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ST 3184 (full review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3184

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 30th October 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

A nice straightforward Sunday Prize Puzzle with quite a lot of anagrams

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1a    Mark, comedian, probable loser? (11)
SCRATCHCARD – SCRATCH (mark) CARD (comedian)

9a    Result of stepping into boiling water in haste (7)
HOTFOOT – Split 3,4 this would indicate the result of stepping into boiling water

10a    Prove where cricket fan might be found? (6)
ATTEST – As cryptic crossword solvers know, as they will have solved similar clues multiple times, a cricket fan may be found AT [the] TEST

12a    Sea change, as fish enters drink (5-2)
SHAKE-UP – HAKE (fish) ‘enters’ SUP (drink)

13a    Lot more shaky — this sound? (7)
TREMOLO – An anagram (shaky) of LOT MORE

14a    Minimum energy put in at the end (5)
LEAST – E (energy) put in LAST (at the end)

15a    Nothing in paste’s OK when spread, as it were (2,2,5)
SO TO SPEAK – An anagram (when spread) of PASTE OK into which is inserted O (nothing)

17a    Comedy hit gets criticism (9)
SLAPSTICK – SLAP (hit) STICK (criticism)

20a    Make minimal effort while in bed (5)
COAST – AS (while) inserted into COT (bed)

22a    Better off with freedom of movement (7)
OUTPLAY – OUT (off) PLAY (freedom of movement)

24a    Sneeze: and what I need for it when heard? (7)
ATISHOO – A homophone (when heard) of TISSUE (something you need when you’ve sneezed)

25a    People, terrific threat (6)
MENACE – MEN (people) ACE (terrific)

26a    Yours truly is no longer popular, there’s no escaping it (7)
IMPASSE – IM (yours truly is) PASSE (no longer popular)

27a    Country music player in Terence animated old show (3,3,5)
TOM AND JERRY – OMAN (country) and DJ (music player) inserted into TERRY (Terence)


2d    Refurbishment of loos etc, most sophisticated (7)
COOLEST – An anagram (refurbishment) of LOOS ETC

3d    More than one starter in tapas cooked with it (9)
ANTIPASTI – An anagram (cooked) of IN TAPAS with IT

4d    Design boats (5)
CRAFT – Double definition

5d    Old ships, clippers (7)
CUTTERS – Double definition

6d    Recover or collapse, finally, after period of relaxation (7)
RESTORE – OR (from the clue) and E (the final letter of collapse) go after REST (period of relaxation)

7d    Brief during political campaign the pits, slow unfortunately (7-4)
WHISTLE-STOP – An electioneering speech made during a brief stop (originally at a railway station) is obtained from an anagram (unfortunately) of THE PITS SLOW

8d    Seams, as broken by cutting upward (6)
STRATA – A reversal (upward) of AS (from the clue) into which is inserted (broken by) TART (cutting)

11d    A little regular cash kept economy moving (6,5)
POCKET MONEY – An anagram (moving) of KEPT ECONOMY

16d    Get out and go on long walk (4,1,4)
TAKE A HIKE – A US informal expression meaning to go away sounds like a way of saying go on long walk

18d    Style in embroidery of red coat (3,4)
ART DECO – An anagram (embroidery) of RED COAT

19d    Sovereign for fruit? (7)
SULTANA – A sultan’s wife, sister or daughter; a type of dried fruit

20d    Cheerful person carving block? (7)
CHIPPER – one of my father’s favourite words to use when he was feeling cheerful could also describe someone carving a block

21d    Shocking gash in skin of adult, horrified (6)
AGHAST – An anagram (shocking) of GASH inserted into the ‘skin’ or outside letters of AdulT

23d    Give in all that’s harvested (5)
YIELD – Double definition


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