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DT 28891

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28891

Hints and tips by a Poorly Miffypops

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

Kath has just moved to a new house and is unable to provide today’s hints. Miffypops stepped in to help but became unwell overnight – he was able to do most of the blog, leaving me to fill in the last five hints.

Today’s puzzle has some of the look but none of the feel of a Ray T production (the quick crossword has one-word answers but some clues are more than one word).

The problem with spoilers still persists, but special thanks are due to Mr K for his sterling work in providing an interim replacement.  BD

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.


1a Prevented son getting killed (7)
STOPPED: The abbreviation for son is followed by an informal way of saying being killed. Often associated with suicides

5a Poor hen mistreated — one’s always beaten (2-5)
NO-HOPER: Anagram (mistreated) of POOR HEN

9a Sailor recalled island and old relationship (5)
RATIO: An old affectionate name for a sailor is reversed (recalled) and followed by the abbreviations for Island and old

10a Fashion models? That’s their job (9)
SCULPTORS: Those who fashion models of people or things by chipping away at stone blocks until they are left with what they want. Michelangelo made David in such a way. Is there any finer example of this art form in the world today. I doubt there is its equal in the pan galactic universe

11a Conservative abandons school with hippy, radical way of thinking (10)
PHILOSOPHY: Remove the abbreviation for Conservative from the word school. Use what is left as an anagram (radical). Therefore anagram (radical) of SHOOL HIPPY

12a Power leads bad for tablet (4)
PILL: Begin with the abbreviation for power. Add a word meaning bad or poorly (tell me about it. I feel terrible)

14a Newspaper, say, I sat on after one’s tidying (12)
ORGANISATION: Begin with an example of what a newspaper might be. Add I, SAT and finally ON after the letter that looks like the number one.

18a Doctor finally is paged and pain unexpectedly is vanishing (12)
DISAPPEARING: Anagram (unexpectedly of the final letter of the word doctor plus IS PAGED and PAIN

21a Lazy star on the radio (4)
IDLE: A homophone of a star or celebrity

22a True, I later composed texts (10)

25a Play-off times? (9)
INTERVALS: The times during a play when nobody is on the stage and you are free to wander out into the bar to find your lukewarm gin and tonics

26a Attacked over messages (5)
NOTES: A term 3,2 which means attacked can be reversed to find written messages

27a Scoundrel returning garment not right for Venus? (7)
GODDESS: An odd term for a scoundrel is reversed (returning). This is followed by a garment usually worn by women but without the abbreviation for right

28a Climbers might step on these large snakes (7)
LADDERS: Begin with the abbreviation for large and add the plural of England’s only poisonous snake


1d Jam jar (6)
SCRAPE: A double definition. Both stretched

2d Dress in unfashionable suit (6)
OUTFIT: Begin with a word synonymous with unfashionable meaning not in. Add a word meaning apt or suitable

3d Get shot of stuff? (10)
PHOTOGRAPH: This shot of stuff will be taken with a camera

4d Dance music is common initially in party (5)
DISCO: Find our regular two-lettered party and insert the word is from the clue and the first letter of common

5d Name anything that is right? More difficult (9)
NAUGHTIER: 1. The abbreviation for name 2. A word meaning anything (we say owt instead of the correct word) 3. The Latin abbreviation for that is. 4. The abbreviation for right

6d Shy person limits razzmatazz (4)
HYPE: A hidden word lurking within the words of the clue indicated by the word limits

7d Rich for life, practically — I lead in commerce (8)
PROLIFIC: 1. A preposition meaning in favour of. 2. The word life lifted from the clue but minus its last letter. 3. The letter I from the clue. 4. The leading letter of commerce

8d Lower theft? (8)
RUSTLING: These lowers are beasts of the field. The answer is a term which means the theft of these beasts

13d Head getting thanks in education carried on (10)
MAINTAINED: 1. The head character 2. An informal word of thanks 3. The word in from the clue 4. A shortened form of the word education

15d Those who voted for Trump remain as annoyed about Clinton’s front (9)
AMERICANS: Anagram (annoyed) of REMAIN AS which goes around the first letter of Clinton

16d Loving French friend holding diamonds — a symbol of deep affection? (8)
ADMIRING: The French word for friend goes around the abbreviation for diamonds. This is followed by a circular piece of jewellery given as a token of love

17d One criticised about old remote (8)
ISOLATED: I (one) followed by a verb meaning criticised around O(ld)

19d The BBC is free to support article (6)
AUNTIE: A verb meaning to free or release is preceded by (to support) the indefinite article

20d Socks containing small animals (6)
BEASTS: A verb meaning socks or hits around S(mall)

23d Starts to examine artwork, say, expressionist left on here? (5)
EASEL: the initial letters of (starts to) five words in the clue

24d Lawyer cut cheese (4)
BRIE: most of (cut) a colloquial word for a lawyer

Sorry, no time today for pictures.

