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Site Outage

Update 11th Jun 2021

I have managed to post Miffypops review of DT 29698, due yesterday, and will endeavour to add Rahmat’s DT 29694 [✓] and my review of Toughie 2660 [✓] later today.  All other reviews have been posted

This site was down for most of yesterday (10th June) and was only restored after 3 plugins were deactivated.

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  1. Knowing what’s like to have a popular board go pear-shaped all of a sudden owing to factors outwith one’s control, my sympathies for the frustrations you must have experieced over the last 24 hours, and welcome back!

  2. Pleased to have the site back. I spent yesterday twiddling my thumbs! 😳
    It must have been most frustrating for you, BD.

  3. I was beginning to feel quite lonely. Thanks to BD for making all of the efforts to getting the site back up.

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