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DT 29256

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29256

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on a bright and breezy morning.

I didn’t find anything to hold me up in today’s puzzle, and I particularly liked the image conjured by the surface of 5d. Thanks to our Friday setter, whoever he or she may be.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ANSWER buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.


1a           Putting in case for physical sport (6)
BOXING – Double definition: the act of putting something into a container; or a sport practised in a ring.

5a           Winding path once leading to monument (8)
CENOTAPH – Anagram (winding) of PATH ONCE.

Image result for CENOTAPH

9a           Carriage of French wine people start to tip (10)
DEPORTMENT – Put together the French word for ‘of’, a fortified wine, a generic word for ‘people’, and the first letter of Tip.

10a         Leave and live having abandoned son (4)
EXIT – Remove an abbreviation for Son from another word for ‘live’, and you get to leave the stage.

11a         Most bubbly girl’s beginner, help to suppress energy (8)
GASSIEST – The first letter (beginner) of Girl, followed by another word for ‘help’ with an abbreviation of Energy inserted into it.

12a         Celebration of life, as a tear regularly gets shed (6)
FIESTA – Alternate letters of oF lIfE aS a TeAr.

13a         Report of Asian city shop (4)
DELI – A homophone of an Indian city is the short form of a sort of food shop.

15a         Flood finished, predatory beast returned (8)
OVERFLOW – Another word for ‘finished’ followed by the reverse ‘overturned’ of the predator who impersonated Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother.

18a         Dog discovered biting bovine hard (8)
FOXHOUND – Put together a bovine draught animal and the abbreviation for Hard, then wrap another word for ‘discovered’ around the result.

Image result for foxhound

19a         Drink in paprika sauce from the East (4)
SAKI – Hidden in reverse (from the East) in the clue.

21a         Domestic animal eats everything — one’s moved by fork-lift (6)
PALLET – A general term for a companion animal wrapped around ‘everything’.

Image result for pallet

23a         A carpet sure to excite enthusiasts (8)
AMATEURS – Put together A (from the clue), a small carpet, and an anagram (to excite) of SURE.

25a         Can finish in any minute (4)
TINY – Another word for a can followed by the final letter of anY.

26a         Night on the town in becoming uniform (7,3)
EVENING OUT – Double definition, the second being a phrase for reducing everything to the same level.

27a         Review fake nails, say (8)
ANALYSIS – Anagram (fake) of NAILS SAY.

28a         Runs off to secure ten contracts (6)
FLEXES – The Roman numeral for ten is inserted into ‘runs off’.


2d           Love great end to Greek series (5)
OMEGA – The letter which looks like a love score at tennis followed by a Greek prefix meaning ‘great’ or ‘very large’, giving us the final letter of the series of letters which is the Greek alphabet.

3d           This minor criminal is forger (9)
IRONSMITH – The definition her is someone who works in a forge, not a counterfeiter. Anagram (criminal) of THIS MINOR.

4d           Understand playground game upset that girl (6)
GATHER – Reverse (upset) a playground chase game, then add the pronoun for ‘that girl’.

5d           Furniture displaying artists’ busts? (6,2,7)
CHESTS OF DRAWERS – These items of furniture consist of another general plural word for the part of the body where the bust is found, a short word denoted by the apostrophe in ARTISTS’, and the artists themselves if they are wielding a pencil or similar.

Image result for chests of drawers

6d           Told number, bound to ring independent female (8)
NOTIFIED – An abbreviation for ‘number’ followed by another word for ‘bound’ wrapped around abbreviations for Independent and Female.

7d           Article on Middle East topic (5)
THEME – A definite article followed by an abbreviation for Middle East.

8d           Popular pair in field getting decoration (9)
PAINTWORK – A phrase (2,3) which could mean ‘popular pair’, with a field used for recreation wrapped around it.

14d         Mental imagery of IT career? (9)
EVOCATION – The single letter often used where electronic communications are concerned, followed by a career or calling.

16d         Bird‘s short flight performed with ease (4,5)
FISH EAGLE – Anagram (performed) of FLIGH(t) (short) and EASE.

Image result for fish eagle

17d         Set up bath and lock support (8)
BUTTRESS – Reverse (set up) another word for the object you have a bath in, then add a lock of hair.

20d         Quarrel involving a king’s list of duties … (6)
TARIFF – Another word for a minor quarrel wrapped around A (from the clue) and the Latin abbreviation for a king. The duties here may be charged by the Customs authorities.

22d         … faithful left king, maybe, dropping leader (5)
LOYAL Left, followed by a word denoting the king or a member of his family with its first letter removed.

24d         Run old-fashioned English course (5)
ROUTE – Put together the cricket abbreviation for Run, a word for ‘old-fashioned’ (hence not ‘popular’) and English.