The Quick Crossword pun: bridle+sweet=bridal suite

52 comments on “DT 28891

  1. 2* / 2.5*. A light but reasonably pleasant Thursday puzzle with only 10a, my last one in, holding me up slightly. 1d was my favourite.

    Many thanks to Mr. Ron for the puzzle as well as to MP, ably assisted by BD, for the review. Get well soon, MP!

  2. Very straightforward, fairly unexciting and moderately enjoyable. No particular favourite although I did enjoy the topical 15d and the conciseness of 1d.

    Thanks to our setter and the poorly one. Get well soon, and good luck to Kath with her house move..

  3. I thought the Ray T quick crosswords had one word clues- five clues today have two words

    I am quite tired from a visit to that London yesterday and perhaps that’s why I didn’t get on very well with the backpager to start with – indeed I had to leave it and do the puzzle in the middle of the paper and then return to eventually scratch my head a bit to finish it off, taking a bit longer in total than the time taken for the middle of the paper one

    Thanks to the setter, the poorly one and BD

  4. Overall a bit lacklustre. South went straight in but North was a different story and I needed several prompts particularly with 10a and 6d. 25a was Fav after discounting golf association. Thank you RayT (if indeed it is you) and also MP (get well soon) combined with the omnipresent BD.
    💐All good wishes too to Kath for a safe removal and much happiness in your new home 💐

  5. Had the same slight hold-up as RD with 10a but everything else flowed quite smoothly.
    No particular favourite although the surface read of 20d conjured up an amusing image!

    Thanks to Mr Ron and to the ailing MP – also thanks to BD for stepping in and to Mr K for all his work behind the scenes.

  6. Well done all you bloggers (or sloggers, specifically today).

    I’d give it 2/2.

    It was OK, but a couple of the answers were a little bit limp – 26a,1d and 13d my last ones in.
    On the plus side, I did like 8d and the surface of 18a was lovely and smooth.

  7. Regards to .Miffypops and Katy , hope all is OK and going well .

    Bit of a struggle for me but my iPad informed that everything was correct although needed to verify a few details from the hints .

    Favourite 19d .

    Thanks to everyone again.

  8. Thanks to the setter and Miffypops. Hope you recover soon Kath. I wasn’t keen on this puzzle, I found it a bit lacking in sparkle. Needed the hints for 14&25a and 20d. Just couldn’t think of anything. Also needed the hints to parse 18a, got it, but didn’t realise it was an anagram. 19d was a bit of an old chestnut. Favourite was 10a. Was 3*/2* for me.

  9. I found this puzzle more trickier than most today according to the blog and a ***/*** for me once the dust had settled.
    Last one in was 10 across which took ages until I saw the light- a nice surface really.
    Liked 25a also-thanks all.

  10. Not on the wavelegth of this setter today. Needed the hints for 11a, 14a, 3d and 7d. The south went in very quickly along with a few in the north, then came to a grinding halt.

    I had 5d but wasn’t convinced and needed the hint to confirm. Is this a northern word for anything?

    No favourites and for me this was a ****/* (I never enjoy it when I can’t solve so many clues).

    1. Hosses isn’t right, although I like the sound of it. It doesn’t fit in with 22a which ends in an ‘e’, and is an anagram.

  11. 4d made me smile wryly. These days Dance Music is Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Trance, Tekno, Phat Funk etc. Disco is 70’s comedy.

    Didn’t think much of 1d, otherwise an outstandingly unremarkable puzzle.

    Thanks to Setter, Poorlypops and BD for being there yet again to save the day.

  12. Did not excel at this today. Could someone please explain 1 d as I just do not get it. Thank you to the setter and the sick man.

    1. The first part of 1d refers (well it does to me anyway) to the time when you only had a ‘scrape’ of jam on your bread

    2. 1d. I read it thus: definition 1 = to be in a fix/awkward situation or predicament; definition 2 = a clash, disagreement or quarrel. I may be wrong, of course…

  13. I really enjoyed this puzzle a pleasant Wednesday evening solve, I live in Vancouver.

  14. I wasn’t keen on 1d. I didn’t have a standout favourite, but at least I managed to finish it. 8d made me smile, as my mind went straight to “cows”, and the answer slotted straight in. I didn’t think that this was a RayT as Her Majesty didn’t appear. Many thanks to the mystery setter, and to BD and poorly Miffypops. Get well soon.

