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EV 1516 (Hints)

Enigmatic Variations 1516 (Hints)

Fear by Chalicea

Hints and tips by The Numpties

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Chalicea’s crosswords appear in a range of outlets: this will be her 45th EV and solvers will remember her Asian One in the ladies’ month. After last week’s challenge they can be sure of a gentler solve this week.

Preamble:  The slightly adapted statement at 1a, 42, six words expressing the speaker’s FEAR, was made at the time of an event at 23 (all unclued) in a film. An extra letter is produced by the wordplay of every down clue in addition to those required for the answers. These, in clue order, give an instruction regarding 27 cells. Chambers Dictionary (2016) and the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations are recommended.

Nothing too puzzling there. We are prompted that we have a statement that expresses fear made by someone in a film whose location will appear as an unclued light in the grid. As the ODQ is recommmended, this will probably be a famous film line. As almost three of the across rows are unclued, we can expect relatively straightforward clues enabling us to discover the content of those. We can already guess roughly what we will be instructed to do by extra wordplay letters (in down clues only, we note) and the ’27’ letter count will give us a final check.


16a          East London wife with good old substitute for costly decorative leaf (9, two words)
A word used in one of the ‘East Londons’ (British or African) for a wife is used here as the first of the two words. The second is constructed from the wordplay. You may need Chambers to confirm the definition.

19a         To write, journalist worked with heavy end of hammerhead (5)
The defined word is fairly obscure but the wordplay elements spell it out.

20a         Bust of the lady’s mother (5)
As in the above clue, the wordplay spells an unusual word.

37a         Support rejected by hospital essentially analysing unlimited trial for metabolic disorder (9)
The Numpties tend to complain about clues that are additions of lots of ‘mini cluelets’. Here four wordplay elements, all of them relatively direct and simple, are added together to give a word you may need to confirm in Chambers.


1d            Samples including foremost of the old-fashioned angling flies (8)
We need to remember that an extra letter will be included in the wordplay of all the remaining clues. Obviously this is a clue to tackle when we have some letters in place. It leads to another obscure word.

18d         Capital of Western Samoa’s plant yielding arrowroot (3)
Unless your general knowledge is unusually good, you might need the Internet to solve this one – we have to remove one (extra) letter from the name of the capital to produce the plant.

19d          Mozambique seaport’s armadillo (4)
Mrs Bradford has sadly just died but her Crossword Solver’s Dictionary will live on and will provide the word needed here.

25d         Liberal Italian leader at heart spurning animal fodder (6)
Three wordplay elements include an obvious abbreviation, a word for the Italian leader that is possibly over-used by crossword setters, and an additional pair of letters.

32d         Springs up to divine in Callanish (4)
The rather odd surface reading prompts us that the solution is a Scottish word (of course ‘Divine’ can be a noun or a verb). We are prompted to reverse a word that says ‘springs’ (yes, that, too can be a noun or a verb).

34d         Man caught in extremes of surging anthrax (4)
Simple wordplay gives the extra letter and another unusual term that Mrs Bradford included in her dictionary.

36d         An oddly missing nomadic wild ox in Indonesia (4)
The comment on the above clue applies here. Setters are fond of these obscure words for antelopes, oxen, and so-on, probably because they use difficult vowels in unusual combinations.

The penny-drop moment will probably have appeared fairly quickly, either when the location became clear, or that familiar film line appeared. Remember to do as instructed ‘regarding 27 cells’.

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5 comments on “EV 1516 (Hints)

  1. Thanks as always to Chalicea who reliably offers us quality puzzles that offer a respite from the more tortuous ones (that also have their place). I needed Wikipedia to complete the endgame but the main solve can mostly be done without the dictionary.

  2. A welcome respite for those of us with other things to do on weekends! Many thanks Chalicea for demonstrating that an interesting and timely puzzle need not be too challenging.

  3. Thanks to Chalicea for an entertaining puzzle. Once the location revealed itself at 23a the endgame fell nicely into place with the help of wiki. It was towards the easier end of the EV spectrum but this didn’t detract in any way from the enjoyment.

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