The Quick Crossword pun BAA + DARED + HAY = BAD HAIR DAY

55 comments on “DT 29256

  1. 2*/3*. A light enjoyable solve with four Xs for the second Friday running.

    The bird in 16d was a new one on me but it couldn’t have been anything else with the anagram fodder and checkers.

    On my podium today are 13a, 26a, 5d & 14d.

    Many thanks to Mr 4X and to DT.

  2. 5 and 14d are both fighting it out for my top spot this morning. This was a very pleasant solve, with no real delays or obscurities. Thanks very much to our unknown setter and DT.

  3. Very enjoyable, much easier than yesterday.
    Last one in was 1a, I could not see it for the life of me.
    I liked 14d, very clever and favourite.
    Thanks all.

  4. This took me into *** time as I struggled to get on the setter’s wave-length. 5d was a really good clue and definitely chuckleworthy but the quality of the clues and synonyms was patchy so **/* for enjoyment. Thanks to DT for the hints and to the new setter.

  5. Following on from last Friday I found this a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying solve. I finished a lot faster than I thought I would on first read through, though 4 and 16d did require a bit of lateral thinking.
    My page is littered with metaphorical ticks, 25 and 26a along with 5d amongst them, but top spot goes to 14d.
    2.5/ 4*
    Many thanks to the setter for a fun puzzle and to DT for his review.

  6. The only one which caused me a problem today was the bird and I made it difficult for myself by being convinced that the short flight was the first letter and the final two . I spent a long time Googling eagles but did not come up with that one so finally resorted to a crossword helper. I absolutely hate doing that. Never mind, apart from that I really enjoyed it, so many thanks to DT and the setter.

  7. Agree some nice surface reading eg 3D, 7D etc. Also agree that mental imagery of 5D was grim (unless female of course 😊). A 2*\4* for me. Enjoyable. Thanks to DT and setter.

  8. Clerihew week, day 3:

    Deep Threat
    Means there’s no need to fret
    At a Friday clue’s misdirection
    (Now he’s retired from tax inspection).

  9. Crosswords don’t come much more straightforward than this – thanks to whoever set it and DT

    PS: I don’t think the Quick Pun quite works – especially if you pronounce the first word in the same way that a sheep would

    1. Was just thinking the same thing re the Quickie Pun but 10 out of 10 to the setter for innovation!

    2. I think it depends whether your sheep have flat Northern vowels or rounded southern ones! Remember the sheep in Animal Farm: “Four legs good, two legs bad”.

  10. Slow start but once I found the wavelength it was a load of fun; so many witty clues that no Fav stands out but my nominees would include 9a, 3d, 5d and 14d. 16d bird new to me. Many thanks Mysteron and DT.

  11. An enjoyable end to the work week, completed at a gallop – 2.5*/3.5*.
    Candidates for favourite – 9a, 21a, and 2d – and the winner is 9a.
    Thanks to the setter and DT.

  12. Another very enjoyable puzzle. Us less experienced solvers have been treated rather well this week and for that I for one am most grateful. I am therefore a little nervous for next week. :-)
    Last in was 14d which was probably the trickiest clue for me.
    Thx to all

    1. Someone said to me recently, a glass is neither half full nor half empty, it is refillable. On that wise note, I will keep my fingers for another week of doable puzzles.

  13. I’m wondering if proXimal has moved from his regular Thursday slot. On Thursdays he used to do pangrams missing an X so perhaps he’s doing something different for Fridays and putting four X’s in each solution. While solving I thought it was reminiscent of a proXimal effort so perhaps he will enlighten us.

    Anyway, a nice puzzle from whoever set it and a **/**** from me. Fav 5d but I also liked 14d and 25a.

    Thanks to the setter and DT.

  14. For me the toughest offering of what’s been an easy week. Finished in 3.5* time after stalling for quite a while on 16d as I’m afraid my knowledge of eagles doesn’t extend beyond the bald & the golden. Also for some reason 1a took an age for the penny to drop as I couldn’t get rowing out of my head. 5d raised a smile so gets the nod from me as COTD.
    Re the Quickie pun – still don’t get it even doing my best Yorkshire impersonation.
    Thanks to all.

  15. **/****. Enjoyable while it lasted. 5d (a podium contestant) got me off to a flying start. My other favourite was 26a as the light went on. Thanks to our setter and DT.

  16. Another one solved this week without having to resort to the hints. Rather a dull offering mind you which probably accounts for my ability to do it.

    On different tack two non crossword clerihews in today’s TLS.

    No one could ever inveigle
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
    Into offering the slightest apology
    For his Phenomenology.

    Sir Rider Haggard
    Was completely staggered
    When his bride-to-be
    Announced “I AM SHE”.

