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DT 30641 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crossword No 30641

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15th June 2024

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

It was X-Type’s turn to provide our Saturday cruciverbal entertainment

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1a           Dreadful description of a snowman? (10)
ABOMINABLE – a synonym for dreadful often applied to a mythical snowman

6a           Southern sweet potato (4)
SPUD – S (Southern) PUD (pudding, sweet)

9a           The French girl is above board (5)
LEGAL – LE (French definite article) GAL (girl)

10a         Rubbish spilt on me – idiot! (9)
SIMPLETON – An anagram (rubbish) of SPILT ON ME

12a         Almost entirely missing: amount I prepared as defensive measures? (13)
IMMUNISATIONS – An anagram (prepared) of almost all of MISSINg and AMOUNT

14a         Instrument is first of equipment to sort out (8)
ORGANISE – ORGAN IS (from the clue) E (the first letter of Equipment

15a         This could create repetition, concerning part of speech (6)
REVERB – RE (concerning, on the subject of) VERB (part of speech)

17a         Checks back street one metre initially in length (6)
LIMITS – A reversal (back) of ST (street) I (Roman numeral for one) M (metre) I (the first letter of In) L (length)

19a         She’s very domestic and organised: has a fur uniform! (8)
HAUSFRAU – An anagram (organised) of HAS A FUR followed by U (Uniform in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

21a         Go in a Lada and turn wildly, showing such force (8,5)
NATIONAL GUARD – An anagram (wildly) of GO IN A LADA and TURN

24a         Bus maybe providing delight? (9)
TRANSPORT – A bus maybe or delight or strong emotion

25a         Throw out some contents of the Victory? (5)
EVICT – Hidden in some contents of thE VICTory

26a         Creature returns to get plant (4)
REED – A reversal (returns) of DEER (creature)

27a         Beat idol? (5-5)
HEART-THROB – Without the hyphen, this would describe the beat (throb) of a heart


1d           Skilled actor Idris on the rise? (4)
ABLE – A reversal (on the rise) of the surname of the actor IDRIS ELBA

2d           Working with the condition of a racecourse is continuous (7)
ONGOING – ON (working) GOING (the condition of a racecourse)

3d           Colourful parts of manuscriptssome are found in Blackpool (13)
ILLUMINATIONS – Colourful parts of old manuscripts, or the light display in Blackpool

4d           One who burns or stains all over the place (8)
ARSONIST – An anagram (all over the place) of OR STAINS

5d           Type of lettuce to have when wool-gathering? (5)
LAMBS – This type of lettuce is cryptically described by the rest of the clue

7d           Vessel, reportedly complete, in cave (7)
POTHOLE – POT (vessel) and a homophone (reportedly) of WHOLE (complete)

8d           Cook hailed buns and cheese (6,4)
DANISH BLUE – An anagram (cooked) of HAILED BUNS

11d         Legal document involved part settlement (though not married) (7,6)
LETTERS PATENT – An anagram (involved) of PART SETTLEmENT without (not) the abbreviation for Married

13d         Insect maybe, with head in a peak? (10)
POLLINATOR – POLL (head) IN A (from the clue) TOR (peak)

16d         Criminal, Joker, catching Batman at last (8)
GANGSTER – GAGSTER (joker) ‘catching’ the last letter of batmaN

18d         Encountered Mr Solo, perhaps, on ecstasy – what a gas! (7)
METHANE – MET (encountered) HAN (Mr Solo in Star Wars) E (Ecstasy)

20d         More impolite about late princess, becoming more red-faced? (7)
RUDDIER – RUDER (more impolite) ‘about’ DI (the late Princess of Wales)

22d         A way in, you could say, for love? (5)
ADORE – A (from the clue) and a homophone (you could say) of DOOR (way in)

23d         Mammals climbing? That makes you guess (4)
STAB – A reversal (climbing) of BATS (mammals)


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