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DT 30659 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30659 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club (hosted by crypticsue)

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One of those crosswords where it seems quite tricky while you are solving it, but once you have finished, you are not entirely sure why it took as long as it did.  I think it probably had something to do with having to play ‘hunt where the rest of the solution goes’ in two separate lots of Across clues

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


1a/12a   Taylor Swift not one we disturbed in dysfunctional hotel (6,6)
An anagram (disturbed) of TAYLOR SWiFT (without the I – not one) and WE

10a         Aussie bouncer initially tempting batsman Joe (4)
An informal name for a young Australian bouncing marsupial and the initial letter of Tempting

11a         Might this soothe a depressed-sounding woman? (4,4)
A (from the clue) a homophone of a synonym for depressed and a woman’s name

18a         House representative‘s brilliant crime netting grand (4,4)
An adjective meaning brilliant and a crime ‘netting’ the abbreviation for 1,000 dollars (grand)

21a/24d/13a   Make every effort in Lorna’s flat? Most desirable! (2,4,5,4)
The surname of RD Blackmore’s  fictional Lorna, an adjective meaning flat, and another meaning most desirable

28a         Time to race along – hard going for creature (6)
The abbreviation for Time and a verb meaning to race along without (Hard going) the H


2d           Pair in trouble for month (5)
An abbreviated pair in a verb meaning to trouble

4d           Royal house about to return delivery (6)
A Royal House and a reversal (to return) of the usual about, on the subject of, combine to give a cricket delivery

14d         Sociable old pirate stops avoiding alcohol (9)
The usual old or former and an archaic name for a pirate, the latter inserted into the abbreviated way of saying ‘avoiding alcohol’

16d         One doing the Lord’s work? (9)
One having the same  trade as that  followed by Jesus and his father

17d         VIPs: intolerant people keeping quiet (3,5)
Some intolerant people ‘keeping’ an instruction to be quiet

22d         Material used in many longbows (5)
Hidden in the last two words of the clue

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  1. A gentle guzzle to go with the morning coffee although I’m not a great fan of linked clues especially longish ones such as the 21, 24 and 13 combination. I tend to lose my way trying to see which part of the answer goes where. I liked the depressed woman at 11a and the worker for the Lord at 16d but my COTD is the old pirate at 14d.

    Thank you, setter for the fun. I seem to recall there is something significant about the grid with two “H” shapes in it but can’t recall what. Thank you, CS for the hints.

    A bit cold and raining in The Marches today so it’s indoor jobs for me.

    Good luck to Smylers and his lad. 👍

      1. Thanks.
        Regular if very infrequent contributor but for some reason it always forgets my details.

        Not sure I understand the redaction as simply mentioning “anagram” without mentioning anything about which words is surely much less revealing than other posts specifically mentioning cricket wrt 4d which is surely much more of a give away…? 🤔

  2. Perfick for a Saturday as it has it all.

    I giggled when I saw the 21a/24d/13a comby, splashed across the crossy. It’s right up my strasse but I know it will evoke lots of grrrrs.

    So many good surfaces to choose from but I’ll go with 23a, 7d and 17d.

    Many thanks to the splendid Saturday setter and super Sue.


  3. Tough but with some great clues in 4d, 10a (best batsman of modern times) and 1a (still worth watching today).
    Enjoyable but needed perseverance.
    Thx to all

  4. Very mild for a prize Saturday, loved all the multi-word answers. My favourite today was 21a etc, very clever.

    Hope the rain shoves off by tomorrow, as I’m meant to be going to a bike show at Brooklands, and don’t fancy 50 odd miles in the wet, fingers crossed!

  5. Probably one of the best SPPs for quite a while with the two ‘multi-clues’ suggesting that this is another NYDK production – **/*****

    Outstanding favourite by a country mile, even with its ‘guess a woman’ – 11a!

    Thanks to NYDK, or whomsoever if it is not he, and thanks to CS.

  6. If in doubt – think cricket. This got me a couple of answers which I was struggling with.

    Favourite has to be 11a.

    Thanks to the setter for the Saturday entertainment and crypticsue.

  7. I agree with Sue, today’s puzzle took longer than I expected, but I am not sure why. The triple probably, because the top half went in very quickly – I am a big fan of the dysfunctional hotel! I also did not know the synonym at 14d for pirate, until I consulted the BRB, so that did not help. COTD definitely 11a.
    Thanks to setter and Sue. Perhaps with the weather so bad it is time to dig out some old DVDs – a favourite comedy show perhaps?
    It is probably better than suffering in front of England trying to play football!

  8. Much lighter than yesterday I thought.14 d was fun and I thought 18a was lovely misdirection. 16d is a bit of a nyeaahhh , really ? for me. Gentle fun overall.

  9. Like Senf I thought this one was a cracker of a guzzle. Not particularly challenging but great fun from start to finish despite not being a fan of multi word answers across clues. Fav had to be the aptly topical 5a with immediate thoughts of Liz, Penny & the Moggy among others. Ticks also for 1/12&11a along with 3,7,14&17d.
    Thanks to the setter (Donny presumably) & to Sue.

