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DT 29586

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29586

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 30th January 2021

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This had the feeling of a different setter to ‘usual’ – old friends, lots of anagrams and insertions and a couple of definitions to make you think

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1a    The car of your dreams? (7)
SLEEPER – A cryptic definition of somewhere you’d sleep and perhaps dream while travelling by train

5a    Approachable female appears in a moral tale (7)
AFFABLE – F (female) appears in A FABLE (a moral tale)

9a    Parking arranged at a price for each person (3,6)
PER CAPITA – P (parking) and an anagram (arranged) of AT A PRICE

10a    Leader in congregation cut chat short (5)
RABBI – This week’s old chestnut – cut short RABBIt (chat)

11a    Strained decimal point (7)
INTENSE – IN TENS (decimal) E (compass point)

12a    Plan announced for man on board (7)
DRAUGHT – A homophone (announced) of DRAFT (plan)

13a    Guy Busby-Brown making this cocktail? (9)
MANHATTAN – MAN (guy) HAT (busby) TAN (brown)

16a    Notice being shut in day before escape (5)
EVADE – AD (notice) being ‘shut’ in EVE (day before)

17a    Seconds brought in Waller perhaps doesn’t eat (5)
FASTS – S (seconds) brought in FATS (Waller perhaps)

18a    Corporation accepting revised date after some delay (9)
BELATEDLY – BELLY (corporation) ‘accepting’ an anagram (revised) of DATE

21a    Rat’s head Olivia cooked for food parcels (7)
RAVIOLI – R (the head of Rat) and an anagram (cooked) of OLIVIA

22a    Good to follow advice and shine (7)
GLISTEN – G (good) LISTEN (follow advice)

25a    Social need at regular intervals to get sloshed (5)
OILED – The regular letters of sOcIaL nEeD

26a    SPECTRE to supply such documents as Bond may see? (3,6)
TOP SECRET – An anagram (supply) of SPECTRE TO

27a    Remote southern mortgage company? (7)
SLENDER – S (Southern) LENDER (mortgage company)

28a    Renowned as impotent? (7)
NOTABLE – NOT ABLE (impotent)


1d    Thus PM defends his specious argument (7)
SOPHISM – SO (thus) PM ‘defends’ HIS (from the clue)

2d    Bird with taste for fish, Ruth wants no starter (5)
EGRET – rEGRET (ruth without its starter)

3d    Creature devouring rook and crustacean (5)
PRAWN – PAWN (creature in the sense of an easily manipulated person) ‘devouring’ R (rook)

4d    Clobber river people invading small island (7)
RAIMENT – R (river) MEN (people) ‘invading’ AIT (small island)

5d    Adult with young man dressed at last in rubber? (7)
ALADDIN – A (adult) LAD (young man) D (the last letter of dressed) IN (from the clue)

6d    The last word in unchanging time and space (9)
FIRMAMENT – AMEN (the last word) inserted between FIRM (unchanging) and T (time)

7d    New arrival with £1,000 for instrument (4,5)
BABY GRAND – BABY (new arrival) with GRAND (£1,000)

8d    Message left in eastern skiing area (7)
EPISTLE – L (left) in E (eastern) PISTE (skiing area)

14d    Architect horrible about large country home (9)
NASHVILLE – NASH (architect) VILE (horrible) ‘about’ L (large)

15a    Free cod ends after sailor vanished (9)
ABSCONDED – An anagram (free) of COD ENDS goes after AB (sailor)

17d    Hide debts, making one angry (7)
FURIOUIS – FUR (hide) IOUS (debts)

18d    Maybe second-rate celebrity in bubble? (7)
BLISTER – B LISTER (second-rate celebrity) – another ‘old friend’

19d    Bowling succeeded, breaking two stumps! (3,4)
LEG SPIN – S (succeeded) ‘breaking’ LEG and PIN (two stumps)

20d    Get drunk with zany banker (7)
YANGTZE – An anagram (drunk) of GET with ZANY

23d    Awkward person originally held in one trap (5)
INEPT – P (person originally) ‘held’ in I (one) NET (trap)

24d    Pulse in broth that needs stir (5)
THROB – An anagram (that needs stir) of BROTH