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DT 28898


Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28898

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on another dark, damp November morning.

My first solve using the new Telegraph Puzzles site, and it worked reasonably well for me – though I see that they still haven’t followed the practice in the paper version of italicising the components of the Quickie pun. Once I’d got over the desire to have RUBENS as the answer to 1a, today’s Giovanni was reasonably straightforward, though I had to dredge the flower at 10a from the depths of memory (and then check that it existed).

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ANSWER buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

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1a           Painter manages to capture one foreign city (6)
MUNICH – The painter of The Scream wrapped around the Roman numeral for one.

4a           Shocked, being exposed outside student event (8)
OUTRAGED – The jargon term for having one’s personal secrets exposed to public gaze, wrapped around a traditional student event which usually raises money for charity (though whether they still exist in these politically correct times I don’t know).

9a           Indulgent, allowing bit of noise after party (6)
DOTING – One of the usual crossword parties followed by the noise a small bell might make.

10a         Square contains a flowering plant (8)
CENTAURY – Another way of expressing the square of ten, or a public square in a number of cities, with A (from the clue) inserted to give us a member of the gentian family.

Image result for centaury

11a         Traveller in company game faced with ruin (5,4)
MARCO POLO – To get this mediaeval traveller, put together another word for ‘ruin’, an abbreviation for company, and a game played on horseback.

Image result for marco polo

13a         Accepted with thanks by little fellow (5)
TAKEN – A short word of thanks followed by the shortened form of a man’s name.

14a         Maybe port is given extra defence before victory against foe finally (9,4)
FORTIFIED WINE – Put together ‘given extra defence’, another word for ‘victory’ and the last letter of foE.

17a         They want us to take things in properly (13)
NUTRITIONISTS – Cryptic definition of those representatives of the nanny state who frown upon the consumption of anything enjoyable.

21a         Admit personal period of good fortune (3,2)
OWN UP – Another word for ‘personal’ followed by a period of good fortune (where the opposite is a ‘down’).

23a         Temper shown when gangster, priest and troublemaker meet (9)
ALLEVIATE – Put together the short first name of an infamous American gangster, an Old Testament priest, and the Greek goddess of mischief. The definition is a verb.

24a         Laughing when touched may be difficult (8)
TICKLISH – Double definition, the second being difficult in the sense of ‘tricky’.

25a         Germanic folk? They could be obtuse (6)
ANGLES – They could also be acute or reflex, in a geometric sense.

26a         One may provide cover-up after accident (8)
DRESSING – Cryptic definition of the covering for a wound.

27a         President making a mark in print (6)
MACRON – Double definition: the President of France; or a diacritical mark.

Image result for macron character


1d           Woman crazy in the morning, beginning to erupt (6)
MADAME – Put together another word for ‘crazy’, the abbreviation for ‘in the morning’, and the first letter of Erupt.

2d           FT pointer could show money made (3,6)
NET PROFIT – Anagram (could show) of FT POINTER.

3d           Study journey — see it on a map? (7)
CONTOUR – Another word for ‘study’ or ‘scan’, followed by the sort of journey that may be taken on holiday.

5d           Cold man, i.e. no lout becoming excited (11)
UNEMOTIONAL – Anagram (becoming excited) of MAN I.E. NO LOUT.

6d           Went around gallery protected by staff (7)
ROTATED – Another word for a staff or stick wrapped around a London art gallery.

7d           Composer needs good fortune (5)
GLUCK Good followed by another word for ‘fortune’ or ‘chance’.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

8d           Senior ladies performed start of song with inner longing (8)
DOYENNES – Put together another word for ‘performed’ and the first letter of Song, then wrap the result around a three- letter word for ‘longing’.

12d         Individualists in a state of wickedness? (8,3)
ORIGINAL SIN – Split this (9,2) and you have ‘individualists’ and IN (from the clue). The answer is the spiritual state into which, according to Christian teaching, humanity has been born since the Fall of Man.