  10. As Senf opines this feels like an NYDK, with the clues entertaining but veering towards the easier end of the spectrum (for me). TS is making a noise across the globe, so good to see her, and good too to be reminded, via the linked 1/12A and 5D, of one of our finest 5Ds ever. 16D I thought a very nice idea, but 1/12 wins for me today on the grounds of a doubled topicality. Terrific puzzle.

    Thx setter and Sue.

  11. Trickier than some Saturdays as the combo clues are hard to follow on the app, I almost went for the paper but Mama Lorna Bee was reading it! For the eponymous reasons mentioned the 21a combo has to come top of the list, but plenty of others to enjoy too. Thanks to Setter and Sue

  12. Gorgeous guzzle. I so wanted 16d to be a sportsman or woman who plays at 16d. I agree with Brian (a red letter day!) about 10a.
    I must comment no further for fear of THE WRATH.

    We are colllectively putting a desk together for The Youngster now. I should warn the neighbours.

    Thanks to the setter and Siouxie Sioux

  13. Good clean fun for a Saturday morning, just the ‘find the right slots’ for the linked entries causing a slight hiccough. Pick of the crop for me were 11a plus 17&20d.

    Thanks to our setter – Senf’s probably nailed the culprit – and to CS for the hints.
    Banner headline across the new edition of The Radio Times proclaims a ‘Sport and Politics-free Zone’. Brilliant, until I realised it’s just an advert for streaming platforms……….

  14. My heart sank when I saw several multi word answers but once I got going it was pretty much a breeze and I enjoyed it immensely. Terrible weather here and I suspect the outside courts at Wimbledon won’t be used this afternoon, such a shame. Where has our summer gone to? Give me a bit of global warming please. Anyway, thanks to the setter and to CS.

      1. And Harriet Dart too so Emma Raducanu now last Brit standing as she has pulled out of mixed doubles with Andy Murray.

        1. That’s the problem with poor Raducano because she often suffers injuries. A pity because she played a blinder yesterday.

  15. A very pleasant way to spend a rainy Saturday morning here in Shropshire. It was pleasingly tricky in places, which made completing the puzzle that much more enjoyable. I always like the cricket-based clues, but my favourite was 14d.

    Many thanks to our setter and Sue.

  16. What a nice Saturday breakfast guzzle! And lots of trips down memory lane – thanks CS for reminding me of the 21a author, never remember him! Fave du jour is 11a, which we often see when newbies arrive and I can imagine this: “11a, welcome to the blog!” I
    Many thanks to the setter, and of course to CS.

  17. Done on the train to London this morning. I thought it was very good but perhaps not as straightforward as yesterday. I only had trouble with the second word of 18a as I had the wrong first word in 17d due to guessing the other quiet. Thanks setter and Sue. Favourites 11a, the 21 combo, 23a and 6d

  18. A nice gentle puzzle, much more my level. Didn’t know the crickety clues but the answers were obvious from the wordplay.11a made me smile when the penny dropped, I had initially thought of another first four letter word. I must thank all who commiserated on the loss of my dog Max ,I only saw the other comments later in the evening, and Merusa I do have another dog, Paddy 16 years old😊. Thanks to all.

    1. If Paddy is 16 years old maybe a good time to get a companion for him? Not a replacement of course, they are all different personalities, but as company.

      1. I agree. When Hudson gets a bit older I will start thinking about a Labrador pup. They help the older dog. We once had a Lab who had gone blind. The younger dog would take him by the ear gently and lead him out into the orchard to do his business. He would wait until he had finished then take his ear again and bring him back to the house.

    2. I’m so glad! Sadie sends a special greeting to Paddy. Our Daisy is right, Paddy needs a friend now that he’s lost one.

  19. What fun that was to cheer us up on a rather autumnal feeling day. I dd buy another water butt yesterday and it is now full so that is a plus, that said no watering needed for a day or two from the look of it, I love multiword clues and anagrams and so this was a perfect puzzle, I too liked 11a and was pleased I knew 10a!

    Many thanks to the setter and to CS for the hints.

  20. I liked this Saturday puzzle much better than yesterday’s offering. This was a fun and enjoyable solve.

    1.5*/4* for me.

    Favourites 1/12a, 5a, 11a, 4d & 5d — with winner 1/12a. Really good clue!
    Smiles from all the above as well as 15a & 20d

    Thanks to setter & CS for hints/blog

  21. A great puzzle for a very wet day. We are going to an open air concert tonight in a nearby village to listen to Lesley Garrett. She at least will be under cover. We have had torrential rain overnight and it has rained all day so far. I’m not looking forward to the parking in the field.
    Top picks for me were 11a, 23a and the 1/12 combo.
    Thanks to CrypticSue and the setter.

  22. Since I switched to doing the puzzles on the App, multi word and split answers have been made a bit trickier, but I soldier on. :-)

    I actually finished in quite a reasonable time and have hopes of receiving the mythical.

    Favourite by a mile was 11A, followed by 1A,12A.

