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ST 3160

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3160

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15th May 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A slightly trickier Dada which, for a while seemed like it was aiming to be a pangram, looking for which helped to solve a couple of the more difficult pieces of wordplay

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7a    Member of religious body gentleman put down (8)
CHAPLAIN – CHAP (gentleman) LAIN (put down)

9a    Wicked not having cavities, did you say? (6)
UNHOLY – A homophone (did you say?) of UNHOLEY (not having cavities)

10a    Wheel bites when rotated (4)
SPIN – A reversal (when rotated) of NIPS (bites)

11a    Take cut: receipt doctored, paper printed out (6,4)
TICKER TAPE – An anagram (doctored) of TAKE CUT RECEIPT produces paper ribbon used by a telegraph instrument that prints signals on a tape

12a    Couple of beers for French trip (6)
CANCAN – This French trip being a dance – a couple of beers would be two CANs

14a    Rogue gets near officer (8)
SERGEANT – An anagram (rogue) of GETS NEAR

15a    Musical party style (6)
HAIRDO – HAIR (musical) DO (party)

17a    Commercial break some way off (6)
ADRIFT – AD (commercial) RIFT (break)

20a    Support mates after revolution, encouraging strike (8)
BACKSLAP – BACK (support) and a reversal (after revolution) of PALS (mates)

22a    Dance identified, one’s pieced together (6)
JIGSAW – JIG (dance) SAW (identified)

23a    Discriminating fact (10)
PARTICULAR – Double definition

24a    Children’s author had tea with Orwell, finally (4)
DAHL – The final letters of haD teA witH OrwelL

25a    Shopping centre inspiring Australian maestro (6)
MOZART – MART (shopping centre) ‘inspiring’ OZ (Australian)

26a    Dull, remaining actors (8)
OVERCAST – OVER (remaining) CAST (actors)


1d    Injury caused by birch tree catching lumberjack’s head (8)
WHIPLASH – WHIP (birch in the sense of punish) and ASH (tree) ‘catching’ the head of Lumberjack

2d    Cover small cooking vessel (4)
SPAN – S (small) PAN (cooking vessel)

3d    Something black and brown — that’s checked (6)
TARTAN – TAR (something black) TAN (brown)

4d    Unmixed, last of ginger beer stirred into dessert (4-4)
PURE-BRED – The last letter of gingeR and an anagram (stirred) of BEER inserted into PUD (dessert)

5d    Terrible milliner: give voice about that (10)
SHATTERING – SING (give voice) goes ‘about’ HATTER (milliner)

6d    Shoe: edge held by boy (4-2)
SLIP-ON – LIP (edge) ‘held’ by SON (boy)

8d    Dry rolls glazed with egg, superlatively enjoyable (6)
NICEST – SEC (dry) ‘rolls’ or reverses inside (glazed with) NIT (egg)

13d    One’s lifted when facing two animals (7,3)
CRICKET BAT – The two animals combine to give something lifted when facing the bowling

16d    Fine lace tied in knots (8)
DELICATE – An anagram (in knots) of LACE TIED

18d    Trains on time, household items transported in one? (3,5)
TEA CHEST – TEACHES (trains) T (time)

19d    A vote beginning to offend God (6)
APOLLO – A (from the clue) POLL (vote) and the ‘beginning’ to Offend

21d    Well-built woman, great South American runner? (6)
AMAZON – Well-built woman or a great South American river (runner)

22d    Top lower (6)
JERSEY – A jumper (top) or a type of cow (lower)

24d    Rollers died on the rocks (4)
DICE – D (died) ICE (the rocks)


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