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DT 28934 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28934 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

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Tilsit had intended to be providing these hints, but he is currently at a hospital ruining their waiting-time statistics.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a Insect: it’s problematic for one in the laboratory (9)
An anagram (problematic) of INSECT IT’S

8a Stewards badly organising plant (5,8)
An anagram (organising) of STEWARDS BADLY gives a plant that I didn’t know

12a Appreciate something that’s on hand (5)
Split as (3,2) this means to appreciate

16a Market means of escape (6)
Two definitions – a market or shop selling a particular producer’s products and a vent or opening allowing the escape of something

18a Shed light (5)
Two definitions – to shed, as in to shed a load, and a thin strip of wood or paper used for lighting a fire (my father often used one to light his pipe!)


19a Where those who seek amusement find it under cover (6)
A place, under cover, where one finds amusements such as slot machines

24a Ascent of 100ft (and what’s above it)? (5)
The Roman numeral for 100 followed by a foot and the part of the body that is above it

28a Baby girl might be found here enjoying perfect health (2,3,4)
The colour usually associated with a baby girl


2d Weep taking small part in vault (5)
A verb meaning to weep followed by the abbreviation of P(ar)T

5d Located by eye — by ear? (5)
Sounds like (by ear) a verb meaning observed by eye

6d Attractive area I am deflecting, possibly? (8,5)
An anagram (possibly) of I AM DEFLECTING

7d Suspend heady brat about to be precariously placed (4,2,1,6)
A verb meaning to suspend is followed by an anagram (about) of HEADY BRAT

10d Weighing machine somewhere next to foundry? (9)
Split this weighing machine as (5,4) to get somewhere that could be next to a foundry

22d Polish or another language that’s heard (6)
Sounds like (that’s heard) a different language

25d Bachelors in dock, maybe (5)
The qualifications of bachelor graduates followed by IN from the clue

26d How one comes to confess? (5)
One confesses if one comes this

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The Quick Crossword pun: newer+rot+tic=neurotic

57 comments on “DT 28934 (Hints)

  1. I hope it’s not serious.
    The puzzle was a bit of light relief after a losing fight with the double toughie and Micawbers topical puzzle. Still plenty to learn today. I too didn’t know 8a and 10d but deduced from checkers. 11a and 18a both remembered from earlier appearances here. Last to fall was 5d and 12a mainly because I had put the answer to 13a in the wrong place. 25d was my tick today.
    Best wishes to Tilsit and thanks to BD and setter.

  2. Straightforward puzzle to pass the time on a grey day.A bit heavy on anagrams. Needed to check out the plant at 8a as not in my limited gardening knowledge.

  3. Hope Tilsit is OK , well done DT .

    Plenty to amuse and enjoy in today’s offering . Finished all too quickly but needed to verify 8A & 10D .

    No issues expected from anyone as the grid produced so many checks

    Difficult to pick a favourite from the many on offer but will shortlist 11A & 12A .

    Thanks and hello to everyone from Sunny South Wales , 16 C today !

  4. Found this one to be rather an oddity and not my favourite puzzle of the week – although I was grateful for the info about that weighing machine, often wondered what it was called.

    26d was probably my pick of the bunch.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to BD for the club – sorry you didn’t get your morning off!

  5. After a struggle yesterday I was pleased to avoid additional aggro today for a brain already addled with the Christmas spirit. Delayed by 8a and 10d but both eventually bunged in. 27a and 28a raised a smile. Thank you Mysteron and BD and best wishes to Tilsit.

  6. Enough Hmms and raised eyebrows for this one to be classified as a curate’s egg although I was able to complete it at a gallop.

    I did like 27a and 26d.

    Thanks to the setter and BD and thoughts for Tilsit.

  7. Both the plant and the weighing machine were new to me so the puzzle was educational as well as enjoyable…..

  8. As some above, the plant and the weighing whatsit were new to me, but constructed with the help of the given letters.
    Enjoyed this, all psyched up now for Dada.
    Many thanks to the setter and to BD for the review.

  9. I’ve heard of the proper name for 8a, but not the 8a version, that was my only hold up.

    Thanks to setter and BD, best wishes to Tilsit

  10. Best wishes to Tilsit hope nothing too serious.
    Except for 8a & 10d (& I was a metallurgist) no real problems – a fairly straightforward solve. 11a brought a Doh moment & was my COTD.
    Thanks to Mr Ron & BD

  11. 11a my pick of today’s clues. This was a fairly straightforward and rewarding puzzle to solve, with a couple of new words thrown in for good measure.