    2*/4* Thanks to the setter and CS for the hints.

  23. For all those confined to barracks due to the vagaries of the British summer, there’s an excellent offering from our own Shabbo over in the NTSPP slot, well worth tackling.

  24. Avery enhoyabke guzzle and pretty straightforward apart from the multiple word clues and even they fell into place quickly. I loved the 1a/12d one and 5d tht waslinked in. The 21a, 24d, 13aclego clue was clevwrly constructed too. Tghere were so mahy geographical references too, 3d, 6d, 8d and 20d. I haven’t had auch fun with a SPP for ages. Thank you unknown compiler and thanks to CS for the hints

  25. An enjoyable if not overly difficult puzzle with one or two smiles on the way. Favourite was 14d. Thanks to the setter and CS.

  26. Relatively easy today, although slightly hindered by me having the wrong answer for 28a. Favourite was definitely 17d.

    Thanks to CS and the setter.

  27. This was a really fun puzzle, though I confess I was nearly DNF! I couldn’t get the 21a combo, then I realised I had the wrong answer for 28a; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxI can’t help wondering what Brian will say about 16d? Huge grinners at 11a and 17d, but 1a and 6d amused as well.
    Thank you setter for such a bright start to my Saturday, and to CS for the explanations, 14d in particular.

    1. Great guzzle doorknob, I am wearing a pair of your jeans as I type! (Sorry, only ladies will understand that)

    2. Thank you, Big Apple Door Opener for a terrific guzzle and giving me another shot at The Mythical.

  28. I agree with Brian that perseverance was needed today in a puzzle that was both friendly and tricky in places, at least for me. I know little about cricket players (other than Boycott) and I was dismally slow on the uptake with some of the answers. Probably because we were rudely awoken at 6:30am by our house alarm blaring – to let us know that the back up battery was dead. Just as we thankfully nodded back off we both got phone calls from the alarm company advising us of the same at 7:00am, sigh. But at least it wasn’t the alarm going off for a real reason. But COTD vote goes to 15a. Thanks to setter and to CrypticSue.

  29. Absolutely loved this. 11a especially. Was just about to put another 10 bob on NYDK but missed the cut. Thanks to all.

  30. Alarms can sometimes be a mixed blessing BL. Family have all now left and I have been able to relax with the guzzle before getting glammed up to go a birthday party. 11a is my favourite, it is always to hand – a brilliant item ( being very cautious of the naughty step). I have no idea about 4d but will google it and no doubt get an answer. I am basking in a little notoriety at the moment being on the front page of the local paper – unfortunately next to a headline reading ‘Burglar Jailed for Rampage with Machete’. Not me, honestly m’lud. Many thanks to the doorknob and Special Sue. Filthy weather, I have been sewn back into my vest.

  31. PS George is rampaging about there being no Henley news whatsoever in the DT. Forget about fancy photos, he just wants to see race results. Yes, I told him we had had an election and football was King but he is still very disgruntled.

  32. Great puzzle for a blustery Saturday with the majority of clues going in with the wind behind them. Three in the S were more problematic and took an age. No reason other than me being dim. I’m grateful for CS’s explanation of 14d. Whilst I had the answer the parsing passed me by. So simple when it’s pointed out. My podium comprises the linked1a/12a, 5d with 14d in top spot. Thanks to NYDoorknob and CS.
    From tomorrow I’m using the puzzles website. Somewhat wary given past comments. But the cost of the dead tree DT has driven us to digital 😬.

    1. I agree about cost of dead tree DT/ST and for me add in delivery cost and it’s prohibitive even though I am fortunate to get delivery by 6.00 a.m.

      1. I went over to a digital subscription to the newspaper and puzzles in March, when I realused that the Daily Telegraph plus Sunday Telegraph plus Rdio Times plus delivery charges was costing nearly £1500 per annum. A postal delivery scheme delivers the first 10 copies of the Radio Times free and rhereafter £52 for 6 months. It’s the oy way to go, especially if the new government plans to increase taxes

  33. A really good Saturday crossword – it’s taken me a long time, not that it matters.
    I thought this was tough – was for me anyway – perhaps it was all the faffing around with the right things going in the right places!
    I particularly appreciated 11 and 26a and 3 and 14d. I think my favourite was 5a.
    With thanks and congratulations to NYDK on such a good crossword and to CS for all her weekend hints.

  34. Am short on patience so find sorting linked clues vexing however I did get there eventually. Rest of puzzle was great fun. NE was stickiest patch. Needed help with 18a. Thank you NYDK and CS.

  35. I enjoyed this too but like others find the split clues a bit annoying. I did make heavy weather of one or too clues such as my last one in 17d. Thanks NYDk and CS

  36. Anyone else think of groundsman for one doing the Lord’s work?! (I know it doesn’t fit!)
    Excellent crossword, thanks NYDK, I do look forward to your Saturday offerings as Fridays often give me the crossword jitters. Thanks to Cryptic Sue too.

  37. Ah yes the pens. 100% success rate isn’t what we usually see, and the record of wins was until today 2 from 9 in major tournaments. Fab.

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