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DT 30096

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30096

Hints and tips by pommers

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Hola from the Vega Baja on a rather sad day. The UK may be at a standstill but the crossword must go on and this one is a pretty good tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and I think 7d and 9d might count as a Nina. Maybe I’m having an off day but it seemed a tad trickier than normal so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

As usual the ones I liked most are in blue.  The definitions are underlined in the clues and the answers are under the “click here” buttons so don’t click on them unless you really want to see the answer.  Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.


1a           Former leading lady? (9,2)
ELIZABETH II:  Cryptic definition of the leading lady whose state funeral is today.

7a           Reportedly studied cherished animal in forest (3,4)
RED DEER: A sounds like clue (reportedly).  The first word sounds like one meaning studied at university and the second word sounds like one meaning cherished.

8a           Stay around after clamour, it’s said, for royal family (7)
DYNASTY: Start with three letters which aren’t a word but when pronounced sound like (it’s said) a word for clamour or loud noise. After that you need an anagram (around) of STAY.

10a         One’s great at spelling (8)
SORCERER:  Cryptic definition of someone good at casting spells.

11a         Foreign Office? (6)
BUREAU:  Another cryptic definition.  This time it’s the French (foreign) word for office.

13a         Feeling of nationwide anguish (4)
IDEA:  A lurker hiding in (of) the last two words of the clue.

14a         Note brief tribute with sign of hesitation (10)
MEMORANDUM: A word which can mean tribute or recollection without its last letter (brief) followed by a word meaning with and then one of the usual signs of hesitation.

16a         For exam, American books believer (10)
PROTESTANT:  Three letters meaning for or in favour of followed by an exam, A(merican) and then some books of the bible.

18a         Experienced start of journey, sacred journey (4)
HADJ:  A word meaning experienced or underwent followed by a J (start of Journey).

21a         Creator‘s part is taxing to some extent (6)
ARTIST:  Another lurker. This time it’s hiding in (to some extent) part is taxing.

22a         Once again searches for prayers? (8)
REQUESTS: You need a word meaning searches and put RE in front of it so it looks like you are searching again.

24a         Prudence shown by business splashing money around (7)
ECONOMY:  Start with the usual two letters for a business and around it put an anagram (splashing) of MONEY.

25a         Cross, if taken inside to give evidence (7)
TESTIFY:  Start with a word meaning cross or irritable and insert (taken inside) the IF from the clue.

26a         Family, regal, travelling to embrace companion and son as new leading man (4,7)
KING CHARLES: Start with the usual three letter word for family and then an anagram (travelling) of REGAL.  Put that lot around (to embrace) the two letters for Companion of Honour and finally add an S(on) to get our new monarch.


1d           Confirm result with Burmese, perhaps, losing head (7)
ENDORSE: A word for a result followed by what the Queen’s Burmese was an example of but without his first letter (losing head).  I spent far too long thinking Burmese perhaps was a cat, d’oh!

2d           Reserve side cut short refresher? (3,3)
ICE TEA:  A word for reserve followed by a side without its last letter (cut short).

3d           Pieces in article welcome singular treaties (10)
AGREEMENTS: Start with A (article) and a word meaning to welcome or say hello. Insert (in) a word for some chess pieces and finally add an S(ingular).

4d           Boy in a whirl (4)
EDDY: This boy’s name is also a whirl, in some water perhaps.

5d           Our hands reshaped country (8)
HONDURAS:  Anagram (reshaped) of OUR HANDS.

6d           Rather upset, sit with dean (7)
INSTEAD:  Anagram (upset) of SIT with DEAN.

7d           Extraordinary respect in a people’s final farewell words (4,2,5)
REST IN PEACE: Anagram (extraordinary) of RESPECT IN A followed by an E (peoplE’s final).

9d           Royal address? (4,7)
YOUR MAJESTY:  Nothing to do with where a Royal lives. It’s the form of address for either 1a or 26a.

12d         Petitions about a floral decoration (10)
POINSETTIA:  Anagram (about) of PETITIONS followed by the A from the clue.

15d         Stirring part of a service (8)
TEASPOON:  Cryptic definition of the part of a service you would use to stir something.

17d         View of love until now regularly getting approval (7)
OUTLOOK:  O (love) followed by the alternate letters (regularly) from UnTiL nOw and the two letters meaning approval or all right.

19d         Like describing issue possibly for Victorians? (7)
AUSSIES: These are Victorians because they come from the state of Victoria.  They are a word meaning like placed around (describing) an anagram (possibly) of ISSUE.   

20d         Shellfish turned up whole — advertise briefly (6)
MUSSEL:  A word for whole or all of reversed (turned up in a down clue) followed by a word for to advertise or market without its last letter.

23d         Come together regularly, say, in act (4)
SYNC:  Alternate letters (regularly) from the last three words.

My favourites today are 7d and 9d followed by 1d.