    Best wishes to Tilsit, and many thanks to our Saturday setter and to BD for standing in.

  12. A nice easy crossword completed over a bowl of Turkey soup. 8a I knew from Shakespeare and 11a rather went with it. Best wishes to Tilsit- having visited Addenbrookes every day for the past three weeks I hope you are as well looked after by your local hospital as my daughter!

  13. Having just come back from complete break, no phone signal, no internet access by boat only it was nice to have a fairly easy puzzle for a saturday.
    Filled in with notvto many delays.
    Thanks to Big Dave who should surely get into the new years honours!
    Thanks to setter.
    Thanks to other bloggers for entertainment.

  14. Sorry to read about Tilsit -quick recovery!!
    Like many I had never heard of 8a-nor 10d, all part of life long learning…
    I found today’s puzzle a welcome change, with lots of family visitors as a distraction!
    A happy new year to all our crossy fans! And BD and setters.

  15. A gentle Saturday puzzle with a couple of new definitions for me. Generous number of anagrams also opened up the grid quickly. Thanks to the setter and BD. Best wishes to Tilsit.

  16. Like everyone else, I’m concerned about Tilsit and I do hope that he makes a quick recovery. Either I was inspired or this was one of the easier Saturday puzzles in recent weeks; I’ve polished off the GK puzzle too and I anticipate that you and your husband will sail through it, Sue.

    Dave: My Christmas email to you bounced back on two occasions so I’m making the assumption that you’ve changed your email address. My best wishes to you and Pam for 2019.

    1. The GK didn’t take us long (and I didn’t leave that many for Mr CS to look up either)
      Hopefully Dave has now been in touch with you about his email address

      Happy New Year to you too

  17. Lovely puzzle today.
    Easy and straightforward.
    I hope that Tilsit is soon 28a.
    Thanks Big Dave an d for the great blog.
    Happy New year to all!🤹‍♂️

  18. Curses! Pressed the wrong button and lost the lot… now what was I saying?
    Ah yes, apart from the plant a fairly straightforward challenge which didn’t put up much resistance. 11a was my favourite.
    Thanks to the setter, and to BD for the hints. Best wishes to Tilsit.

  19. I had the wrong polish and therefore the wrong language in 22d. Simple mistake. It started and finished with the same letter, and fitted the definition. Surely someone else did the same thing? 27a put it right. 11a was last in after a bit of a tussle with 6d. I was glad of the new pencil I got for Christmas. I could rub out all my mistakes. Get well soon Tilsit, and many thanks setter and BD.

    1. Technically you are discussing an incorrect answer but as it took me a while to work out what you were on about, I’ll leave the comment as it is (but the Redactor in Chief may have other ideas :) )

    2. Me too! Couldn’t for the life of me think of any other polish [redacted] or if it was something else was seriously wrong! So I came here to find out if anyone else was struggling with this – and hey ho yes they were. [Redacted]
      Thank you Florence

      And best wishes to Tilsit – you are in our prayers but only, in the pc culture we live in, if you wish to be

      Aunty Marge

      1. Thanks Aunty Marge, but I think that we could both be sent to the naughty step. No presents from Santa next year for either of us.

        1. Haha, who’d have thought it that i should be naughty???!!! Though All done in the best of Christmas spirit .(.. pick your choice of interpretation! Or indeed both interpretations. Have a great Hogmanay all

    3. I did the same and decided the setter was doing it deliberately. If so well done. I enjoyed it, despite quite a few fits and starts. Thanks to the setter and BD and best wishes to Tilsit.

  20. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. A nice gentle puzzle for a Saturday, but having said that I needed electronic help to get 18&19a. I’d forgotten about the pipe-lighting definition of 18a. Favourite was 11a which made me laugh. Was 2*/3* for me.

  21. Well I am happy to admit that I found this harder than Ray-T’s puzzle last Thursday. We have had this Saturday setter before with the same result. I have no idea what many of the clues mean.
    Thanks all.

  22. Success. The first time I have completed Saturday’s crossword without help. Must be an easy one.

  23. Sorry to hear that TIlsit is unwell.

    2*/2*. Definitely a curate’s egg puzzle for me with some good bits and some so-so.

    Thanks to the setter and to BD.

