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DT 29832

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29832

A full review by crypticsue

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This crossword was published on 13th November 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A straightforward Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Fish photographer (7)
SNAPPER – A type of fish or a slang term for a photographer

5a    Failure to put fastener on the ceiling? (5-2)
SCREW-UP – SCREW (fastener) UP (on the ceiling)

9a    Tramp wandering around old, old bar (7)
TAPROOM – An anagram (wandering) of TRAMP goes around two lots of the abbreviation for Old

10a    Top bowler (7)
SPINNER – Something that spins or a type of bowler in cricket

11a    Tailors are, not entirely surprisingly, relating to clothes (9)
SARTORIAL – An anagram (surprisingly) of TAILORS ARe (not entirely telling you omit the E)

12a    Puppy beginning to walk requiring assistance (5)
WHELP – The ‘beginning’ to Walk and HELP (assistance)

13a    Many years on in heaven, looking back (5)
YONKS – I haven’t heard anyone use this word to mean ages for literally YONKS – ON (from the clue) inserted into a reversal (looking back) of SKY (heaven)

15a    Coffee cup missed, tea brewed (9)
DEMITASSE – An anagram (brewed) of MISSED TEA

17a    Item that presses switch as on timer (5,4)
STEAM IRON – An anagram (switch) of AS ON TIMER

19a    Conservative prerogative (5)
RIGHT – Double definition

22a    Nothing seen in cutting pack of cards (5)
TAROT – O (nothing) inserted into TART (cutting)

23a    Hurry to get water for plant (9)
SPEEDWELL – SPEED (hurry) WELL (water)

25a    Crack in huge inn repaired (7)
UNHINGE – An anagram (repaired) of HUGE INN

26a    Loss of power consuming leader in Rome, a shocker (7)
OUTRAGE – OUTAGE (loss of power) ‘consuming’ the ‘leader’ in Rome

27a    Pardon me, nasty drunk! (7)
AMNESTY – An anagram (drunk) of ME NASTY

28a    Suffering evident in unit, or men triumphant? (7)
TORMENT – Hidden (evident) in uniT OR MEN Triumphant


1d    Day is fairly empty for meet (7)
SATISFY – SAT (day) IS (from the clue) and the outside (empty) letters of FairlY

2d    Ambitious taking foot off? Painkiller required (7)
ASPIRIN – Remove the foot or final letter of ASPIRINg

3d    Advertisement for doctor (5)
PROMO – PRO (for) MO (Medical Officer, doctor)

4d    Memo about a surplus (9)
REMAINDER – REMINDER (memo) about A (from the clue)

5d    Inside shorts is a lengthy fibre (5)
SISAL – Hidden inside shortS IS A Lengthy

6d    Unstable rate, I warn, drops (9)
RAINWATER – An anagram (unstable) of RATE I WARN

7d    Lacking success, wife out more, presumably? (7)
WINLESS – W (wife) IN LESS (which you would presumably be if you were out more)

8d    A meaty fib? (4,3)
PORK PIE – Cockney rhyming slang for a lie

14d    Periods set up, one’s intervals (9)
SEMITONES – A reversal (set up) of TIMES (periods) followed by ONES (from the clue)

16d    Vegetable piece split (9)
MANGETOUT – MAN (chess piece) GET OUT (split)

17d    Orange pottery (7)
SATSUMA – Double definition

18d    Make round article made of clay (7)
EARTHEN – EARN (make) goes round THE (definite article)

20d    Explosive category including topless men (7)
GRENADE – GRADE (category) ‘including’ EN (men without the first letter (topless)

21d    Everyone in trial, most lofty (7)
TALLEST – ALL (everyone) in TEST (trial)

23d    Unsavoury — like an apple core? (5)
SEEDY – Unsavoury or abounding with seed, like an apple core perhaps

24d    Stop ruminants stealing last of breakfast (5)
DETER – DEER (ruminants) ‘stealing’ the last letter of breakfasT


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  1. Thank you for this. It is so useful for beginners to have an explanation as that is how we all learn.

    Sadly, today’s (Saturday) iPad version of the paper doesn’t include the prize (cryptic) crossword. Maybe this will be resolved when I get up tomorrow. Not impressed at the moment!

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