Gazza

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This is an enjoyable puzzle from Giovanni to round off the working week. Give us your views in a comment.
If you need to see an answer just highlight the space between the curly brackets under the clue.

Across Clues

1a  A noble fellow taken in by jargon from money expert (10)
{ACCOUNTANT} – A is followed by a word meaning the jargon specific to a particular group, then a European title (noble fellow) equivalent in rank to an earl is inserted (taken in).

6a  A sort of academic bachelor having a lie-in? (4)
{ABED} – double definition, the first a description (1,3) of someone having a degree in education.

9a  Strike fear into close friend concealing identity (10)
{INTIMIDATE} – a verb meaning to strike fear into is a word for a close friend with the abbreviation of identity inserted (concealing).

10a  Part of stock of typical farmer (4)
{CALF} – hidden (part of) in the clue is an animal you might find on a farm. A very smooth all-in-one clue.

12a  Second passionate attempt (4)
{SHOT} – an attempt comes from S(econd) followed by a synonym for passionate.

13a  Around university the majority will have long hair (9)
{MOUSTACHE} – the definition is hair. Put a word meaning the majority around an abbreviation of university and finish with a verb meaning to long or yearn. Lovely clue.

15a  Study trips – look at these on map? (8)
{CONTOURS} – if you’re going on a trip, especially one involving walking, you may well want to look at these lines on a map. It’s a charade of a verb to study and a synonym for trips or excursions.

16a  Manage to be frank (6)
{DIRECT} – double definition.

18a  Radical English newspaper involved in piece of deception (6)
{LEFTIE} – an informal term for someone with radical views is formed by putting E(nglish) and the initials of a daily broadsheet inside (involved in) a deception.

20a  Way taken by one contemptible and old, going at medium speed (8)
{MODERATO} – an instruction requiring a piece of music to be played at medium speed is a charade of a way or manner, one (who is) contemptible and O(ld).

23a  Jolt is occurring at back of vehicle in high wind (9)
{GALVANISE} – this is a verb meaning to jolt or invigorate. Put IS after a vehicle and then insert the lot in a wind of strength 7-9 on the Beaufort Scale.

24a  Good individual no longer with us (4)
{GONE} – an adjective meaning departed (no longer with us) is a charade of G(ood) and a single person.

26a  Censured kid left out (4)
{CHID} – remove the L(eft) from a synonym of kid or youngster to leave the archaic past participle of a verb meaning to censure or rebuke.

27a  Writer of begging letter? Creates amusement with ‘Dear Sir’ misspelt (10)
{FUNDRAISER} – this is someone (normally 4-6 rather than 10) who writes begging letters, on behalf of a charity for example. The word breaks down into (creates) a synonym for amusement followed by an anagram (misspelt) of DEAR SIR.

28a  Symbol in register, a circle (4)
{LOGO} – a register or written record is followed by O (a circle).

29a  Wife has various gardeners going round grassy area (10)
{GREENSWARD} – this is an old term for land covered with grass (grassy area). It’s W(ife) inside an anagram (various) of GARDENERS.

Down Clues

1d  Rather the thing for Cockney monk to wear? (1,3)
{A BIT} – a phrase meaning rather or to some extent is what a monk who drops his aitches may wear.

2d  Get wise and become popular (5,2)
{CATCH ON} – double definition.

3d  A lunchtime do badly organised and chaotic (12)
{UNMETHODICAL} – an adjective meaning chaotic is an anagram (badly organised) of A LUNCHTIME DO.

4d  Line of washing maybe (8)
{TIDEMARK} – cryptic definition of the informal word for a line in a bath (or possibly on a child’s neck) showing how far the water and the washing operation had reached.

5d  No illegal salesman still on the field? (3,3)
{NOT OUT} – a description of a batsman still not dismissed could also be, if redefined as (2,4), NO and a purveyor of black-market tickets (illegal salesman).

7d  Female bishop and companion getting in the way (7)
{BLANCHE} – a female name (think of the heroine of A Streetcar Named Desire) starts with the abbreviation for a bishop in chess, which is followed by a narrow road (way) containing the abbreviation of a companion of honour (an order given as a reward for outstanding achievements in various fields).

8d  Liberal in switch to another party — movement in a new direction (10)
{DEFLECTION} – put the abbreviation for Liberal inside a transfer of allegiance from one party to another to make a noun meaning deviation from a previous direction.

11d  Gladness — it’s a fantastic feature in many churches (7,5)
{STAINED GLASS} – this church feature is an anagram (fantastic) of GLADNESS IT’S A.

14d  End of the fossil fuel — reason admitted for being green (10)
{ECOLOGICAL} – the definition here is green, in the sense of being concerned for the protection of the environment. Start with the last letter of (th)E and follow this with a fossil fuel containing (admitted) a synonym for reason or good sense.

17d  We hear wine person loved doing absolutely nothing (4-4)
{BONE-IDLE} – the definition is doing absolutely nothing, used as a description of a very lazy person. To get it we have to combine two homophones (we hear) – firstly a sound-alike of the name of a town (in the Burgundy region in Eastern France) which occurs in both red and white wines, and secondly a sound-alike for a person who is loved (possibly put on a pedestal).