  24. It sounds as if I found it trickier than most of you did so far – took me quite a while to ‘tune in’.
    Once I managed to get started I really enjoyed it – I thought there were lots of clever and quite sneaky clues such as 11 and 12a.
    I dredged 8a from the recesses of somewhere in my head but I’ve certainly never heard of 10d.
    While I was actually doing it I felt as if there were lots of anagrams but maybe that’s because they cropped up in little clumps.
    I should think the setter is likely to be ‘had up’ by the PC anti-sexism brigade for 28a!
    I particularly liked 26 and 27a and 5 and 14d. My favourite was 26d.
    With thanks to the setter and to BD and good wishes to Tilsit for a speedy recovery.

    1. I was thinking the same thing re 28a Kath. Gender stereotyping at it’s worst.😉 Now, taking my tongue out of cheek I thought this was a cracking puzzle, lots to enjoy though that pesky anagram at 8a took me far too long to work out.
      Podium places 12 and 13a plus 14d.
      Thanks to the setter, BD and best wishes to Tilsit.

      1. Today is my granddaughter’s third birthday. She thanked us very sweetly for her presents but commented that she would have preferred them wrapped in pink paper rather than the blue we had used!

  25. Happy New Year and many thanks to BD for this site which is always helpful and informative and generally good humoured. Long may it continue

  26. I thought it was on the benign side, right on my wavelength. Even 8a, which I didn’t know, was solveable then a quick google confirmed it.
    I rather liked 11a but many others were right up there, e.g. 26d, very smile worthy.
    Thanks to our Saturday setter (navy clue?) and to BD.
    Hopefully you’re back home again Tilsit and feeling well.

  27. I didn’t know 8a but somewhere in the dim & distant I have seen a 10d so got that one fairly quickly. I too put the wrong polish in for 22d which messed up 27a. Last in was 6d which I couldn’t see for ages. Nice crossword to keep my mind active on a miserable day in N Devon, so many thanks to the setter and Big D and best wishes to Tilsit for a speedy recovery.

  28. Thanks everyone for the wishes.

    I’ve been nursing a dose of cellulitis for the past ten days and after a swab came back yesterday, I was summoned for IV antibiotics which normally takes 20 minutes but the nurse decided she needed a blood test to check the exact antibiotic. That took a couple of hours and by the time all was sorted it was 1:30.

    Now rested up and cheered by the result from Anfield (and Wembley).

    1. Glad all sorted.
      They did a check after my op last week & found some wierd “non standard” bacterium (B1 or somesuch) that was resistant to the normal anti-biotic they had been giving me so the check was necessary.

  29. Firstly, best wishes to Tilsit and hope he is well and home again soon.

    This puzzle was right up my street. I did need to put my thinking head on for some of the answers, and had to resort to help for 8a and 10d, having never heard of either (and even though 8a was an anagram). My Dad worked most of his life in a foundry, two weeks days, two weeks nights. I don’t recall a {redacted} next door. Must have been I suppose, just never noticed.

    Thanks to setter for this puzzle, and to Big Dave for the hints.

  30. Dearie dearie me – not only has our Christmas packet of Licorice Allsorts got more of those horrid ones our boys used to call Roundy Roundy Spotty Ones than anything else (and I’m definitely not a fan) but there’s people giving away right and wrong answers all over the comments.

    1. Oh dear! I think Christmas coming midweek, then the weekend, then NY again midweek, we’ve all forgotten what day it is. I, myself, am sure that it’s Friday!

    2. It’s them rules Sue. Only made to be broken. Not that I would ever break a rule. Squeaky clean me. Ask Saint Sharon

      1. They are the rules by which this blog is the only one that discusses prize puzzles before their closing date. The alternative is to have no blogs at all until after said closing date, which would be a pity.

  31. Enjoyed this one. Straightforward but not without some trickier moments. I too had never heard of 8a and 10d. Many thanks to the setter and BD. Hope Tilsit is now on the road to recovery.

  32. I enjoyed that but 8a was a new one on me and I guessed 10d and had to check.

    Thanks to BD and hope Tilsit is on the mend


  33. I thought this was rather good for a Sat Prize puzzle, which are often milder than this. Generally straightforward with one or two bits of head-scrathing and enjoyable enough. 8a: I eventually got the answer, which was new to me, but while jiggling the letters around I found WADDLY BREASTS! 2.5* / 3*

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