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DT 30143 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30143

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 12th November 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment *** 

I found this Saturday Prize Puzzle a bit trickier than I’d expected and assumed, wrongly, that it must be the work of X-Type. I don’t think I’ve never known a Chalicea crossword to be this [relatively] difficult.

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1a    Fix cost of entertaining northern nobleman (6)
PRINCE – PRICE (fix cost of) ‘entertaining’ N (northern)

4a    Work quietly applied to hospital department for one’s rival (8)
OPPONENT – OP (work) P (musical instruction to play quietly) ON (applied to) ENT (Hospital’s Ear Nose and Throat Department

9a    Eccentric aunt and mum mostly showing period of maturity (6)
AUTUMN – An anagram (eccentric) of AUNT and most of MUm

10a    Make a fuss about old city animal (8)
CREATURE – CREATE (make a fuss) goes about the Old Testament city of UR

11a    Shape nearly everything according to established style (6)
FORMAL – FORM (shape) and nearly all of ALl

12a    Strange offence; forced labour camp not good answer ultimately (8)
SINGULAR – SIN (offence) GULAg (forced labour camp without the G for good) and the ultimate letter of answer

14a    Orangeries running wild, to sort out again (10)
REORGANISE – An anagram (running wild) of ORANGERIES

18a    Political party rhetoric in this workroom (10)
LABORATORY – LAB (political party) ORATORY (rhetoric)

22a    Main network found in roof space (8)
ATLANTIC – LAN (computer network) in ATTIC

23a    Gun plot is flawed (6)
PISTOL – An anagram (flawed) of PLOT IS

24a    Particular southern sports clubs regularly reversed coin flip (8)
SPECIFIC – S (southern) PE (sports) C (clubs) and the regular letters of CoIn FlIp reversed

25a    Take in brothers briefly returning after degree setback (6)
ABSORB – BROS (abbreviated, briefly, brothers) reversed (returning) after a reversal (setback) of BA (Bachelor of Arts degree)

26a    Guide essentially ineptly separating female and male on road (8)
SHEPHERD – The essential letters of inePtly ‘separating’ SHE (female) and HE (male) on RD (road)

27a    Harsh to lop off earl’s head (6)
SEVERE – SEVER (lop off) and E (the head of Earl)


1d    Philosopher with room to embrace fine policy (8)
PLATFORM – PLATO (philosopher) with RM (room) to ’embrace’ F (fine)

2d    Spiritual
home (8)
INTERIOR – I had to check the BRB definitions to make sure that I was right about spiritual referring to being related to either devoted to spiritual life or to do with home

3d    Pacing, troubled about a mass crusade (8)
CAMPAIGN – An anagram (troubled) of PACING goes ‘about’ A (from the clue) and M (mass)

5d    Authorisation for a significant assignment (10)
PERMISSION – PER (for) MISSION (significant assignment)

6d    Love to classify fruit (6)
ORANGE – O (love) RANGE (classify)

7d    Start of easy question and answer on oddly lost matches (6)
EQUALS – The ‘start’ of Easy, QU (question) A (answer) on (in a Down solution) the odd letters of LoSt

8d    Definite article or beginning of yet unproven supposition (6)
THEORY – THE (definite article) OR (from the clue) and the beginning of Yet

13d    Foreign female gripped by a friend from Paris, a storyteller (10)
UNFAMILIAR – F (female) inserted between (gripped by) UN (French indefinite article) AMI (French friend) and a LIAR (storyteller)

15d    Feasible involving annual return that may change (8)
VARIABLE – VIABLE (feasible) ‘involving’ A R (Annual Return)

16d    Left gap for window (8)
PORTHOLE – PORT (left) HOLE (gap)

17d    One has one of them, and seven two (8)
SYLABBLE – The clue explains it all

19d    Subjects of inquiry involving university political movements (6)
CAUSES – CASES (subjects of inquiry) ‘involving’ U (university)

20d    In discussion, quote some local legends (6)
ALLEGE – Hidden in locAL LEGEnds

21d    Improve quality of frolicking disheartened children (6)
ENRICH – An anagram (frolicking) of CHIldREN without the middle letters (disheartened)

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  1. hi Sue, Thanks for your summary. I’m Still learning how to do cryptics and would like to know why the letters EP are called ESSENTIAL in 26across

    1. Apologies, someone did point out when I did the hints for this crossword that only the P was the ‘essential’ or middle letter that was required for the solution. I drafted the review at the same time as the hints and obviously didn’t check that I’d put the correct letter in my explanation

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