Image result for original sin

15d         Setter-up of home to delay, having hesitation (9)
INSTALLER – Put together ‘at home’, another word for ‘to delay’, and a small hesitation.

16d         Strange nude wandering about town freely (8)
UNWONTED – Anagram (wandering) of NUDE, wrapped around an anagram (freely) of TOWN.

18d         This writer’s joining chum, because they are beasts (7)
IMPALAS – Put together another way of saying ‘this writer is’, a chum, and a word for ‘because’ or ‘since’.

Image result for impala antelope

19d         Plain little son and a very little girl (7)
SAVANNA – Put together Son, A (from the clue), an abbreviation (little) of Very, and a girl’s name.

20d         A boy as an individual (6)
PERSON – Another word for ‘a’, as in ‘so much a head’, followed by a boy child.

22d         Shiny substance with nitrogen put over area of land (5)
NACRE – The chemical symbol for nitrogen followed by an Imperial measure of land area.

Image result for nacre

The Quick Crossword pun HOCKS + FURRED = OXFORD

65 comments on “DT 28898

  1. 3* / 2*. Usual Friday fare including a little fellow and a girl, plus some new words for me in 10a & 27a. I wasted time with 1a looking for a painter called Mich until the penny dropped, and I needed Google to decrypt the troublemaker in 23a.

    I enjoyed 14a, 17a, 12d & 16d.

    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT.

  2. I too thought 1a could be Rubens until I couldn’t parse it or solve the linked Down clues!

    Giovanni in ‘start with the Downs’ mode (as interestingly was my experience with the Osmosis Toughie) but on the friendly side for a Friday inside back pager

    Thanks to him and also to DT

  3. A very pleasant and straightforward puzzle to start the day. 23a my favourite of many fine clues, with 1a a close second. Just enough GK to keep it interesting.

    Thanks to The Don and DT.

  4. I thought I was going to struggle with this one, but I got there in the end.

    10a and 16d were new to me, as was the troublemaker in 23a.

    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT.

  5. Very good from G; about average for him so a bit above average for the back-page norm. 10a and 27a were new to me also. Fav: 23a, because it took a fair bit of cogitation and a little confirming research to solve – just what you want from cryptic clues! Rating, same as yesterday’s Ray T: 3* / 4*

    1. PS. Just changing the subject, has anyone else noticed how Dominic Raab looks very much like the late actor Simon Cadell?

  6. I can only echo the above comments re the new words .

    Pleased to solve before the hints with NE corner last in .

    Did not flow for me today .

    Thanks to everyone .

  7. Reasonably straightforward and a very pleasant end to the work week completed at a gallop – **/***.

    The 10a flower and the Greek goddess in 23a were new to me, I wonder if I will be able to remember them.

    Favourite – a toss-up between 11a and 12d.

    Thanks to DG and DT.

  8. On the gentler side for a Giovanni but still don’t understand why century is a square. There is nothing in the BRB which gives a clue and how one is supposed to work out that it is the square of 10 from the clue is completely beyond me. The composer was new to me as was the Greek goddess.
    Thx to all

      1. That was a good spot. I went through all the squares until I got to a hundred before the penny dropped.

  9. Very enjoyable as usual from Giovanni. No too difficult. Had to confirm in the dictionary what I had worked out for 10a – new word, as for most of you.

    Because of what Gazza spotted, I will have to make 10a my favourite – very cunning use of the clue number. Has this been done before? – I bet it has, somewhere

  10. I don’t understand the Rubens suggestion……I’m sure I’ll go d’oh when someone explains.
    I was flirting about with Monet or Manet for a bit before the penny dropped.

    I didn’t know the flowering plant.
    Is 22 the same as mother of Pearl?

    1. RUNS (manages) with BE inside – until you realise that BE doesn’t have any relevance to the wordplay
      22 is indeed the same as mother of pearl – its been used in many a Quick crossword over the years

      1. Rubens, Monet, Manet? They are all better ideas than my original thought of “MICH” round “UN”. :scratch:

        1. Not at all, RD. I not only looked for Mich but found him – or should I say ‘her’ as it turned out!

    2. Yes, had Manet with “I” equals Maniet in Belgium. Until 3d obvs wasn’t going to work out. May not have been an intentional blind alley but kept up the tension.