19d  Satisfying secretarial job interrupted by start of lunch (7)
{FILLING} – a secretarial task contains (interrupted by) the first letter of L(unch) to make an adjective meaning satisfying or substantial.

21d  Inability to recall a name is awkward (7)
{AMNESIA} – an anagram (awkward) of A NAME IS.

22d  Sound of one quickly tasting alcohol (6)
{LIQUOR} – this is a synonym for alcohol and it’s supposed to sound like someone having a quick taste (of an ice lolly, perhaps).

25d  Brought up to be British and Socialist? (4)
{BRED} – the past tense of a verb meaning to bring up or rear is B(ritish) followed by an informal synonym for 18a.

I liked 10a and 18a today but my favourite clue was 13a. Tell us what you liked in a comment.

Today’s Quickie Pun: {MAINE} + {ROWED} = {MAIN ROAD}

28 comments on “DT 26611

  1. I put a tick against 13a – my favourite clue today.
    Thanks to Giovanni for an enjoyable puzzle, and to Gazza for the review.
    With the Toughie done, I might see how fiendish Anax/Loroso is today in the FT!

  2. A day off today, so started with the crossword and wrote off half the morning. Difficult but good, for me. 29a was new to me, but found it using an ‘electronic friend’. 7d took ages, liked 1d and 22d. Thanks to Gazza and Giovanni.

      1. If you’ve ever been to Frinton-on-Sea, 29a is very easy! We usually have a game of rounders on it or fly our kites from it!

  3. Another good puzzle today, very enjoyable – nice to see 29A making an appearance (reminds me of Robin Hood). Favourite today was 18A – very clever clue.

  4. The usual Giovanni goodness. Favourite clues were 13a, 18a and 11d. Many thansk to Giovanni and to Gazza for the review.

  5. Strange, I thought this one of the easier ones this week! not easy of course, none of them are for me but I didn’t seem to struggle so much finding the definitions as usual, once again I like the short clever clues like 25d and 24a, fav clue today though was 13a, 2 to 3 star for me today good luckall :-)

  6. Best puzzle of the week by a long way. Most enjoyable.
    Thanks to setter and Gazza for the entertaining hints.

  7. Did all of this quite quickly and easily (for me on a Friday) and then was completely defeated by 1d – damn – even with the hint I still couldn’t get it so ended up looking at the answer. I liked 6 and 18a and 3, 4, 14 and 17d. My favourite today was 13a. Thanks to Giovanni and Gazza.

  8. Having been recently somewhat immersed in slang (part of an investigation) I entered GALVINATE for 23a (‘to dominate’). I was misled by AT rather than IS. Then the forebrain kicked in.

    13a was my favourite, followed by 29a (simply because it conjoured up sweet memories), then 8d (prompted by recent testimony before various Select Committees).

  9. A lovely start to Friday morning, thanks Giovanni – lots of ‘favourite clues’ today. Thanks to Gazza for the review. I also liked the Quickie Pangram – it helped me get 13a knowing I hadn’t got the final letter :)

    A good Toughie too today

  10. Finished but could’nt have done it without your hints Gazza; I think that 2* is my limit. I thought that 22d was a bit iffy

  11. Loved this crossword as it made me think for every clue, many of which I thought were well constructed. I love Giovanni crosswords!

  12. Very enjoyable crossword from Giovanni and a grand review from Gazza, many thanks to both.

  13. More enjoyable Friday fare from The Don although not as tough as some of his previous puzzles.
    Faves were : 13a, 23a, 27a, 4d. 7d & 17d.

  14. Most of this went in without too much trouble, then got stuck on 6a/7d. Got there in the end. Also, never heard of the French town in 17d, but then I don’t drink wine. Favourites were 1d & 4d. Thanks to Giovanni for a nice end to the week and to Gazza for the very cute picture of a calf!

    1. Beaune is worth visiting anyway, at least for the Hospice with its wonderfully coloured tiled roof. :-)

  15. Yes, many thanks to G&G. I managed to finish with the minimum of help and great satisfaction. Put a tick at 13d as my clue of the day, but also liked 1d and the anagram at 11d. Didn’t like the clues, though, for 20a and 7d, both of which caused me a good deal of anguish. :-)

  16. Very enjoyable from here as well. Solved before the golf day , I came second two under my handicap.
    Lots of lovely clues so thanks to Giovanni and to gazza for the review.

  17. I enjoyed this so much I thought I would post to let people know. (Not been on here much of late) excellent fun.

  18. Not my favourite solve of the week. Liked 13 and 27 but the rest were pretty average. Didn’t like name in 7d – they should be banned. Now for some 22.

  19. Thanks to the two G’s for an enjoyable puzzle. Liked 13a, last in was 7d. Favourites were 18a and 17d. Bit late posting, had to do the Squash Leagues today.

  20. There were a couple of difficult clues here & I had to resort to the blog. Even though I guessed 17d I have never heard of the town (clearly I don’t either get out enough or drink enough (or perhaps I do both too much and my mind is sozzled). Otherwise it was a nice puzzle with some fun clues.

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