Quick crossword pun:

LATE     +     ARREST     =     LAY TO REST

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  1. Probably not a Campbell but a most enjoyable solve and, perhaps incorrectly, I could not help thinking that the DT Puzzles Office had its own ‘Operation London Bridge’ and has had this ‘in the works’ for quite a while just having to make sure everything was in order after the announcement of HM’s passing. For example, there would have been a hasty update to 26a if the King had chosen a different regnal name.

    Non-thematic favourites – 16a, 15d, and 19d.

    Thanks to the Puzzles Office and to pommers.

  2. A suitably themed puzzle that ticked the boxes. Senf’s 3 picks the ones that made it onto my podium too.
    Thanks to CL & Pommers

  3. Well that was definition of a royal send-off. I am not referring to the crossword.
    Lovely crossword. The 4 framing words sent a beautiful message.
    Thanks to CL and pommers.

  4. Lovely touch by The Telegraph and Mr Ed in particular.
    Favourites 25a plus15&19d but the four perimeter clues read clockwise from 7a were a very fitting Nina
    Many thanks to CL and to Pommers

  5. A fitting puzzle today, well done DT, CL and thank you Pommers.
    18a, 15 & 19d my favourites. I stared at 15d for far too long before the EIIR penny dropped.

  6. A most moving service this morning, beautifully done–very emotional for me. On to Windsor now. (It’s 09.50 in S Carolina–14.50 in the UK.)

    And a lovely tribute by Mr Lancaster. Apart from the poignantly topical clues, 15d, 19d, and 16a are my top choices. Thanks to pommers and to CL. ** / *****

  7. Very appropriately contrived by Mr Ed – what a sad day it’s been but my goodness don’t we do pomp and ceremony well in the UK.
    Top three for me were 24&25a plus 15d.

    Many thanks to CL and also to pommers for the review.

  8. Set at just the right level, an excellent tribute to Her Majesty. Im late today, due to family visitors but I enjoyed the puzzle with its themed approach, which I finished earlier today. I thught 15d was beautifully misleading and 16a together wirh 8a were good lego clues. Thanks to Pommers for the hints avnd to CL for a most appropriate puzzle

  9. Nice crossword to follow a most beautiful and memorable Funeral Service. **/**** Favourites 15 & 18d Thanks to Pommers and to Chris Lancaster

  10. Neatly constructed and appropriate clueing for this day.
    Last in 14a and 15d.
    Latter took an age because I became fixated on a church service.
    Many thanks CL and pommers.

  11. Thanks to CL for an appropriate puzzle for this sad day.

    Favourites have to be 7d, 9d & 1a

    Thanks to CL and pommers

  12. Well done and congratulations to Chris Lancaster for a perfectly judged puzzle to suit the overwhelming mood of the country. Away from the obvious tribute clues, I need look no further for a favourite than the wonderful 15d. Great stuff.

    My thanks to pommers for the review.

  13. A dnf thanks to 18a and 12d, both new words for me.

    But who cares with such a wonderful and fitting crossword on such a moving day.

    Thanks to all.

  14. Everything and everyone all appropriately judged with perfectly on such a day.
    The two very young children, George and Charlotte, were extraordInarily well behaved even after a long and emotional day – amazing.
    Thanks very much to all, as always.

  15. Thanks to Chris Lancaster and to Pommers for the review and hints. A very nice puzzle, great tribute in the Nina. I needed the hints for 22a and 19d. Favourite was 10a. Was 3* / 3* for me.

  16. Late on parade today as like most, I suspect, I have been glued to the TV today. A memorable day with a mixture of sadness and wonder at the magnificent pageantry that we are so good at in this country.
    A great tribute puzzle which brought many a much-needed smile. 15d was brilliant.
    Thanks to our esteemed editor and Pommers.

  17. A fitting tribute on a day with a fitting farewell to our much loved Queen.

    15d was my favourite.

    Well done and thank you to CL and to pommers.

  18. What a great crossword on such a poignant day. Many thanks to Chris Lancaster and Pommers. Late to comment but like many others I have been watching the events of the day almost non-stop. No other country can surpass us when it comes to ceremonial events requiring such precision and dignity. May her Majesty now rest in peace and God Save the King.

  19. Couldn’t even get off the ground last night but this morning it all fell gently into place ending in SE. My podium comprises a combination of 1a, 2a and 26a. Congratulations CL on a timely and enjoyable exercise and pommers for being there for us.

  20. Too busy yesterday on what was an emotional but spectacular occasion. Did not finish due to 2 and 19d. Had the latter but didn’t parse. Stupid of me. 2d the first word gad to be but I don’t associate it with reserve. Again thought if the second but discarded because of the repetition and because I put a d on the first one. Favourites 1 and 15d and 16 and 25a.
    Thanks CL and Pommers. I guess the former was ready but did not suffer from premature exhibition like Huw Edwards who should now be in the Tower.

  21. I wondered beforehand if CL would be the setter of this, as he did a magnificent puzzle for the funeral of Prince Philip. I felt I was honouring Her Majesty just by solving this (not unaided I hasten to add). Very many thanks to CL for this excellent tribute and very well done to pommers

    7d 9d to 1a

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