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DT 28917

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28917

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 8th December 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A pangram which took no time to both solve and draft the review, perfect for a busy Saturday

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4a    Turn to face girl that might give one a lift (8)
WINDLASS – WIND (turn) LASS (girl)

8a    Black snow leopard in spring (6)
BOUNCE – B (black) OUNCE (snow leopard)

9a    Viewing part of gun at home before midnight? (8)
SIGHTING – SIGHT (part of gun) IN (at home) before the G at the middle of niGht

10a    His smirk developed in brief encounter (8)
SKIRMISH – An anagram (developed) of HIS SMIRK

11a    I name grand levy first that is onerous (6)
TAXING – I (from the clue) N (name) G (grand) go after TAX (levy first)

12a    Order not in place where roads cross (8)
JUNCTION – Remove the N (not in) from an INJUNCTION (order)

13a    Suitable moment for fun (4,4)
GOOD TIME – A double definition

16a    Releases reported in court in icy spell (6-2)
FREEZE-UP – A homophone (reported) of FREES (releases) followed by UP (in court)

19a    Stay with idea, oddly, to find underwear (8)
LINGERIE – LINGER (stay) with the odd letters of IdEa

21a    Liquor that has no body (6)
SPIRIT – A type of liquor or something without a body

23a    Part of harbour‘s important group, we hear (8)
QUAYSIDE – Sounds like (we hear) a KEY SIDE (important group)

24a    A fumble round holding a torch (8)
FLAMBEAU – An anagram (round) of A FUMBLE holding A (from the clue)

25a    Keen army officer accepting the last word (6)
LAMENT – A misleading surface reading as here keen means to LAMENT over the dead – LT (lieutenant, army officer) ‘accepting’ AMEN (the last word)

26a    Some indeed literally left? (8)
DEPARTED – Literally put PART (some) in DEED


1d    What gardeners do that’s seen in the gym? (7)
WORKOUT – Gardeners WORK OUTside

2d    Involved in eighth part of magic show on the radio (9)
INTRICATE – A homophone (on the radio) of IN TRICK EIGHT (the eight part of a magic show)

3d    Like stars from the zodiac (6)
GEMINI – Because as twins, they’d look alike!

4d    Dirty dishes, water perhaps and detergent (7-2,6)
WASHING-UP LIQUID – WASHING UP (dirty dishes) LIQUID (water perhaps)

5d    People, say, kept in denial (8)
NEGATION – EG (say) kept in NATION (people)

6d    Overdue kiss, it’s rubbery (5)
LATEX – LATE (overdue) X (kiss)

7d    Word for word? (7)
SYNONYM – One of several clues which was awarded a * from me

14d    Number, indefinite number, forming triad (9)
THREESOME – THREE (number) SOME (indefinite number)

15d    Outfit‘s shares perhaps not popular (8)
VESTMENT – Remove the IN (not popular) from INVESTMENTS (shares perhaps)

17d    Remarkable pleasure losing article in drive back (7)
REPULSE – An anagram (remarkable) of PLEaSURE without the A (losing article)

18d    Compulsory cover (7)
BINDING – Another double definition

20d    Almost new before the shops open? (6)
NEARLY – N (new) and EARLY (before the shops open?)

22d    Sporting body leading doctor a dance (5)
RUMBA – RU (Rugby Union, sporting body) MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor) A (from the clue)

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    1. I could suggest that an unforced error is the only way to get a comment on a prize puzzle review ;) I don’t know what I was thinking when I hastily constructed the review but I’ve replaced my original with the correct explanation

      1. :-).
        Rest assured I read all of your and gnomey’s post mortems, and have learnt a lot from them, my comments would mainly be…that was so obvious why didn’t I see it…which would become boring.

      2. I comment quite frequently, CS, maybe you don’t see because I run about a fortnight late with the puzzles!
        Anyway, thanks for this, I found it much harder than you evidently did, vestment, workout, intricate, obvious in retrospect but took me an age. Thanks to the setter (if she/he ever sees this) for an excellent puzzle,

        1. Every blogger gets an email when someone comments on a blog post so I do both see and appreciate your comments

  1. Thanks Big D, being relatively new to DT crosswords, having hints and explanations has helped to begin to enjoy, and what’s not to enjoyed when all done on this except 2d. If this is easier than most, then keep them coming!

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