    1. The spoilers are working here too, but the Recent Comments are still out of sync – Vista, Chrome. It’s not a real problem, just having to F5 on every visit to every page.
      The page is also now loading properly, ie doesn’t stall on connecting to the ad server(s).

    2. Spoilers working fine here – Windows 7 and Internet Explorer – but still having to employ copious use of F5 when using the site.

    3. Hi, My spoilers were working fine when everyone else was saying they had issues but in the last few days I can’t see them – just the vertical line. I usually access on my mobile but have the same issue on my PC running chrome. Any advice as to how to get around this would be much appreciated.
      I’m afraid I’m a lurker – I come on here for help/pointers when I get stuck but haven’t contributed apart from answering some surveys. I print off the crossword each day and do it at lunchtime.
      Thank you

      1. Welcome to the blog – I hope now you’ve delurked, you’ll come back and comment on the crosswords

        As has been said many times already – have your tried clearing your cache Ctrl + F5 on a PC -this seems to do the trick for most people

        1. Hi, I just replied to this and got an error so will try again. I will endeavour to engage more in future now I have emerged from the woodwork. I’ve tried ctrl+F5 but it didn’t help. Also, I mainly access the site on my mobile and that is showing the same vertical line for the spoilers. I have tried the ubiquitous turn it off/on again but it didn’t play ball. I’ll try a different browser next time.

  11. My husband and I! Him being a real learner, have achieved a “marker” having finished a Giovanni Friday during lunch hour! Small beer for most of you, but a bottle of wine for us tonight!

  12. I’ll try once more to comment – first go disappeared into the ether. More mildly challenging fun from DG. SE corner last to yield. IMHO 10a is almost too clever but in any case have to admit the plant was a new one on me as was 16d (tried to justify untoward) and the 27a mark. 19d has an ‘h’ at the end in my book. Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  13. Phew, I got there in the end, but needed too much help, and found this *** difficulty at least. I am rarely on Giovanni’s wavelength so no surprise. But had some easier challenges earlier this week, so can’t complain. Didn’t know the plant in 10a, nor the composer in 7d – but I had bunged that one in as it just had to be, as I did with 16d, having forgotten that old word, but anagram led me there. 17a was COTD although I was very slow to get that one also. I guess my effort today would go under “could do better”.

    Thanks to Giovanni and Deep Threat. And all spoilers worked perfectly.

  14. Thanks to Gazza 10a goes from Brian’s description to COTD for me.
    Just about the right level for solvi g in one visit so thanks Mr G and DT for the explanations.
    Am intrigued by the thought of the “new blue DT crossword” referred to by Dutch in his opening to the Toughie, what am I missing?

  15. Can’t get the spoilers either, first time. Use a Kindle Fire, so don’t know what the plant is despite googling the genus.

  16. Most enjoyable. The only problem was 10a and l hadn’t twigged the importance of the clue number.
    Loved the quickie pun. The obtuse Germanic folk made me smile.

  17. I enjoyed this and found it on the benign side. Like everyone else, didn’t know the flower or the troublemaker. As above, I got 1a wrong, so lost points there.
    I did need the hints to unravel a couple, 20d one of them.
    Thanks to Giovanni, and to DT for the hints and tips.

  18. I have also had trouble seeing the solutions since vertical lines have been introduced, but thank you for the help with the clues

  19. Thanks to Giovanni and to Deep Threat for the review and hints. I enjoyed this one very much, but found it very tricky. I’m afraid I fell foul of the dastardly dreaded desolation of the double definitions again. Couldn’t get 24&27a. Had never heard of 10a, good spot from Gazza on the 10 squared. Also had never heard of 16d, even though I had the fodder. Also defeated by 8d. I laughed at 25a, but my favourite was 14a. Was 3*/3* for me.

  20. Late in again today and don’t really have much to bring to the party beyond the fact that I thought the Quickie pun was somewhat dire.

