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DT 29174

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29174

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 5th October 2019

BD Rating – Difficulty ***/****Enjoyment **

One of those crosswords where joining together solutions across a row or column produces some interesting results – I particularly like the 16/18a combination

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1a    They boost growth of young theatre audiences (11)
GREENHOUSES – GREEN (young) HOUSES (theatre audiences)

7a    Barnet’s gone flat? You should ‘ave this emergency action (7)
AIRLIFT – A Cockney might refer to his hair as his ‘barnet’ so if it had gone flat, he might need a [h]AIR LIFT

8a    Sell cars? (7)
TRAFFIC – Double definition

10a    Heard grower identify drug dealer? (8)
PHARMACY – A homophone (heard) of FARMER (grower) SEE (identify)

11a    Watering hole state’s sited in Etna’s core (6)
TAVERN – AVER (state) in T N (the two letters at the ‘core’ of eTNa

13a    Free love then dash off (4)
OPEN – O (love) PEN (dash off some writing)

14a    One reckons copper should cut appeal and roll over (10)
CALCULATOR – CU (chemical symbol for copper) should ‘cut’ CALL (appeal) and then be followed by a reversal (over) of a ROTA (roll)

16a    Absurd and sadly ludicrous one should wear that (10)
RIDICULOUS – An anagram (sadly)of LUDICROUS ‘wearing’ or going round I (one)

18a    Animal pound holds up to twelve in the day (4)
LAMB – LB (pound weight) ‘holds’ AM (morning – up to twelve in the day)

21a    It’s mad busting in (6)
AMIDST – An anagram (busting) of ITS MAD

22a    One saves offshore if able to, getting conversion (8)
LIFEBOAT – An anagram (getting conversion) of IF ABLE TO

24a    Record’s verse part (7)
EPISODE – EP IS (record’s) ODE (verse)

25a    Rehearsed section of orchestra in Edinburgh (7)
TRAINED – Found in a section of orchesTRA IN EDinburgh

26a    More than one follower in family and sect ends badly (11)
DESCENDANTS – An anagram (badly) of AND SECT ENDS


1d    Scraps clothes used before maturity (7)
GARBAGE – GARB (clothes) before AGE (maturity)

2d    Mystery ingredient of Seagram gin — enjoyment’s up! (6)
ENIGMA – Lurking (ingredient of) in reverse (up) in SeagrAM GIN Enjoyment

3d    Pronounced absence of frozen stuff used in eating place (10)
NOTICEABLE – NO (absence of) ICE (frozen stuff) ‘used’ in TABLE (eating place)

4d    Little beasts, knocking off street food (4)
OATS – Remove the ST (knocking off street) from STOATS (little beasts)

5d    They keep water out as well as looking different (3,5)
SEA WALLS – An anagram (looking different) of AS WELL AS

6d    To get a rise, Foreign Office’s exam is least difficult (7)
SOFTEST – A reversal (a rise) of FOS (Foreign Office’s) plus TEST (exam)

7d    Accepted lift (11)
APPROPRIATE – Double definition, the second one being lift in the sense of stealing

9d    Given change but no credit (11)
CONTRIBUTED – An anagram (change) of BUT NO CREDIT

12d    Familiar sweet filling maestro put on starter for dinner (10)
ACQUAINTED – QUAINT (sweet) ‘filling’ ACE (maestro), the result put on top of the D that is the starter for Dinner

15d    When they meet, something usually gets nicked (8)
SCISSORS – A cryptic definition

17d    Came to worship from north and south (7)
DEIFIED – ‘From north and south’ indicates that we have a palindrome

19d    Numbers getting answer peak, with small following (7)
AMOUNTS – A (answer) MOUNT (peak) S (small)

20d    Secure once more, say, entering shower? (6)
REGAIN – EG (say) ‘entering’ RAIN (shower)

23d    Sounds like the inevitable event for charity (4)
FETE – A homophone (sounds like) of FATE (the inevitable)

4 comments on “DT 29174

  1. Just got round to solve this one.
    Quite hard to get into but extremely enjoyable.
    Favourite is the anagram in 9d.
    Thanks to the Saturday setter and to CS for the full review.

  2. Impossibly difficult with no ‘isn’t that clever’ moments. Also don’t understand how 16 18 across relate.

    1. Welcome to the blog

      16 and 18 Across don’t really relate to each other – I just liked the idea of a ‘ridiculous lamb’

  3. This was one of those crosswords I cut out and added to the pile of reserve ones so have only just done it. Managed to complete it, with a little help from morewords.com which IMHO is not quite “cheating”. But what I really wanted to say was this was one of the best collection of really smooth clues for a while. ***** for enjoyment. Thanks to setter and reviewers.

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