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Sunday Toughie 84 (Review)

Sunday Toughie No 84 by proXimal

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 3rd of September 2023



Removed decoration from grasping male that’s not indulged (10)
UNPAMPERED; Walls that have their decorative surface removed could be said to be UN-PAPERED, around M for male to be the not indulged chap that isnt wearing a brand of disposable nappy
Baby Butt Butter - Ivy Nicole Natural Remedies

6a Superior to surgeon could be here (4)
ATOP; Split (2,2) it could be an abbreviation of where a surgeon performs

9a This might hold oil like fish contains (5)
EASEL; A slippery fish loved by crossword setters EEL, contains a conjunction like AS, The solution may hold oil, watercolour or other artistic things

10a Pay back rum, beer is free (9)
REIMBURSE; An anagram (free) of RUM, BEER and IS

12a Manage reversing AI threat in eventful period (7)
EPOCHAL; Reverse a synonym of manage COPE becomes EPOC, and append the Artificial Intelligence that was a threat to the spacemen on a 2001 space odyssey HAL. EPOCHAL a time period eventful enough to mark a new age

13a Likely not ably, English investigate (5)
PROBE; Probably without ably and E for English

15a Strange urge in me to abandon university course (7)
REGIMEN; An anagram of URGE IN ME after U for University is abandoned

16a Cut plastic scrap (7)
SNIPPET; A small cut SNIP, followed by the kind of plastic that many drink bottles are made from P.E.T., an abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate

18a Transport route blocked by a plant (7)
CARAWAY; The transport I am currently without CAR, and a route or path WAY, blocked by A from the clue
How to grow caraway - Sweet Living Magazine

20a One mishandling fine glass with tons rejected (7)
FUMBLER; A stemless glass TUMBLER with T for tons rejected, preceded by F for fine

21a Exposed beams and post (5)
AFTER; A prefix for post. meaning behind or later from the beams that hold your roof up R(AFTER)S, exposed by removing the first and last letter

23a Raises as those wanting elevated positions in the Shard may take (7)
UPLIFTS; What you will need to take to raise you up to the elevated restaurant in the Shard
The View from The Shard - London Attraction -

25a Rich person making rabbit periodicals for Spooner (9)
MONEYBAGS; Spoonerise Hugh Hefner’s periodical to make a rich person,
Behind the Cover: January 1989 – Playboy Clothing ANZ

26a Still partial to finer things (5)
INERT; A lurker (partial to) in FINER Things

27a Stalk game and be quiet (4)
RUSH; Abbreviated Rugby Union and an interjection to be quiet SH combine to be the stalk of a plant RUSH

28a Advance by women in party working for engineer (10)
STEPHENSON; To advance by making a move STEP, the women on a pre-marriage party HENS, and a synonym of working ON give us the engineer who designed STEPHENSON’s Rocket
Stephenson's Rocket | Science Museum Group Collection



1d Second-hand publication from America? (4)
USED; An abbreviated publication that is prized when it is the first published EDITION becomes ED, follows one of our usual Americas US

2d Traveller climbing headland shown in electronic device (9)
PASSENGER; The electronic device that is seen less often these days PAGER, contain the reversal (climbing in a down clue) of a Scottish headland or NESS

3d Low moment stumbling upon second-rate fish pie place (6,7)
MELTON MOWBRAY; The letter that indicates second rate B, and a type of flat bodied fish RAY, follow an anagram (stumbling) of LOW MOMENT
Dickinson & Morris Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 440g – Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe

4d Clay article caught in net (7)
EARTHEN; What you get from net take-home pay EARN, around the definite article THE

5d Upcoming stand with the French food (7)
EDIBLES; A reversal (upcoming) of an archaic Scottish word for stand or wait BIDE becomes EDIB, followed by a three-lettered French the LES

7d Trunk roughly underneath top of tree (5)
TORSO; A two-word phrase for roughly OR SO, under the topmost letter of tree T

8d Official European court located in flawless administrative region (10)
PREFECTURE; Abbreviations of a football official REF, European E, and court CT, go in a synonym of flawless PURE

11d Trying pickle for starters? (7,2,4)
BAPTISM OF FIRE; A nice little cryptic definition of the “pickle” that newbies undergo to start something for the first time

14d One announces coal alternative in introductory overview (10)
PROCLAIMER; An introductory overview or PRIMER, around an anagram (alternative) of COAL

17d Rubbers from EU country, erasers taking ages to rub out (9)
POLISHERS; People from Poland are POLISH, plus erasERS after ages or eras has been erased

19d Told heaviness of sheep as warning (3,4)
YOU WAIT; A homophone (told) of the heaviness of sheep EWE WEIGHT, an informal expression of warning

20d Becomes tearful following bad drink (5,2)
FILLS UP; An abbreviation of following F, a synonym of bad ILL, and a small drink SUP

22d Temperature rising in one’s city (5)
TUNIS; A term for the one’s column of figures UNITS, rising the T for temperature up the order until we get a North African city

24d Name of chap that would be defiant going into resit (4)
STAN; An informal chap’s name when inserted in RESI(STAN)T becomes another word for defiant

That’s all Folks…