    Thanks to DG and to DT for unearthing the 23a troublemaker.

  21. Other than 10a which once Gazza explained the significance had to be my COTD, this was a steady as you go solve for me. A nice way to finish the week.
    Thanks to DG, and to DT for the review.

  22. I too did not know the 10a plant and with 16d I was dithering for a while between STRANGE and FREELY, wondering which was the definition and which the an anagram indicator. A bit of hesitation getting started as I needed a couple of checkers from the downs before I could get 1a but after that it all flowed reasonably smoothly.
    Good fun.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT

  23. Found this quite tricky ***/*** 😬 16d was new to me as was 10a 🤔 Favourites 14a & 1d Thanks to DT and to Giovanni

  24. I hadn’t got a clue what to do with 10a until I read the review, but thought it was very good once I’d understood it. 22d was a new word for me, or perhaps I’d forgotten it. I spent a long time in a shell museum in Florida when my boys were small. They were fascinated. 8d has appeared fairly recently I think, or something similar. It’s that time on a Friday evening when a bottle of red wine is crying out to be opened. Many thanks Giovanni and Deep Threat.

  25. An enjoyable, and not too tricky end to the week. The square bit I didn’t understand, but there was little else it could be.

    Coped a little better with the new site today by typing a little slower, and using Chrome’s zoom out functionality. :-) Still miss the old leaderboard, the relative times were a very good indicator of difficulty.

    1. They are working on my Iphone. What does not work is that I have to put my name and email in every time and the buttons for being notified of comments do not work

  26. RAG still exists – in Cambridge at least. https://www.cambridgerag.org.uk/
    It involves a number of fund-raising activities including a “how far away from Cambridge can we get in 36 hours?” event (which in my time once saw a pair of students get to Australia). It seems this has now been replaced by “Lost” where students get dropped in an unknown location and have to find their way back to Cambridge. Which if I’m honest sounds less fun.

    As for the crossword – thanks again for the explanations. For me, first 1/3 was straightforward, second 1/3 was challenging, last 1/3 I had to look up here. I’m still at the beginning of the learning curve…

  27. I am still doing Wednesday as I have been away and I am trying to get to grips with the new website, using Chrome.
    The look and feel is good BUT
    1. Is the site not portable across different devices? If I start on my phone on the train, when I get in and log on with my tablet, unlike the old site all the answers are missing?
    2. Cut and paste keeps appearing
    3. You can enter multiple letters in a cell
    4. When you enter a letter it does not move to the next cell
    Can anyone help and suggest a better browser to use?

  28. Nice puzzle,lots of bung ins for me and a few new words. Couldn’t get 10a without the hint.
    A little moan from me,for which I will probably get my head bitten off,but could the remarks about difficulties with the web page be confined to the comments section at the top of the page,and leave this area for the actual crossword comments.
    Thanks to the setter and for the hints.

      1. No apology required,it was not aimed at you specifically ,it just seems a large part of the comments are taken up with this.

  29. Well that was tricky. It’s interesting the different clues people struggle with. Last in for me were 27a and 20d.
    Thanks to all.

  30. Am I the only person who hates Macron so much he just didn’t want to put him in as an answer?
    10a I never got, spent too long looking up flowering plants in books which did not have it in and thinking about squares as in rectangles, Albert, Connaught, you name it. Strangely got 1a very quickly unlike some others apparently, but did go through the Manet, Monet route first. “Ate” is a name? Didn’t know that one. Any relation to Hecate? Rest was OK but still took me 2 hours to do and couldn’t get 8d until I read 10a here. Will I ever get faster I wonder?

  31. 2*/4*
    COD,s 10A (square containing flowering plant ( having been enlightened as to the relevance of the clue number in Gazza,s comment no 8 )), 27A (president making a mark) and 16D (the strange nude).

    Unable to access this site at all on Firefox on this computer-following message comes up……………
    “Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
    Explorer works OK though, also my Kindle.
    To do with my computer rather than the problems with the site I suppose.

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