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ST 2962

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2962

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th July 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Lovely surface readings, clues that are tricky to solve but easy for a blogger to explain – it must be Sunday

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1a    Held by police, promise to settle score in full (7)
COPIOUS – IOU (promise to settle score) held by COPS (police)

5a    Expressing what may fail to produce high score on course? (7)
PUTTING – Putting into words (expressing) or playing on a putting green where to avoid producing a high score you need to take as many putts as possible

9a    Classes struggle to show this theory in practice (7)
MARXISM – A method of viewing class relations and social conflict

10a    Obscure East European securing film parts (7)
ECLIPSE – EE (East European) ‘securing’ CLIPS (parts of a film)

11a    Gross and outlandish style in serious fashion (9)
EARNESTLY – EARN (gross) and an anagram (outlandish) of STYLE

12a    Good bar is thing much sought after (5)
GRAIL – G (good) RAIL (bar)

13a    Land in Africa before taking my trip East, ultimately (5)
EGYPT – The ‘ultimate’ letters of beforE takinG mY triP EasT

15a    Guy that’s made tipsy by an island drink (9)
MANHATTAN – MAN (guy), an anagram (tipsy) of THAT and AN (from the clue) give us both an island borough in New York city and a drink made with whiskey, vermouth and bitters, one of five cocktails named after a New York borough

17a    State in North or West is opposed to wickedness (9)
WISCONSIN – W (west) is (from the clue) CON (opposed to) SIN (wickedness)

19a    Expedition in which a stegosaurus is found (5)
HASTE – Found lurking in whicH A STEgosaurus

22a    In anger, taking king to front, where shooting happens (5)
RANGE – Move the R (king) at the end of ANGER to the front of the word

23a    Shoot ringleader in gang, troublemaker (9)
FIREBRAND – FIRE (shoot) plus R (the leader of ring) in BAND (gang)

25a    Person who flies from Canada via Toronto (7)
AVIATOR – Lurking in CanadA VIA TORonto

26a    Man that’s chosen the ring that could be her gift (7)
FIGHTER – An anagram (could be) of HER GIFT

27a    Something proved at that point about zero mass (7)
THEOREM – THERE (at that point) goes about O (zero) and then M (mass) is added at the end

28a    Hear about princess that produces kid, say (7)
TANNERY – TRY (hear) goes about [Princess] ANNE


1d    Appear to have nobbled favourite in attempt to win (7)
COMPETE – COME (appear) to have ‘nobbled’ or taken in PET (favourite)

2d    Describe fish seen below one side of ship (7)
PORTRAY – RAY (fish) seen below PORT (one side of ship)

3d    Love, as it happens, for girl that’s kind of green (5)
OLIVE – O (love) LIVE (as it happens)

4d    Admiring remark about runner’s feats, on occasion (9)
SOMETIMES – Split the solution 4, 5 and you could be admiring the feats of an athlete

5d    Devoutness shown in compassion about drug (5)
PIETY – PITY (compassion) goes about E (ecstasy, drug)

6d    Signal location for crosswords (9)
TELEGRAPH – Another double definition

7d    Embed minute drawing of building in it (7)
IMPLANT – M (minute) PLAN (drawing of building) inserted in IT (from the clue)

8d    Girl getting entangled with men is mischief-maker (7)
GREMLIN – An anagram (getting entangled) of GIRL with MEN

14d    Small vehicle we treat so badly (3-6)
TWO-SEATER – An anagram (badly) of WE TREAT SO

16d    Amateur in good shape as mercenary? Just the opposite (3-6)
NON-PROFIT – NON-PRO (amateur) FIT (in good shape)

17d    Justify tirade following conflict (7)
WARRANT – RANT (tirade) following WAR (conflict)

18d    First light paper, then stand up (7)
SUNRISE – SUN (paper) RISE (stand up)

20d    Make one’s home outside a city in US (7)
SEATTLE – SETTLE (make one’s home) goes outside A (from the clue)

21d    Over the hill, yet initially below tree line (7)
ELDERLY – Y (yet ‘initially’) goes below ELDER (tree) and L (line)

23d    Place for discussing record you heard inside (5)
FORUM – FORM (a slang synonym for record) with U (a homophone (heard) of you) inside

24d    Front of bow, say, in launch (5)
BEGIN – B (the front or first letter of Bow) EG (say) IN (from the clue)