  17. I liked this one a lot and I found it quite tricky in places. The clues were very good, it was a reasonable challenge and an enjoyable solve. I’ve ticked quite a few but will mention 4d, 5d, 14d and 25a, where the surface has been contrived to make you pronounce/think of the wrong “minute”. This was a fine substitute for a Giovanni but I’d still like to see the difficulty cranked up by 1* or so, so we can all look forward to a guaranteed good challenge every Friday. 2.5* / 3.5*

      1. That’s where I went wrong — I asked the sheep of Kent rather than the Kentish sheep. They obviously sound a bit different round my way.

        Thanks to DT for the review and commenters for comments.

        1. Many thanks for popping in, Mr no-X on Thursdays and Mr 4-X on Fridays! Many thanks too for the fun challenges you set for us.

  18. Had a slight moment of dread when my first two in were the Greek and a monument but 5d gave me some reassurance.
    No particular favourite but an enjoyable enough puzzle.

    Thanks to our setter – is it indeed proXimal using up his surplus of ‘X’s? Thanks also to DT for the blog.
    I can confirm that the Quickie pun doesn’t work with either a Cheshire or N. Wales accent!

  19. 5d brought the giggles so that’s favourite of the day. I had the wrong “minute” in my head for 25a. Loved the misdirection. Many thanks setter and DT.

  20. I started off well but got bogged down in the NW. I couldn’t think of anything but “opera” for 2d but knew it had to be wrong, went to get help from the hints when the right answer fell, kerplonk!
    I did get 16d, only because of the anagram and the checking letters.
    I found this definitely tricky but doable and most enjoyable, I’m surprised to find proXimal.
    There were lots to like, 14d for a start, 1a too, but the most giggle worthy was 5d.
    Thanks to proXImal and to Deep Threat for his hints, unravelling 8d in particular.

    1. Had to add how much I enjoyed the clip at 25a, wotta change from thumping drums – okay, I’ll duck!

  21. Found this much harder than most if this week’s offerings, but I always struggle with Proximal, 4xs or no!

  22. Spent time trying to justify ‘rowing’ for 1a when the correct answer was much more obvious.
    A good level of difficulty and a good fun solve.
    Thanks proXimal and DT.

  23. Had to write down the fodder in 3d to get the anagram. Was thinking about another kind of forger.
    Almost wrote Printwork in 8d until I noticed it didn’t make sense.
    Loved 18a.
    Thanks to Proximal and to DT for the review.

  24. Really enjoyed this.Missed the anagram indicator for 16d. but have answered Erne to enough Quick puzzles to recognise the answer. Good to complete a puzzle from a setter of so many Thursday puzzles that I have needed hints to solve without needing to resort to them. Thankyou to all.

  25. What a good week it’s been, especially for us less experienced solvers (as Brian has said) bit nervous for next week.
    Completed this with just my trusty thesaurus and dictionary on hand, but no help needed from the blog. It takes me quite a while to do but I enjoy it.
    Favs 15a and 5d
    Thanks to all.

  26. Took 2* for bottom half but top half pushed me into 3*,,, just couldn’t get on that wavelength quick enough.
    In spite of that very enjoyable
    3*/4* favs 5d 18ac
    Thanks to setter & DT for review & direction

  27. I’m in the “Well I really enjoyed this and after struggling initially, finished it easily” camp. I usually find it difficult to get on the right wavelength with ProXimal but for the second time recently I was, so maybe I’ve turned the corner. Lots of favourites but 5d just squeaks it. Many many thanks to proXimal and DT. P.s. how did RD remember there were 4 X’s in a row? I wouldn’t have even bothered counting.

  28. After a slow start, I picked up speed and rather enjoyed this. Did need Deep Threat’s hints for a few where I was a little hesitant to pen in my answer, as not 100% confident that I was right, but I was, so relieved about that. Even more surprised to find this was a ProXimal, as they usually defeat me. Thanks to both setter and blogger for another great day in crossword land.

  29. So all the missing Xs from proXimal’s Thursday puzzles are finding their way into his Friday puzzles? I love it. Such creativity!

  30. I managed this myself and only just overran my 2nd coffee break to do so. I do hope that it is me that is getting better rather than the change of day and a surfeit of X’s has softened the ProXimal edge.

  31. First crossword since before Christmas!
    Nice to get back in the swing of things again, enjoyed this one apart from 4d which I knew but did not understand the word Tag, back in the early fifties we always called it Tig, that shows my age! Thank you.

    1. Please stop using the alias Brian as it causes confusion, we have a regular commenter who uses this alias. You could use either of the other aliases that you have used previously.

  32. Really enjoyed this puzzle. I seemed to get on the right wavelength more quickly than usual. 16d and 4d went in last. Had to ask my daughter about playground games! Loved 5d, 18a and 26a. Thanks all!

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