  15. I thought this lacked the elegance of yesterday’s, the cluing wasn’t as smooth with a couple feeling a little clunky. I did however like 9a for its surface and simplicity along with 15d for its topicality. I’ll award the remaining podium place to 25a.
    Thanks to the poorly one, BD and best wishes to Kath in her new home

  16. Didn’t enjoy this puzzle not least because of clues like 1d&26a. Thanks to the setter and the MP/BD review. Get well MP.

  17. Steady solve today during tea breaks. Problems were of my own making. As I said earlier I thought Hosses was a good answer Hose = sock therefore socks = hoses + s for small. As Florence said the anagram forced a rethink.
    Get well soon Miffypops and get moved well Kath Thanks to BD for his part too.
    A load of Green Tomatoes arriving means I will be up to my knicker legs in chutney tomorrow.

  18. It has been many moons since I’ve been this far off wavelength with a setter. He makes RayT seem like a piece of cake.
    Top half was easier, not easy, just easier. Since when has dog=scoundrel? Sadie and I took exception to that.
    Just to set the record straight, this 15d didn’t vote for that idiot.
    Thanks to setter and the M’pops/BD combo. Feel better M’pops and hope the move goes well Kath.

    1. What’s the matter with me? I prefer not to say anything rather than be negative. Sorry all, I take it back, sorta.

  19. I quite enjoyed this **/*** 😃 I knew at once that it wasn’t a Ray T because I filled more than two in on a first reading 😳 Favourites 9a, 26a & 3d 🤗 Thanks to all involved in today’s blog and the unknown Setter. I thought that 1d was stretching things a little 🤔

  20. Our last one in for reasons that make no sense now was 14a. Everything else slotted in smoothly for us.
    Thanks Mr Ron and today’s blogging team.

  21. Some clues here which I think I’d have struggled with a few years ago: the cryptic definitions and charades masquerading as insertions. Today I just struggled with one of those cryptic definitions (10a. Even with checkers. Just couldn’t brain. Grr!), but the rest all went smoothly enough. A pleasant solve.

    My favourite was 12a.

    Thanks to the setter, MP (get well soon) and BD, and best wishes to Kath.

  22. Quite enjoyed this one but it was all over a bit too soon. */*** with 8d the daddy.
    I have a young impecunious nephew who was asking me how he could get the DT crossword without having to subscribe to DT Puzzles/The DT itself/buy a paper copy. Take a photo, make a PDF then printout? bit of a faff though. Any ideas? – they promise to pay once the huge student loan is paid off for now though its either be a bit creative or do no solving.

    Happy house move Kath.

  23. Not quite such a quick solve as yesterday but not far off. Did not look promising at first but flowed quite easily. I had no trouble at all with 10a. Got it straightaway. Last 3 in were 19d 26a and 13d. No LoL 😆 moments. Favourites the aforesaid 10a and 19d. Thanks setter please reveal yourself. Get well soon Miffypops. Hope nothing more serious than man flu and happy moving Kath.

  24. Thoroughly enjoyed today’s challenge, and hardly needed any hints. Good clues that just needed some thinking about and great anagrams. I always struggle to get on Ray T’s wavelength, so whoever did this one today, thank you. Last in was 19d, and I don’t understand how organ = newspaper in 14a.

    Good luck with the move Kath, and get better soon Miffypops.

    1. Organ is a synonym for a periodical including a newspaper and other publications. One of those weird British things Merusa.

  25. People who know me won’t be surprised to hear that I don’t like cryptic defs!
    Counted no less than four.
    And a double stretched double def on top of that.
    Needless to say that I wasn’t a fan of today’s offering.
    But I finished it as I respect the work of the setter.
    Thanks to him or her and to MP and BD for the review.
    Enjoyed the musical silence too.

  26. I liked 8d but I suspect this may be a chestnut to more experienced solvers. In 1d jam is OK but jar is a stretch.

    BusyLizzie, the press, radio and TV are often decribed as organs of the media.

  27. I struggled with a couple of the cryptic definitions, but still finished well within ** time, so definitely on the easy side. Enjoyable throughout.

  28. Thanks for the best wishes. I have spent the day asleep. I feel quite rough now which is a heap better than I did when I sent the review to the cavalry
    Back to dozing now.

  29. A real struggle and a largely unenjoyable grind.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Thanks all.

  30. Oh dear! Could I have chosen a worse day to be unable to do the hints? I think not! Huge thanks to the poorly MP for struggling through and get better soon.
    When I finally found the paper and did the crossword I thought it was jolly difficult.
    I’m suffering from a scrambled brain – I don’t know who I am or where I live – that’s the trouble with living somewhere for as long as we have and then moving house.
    With thanks to the setter, and again to MP and a little bunch of :rose: and thanks also to all for the best wishes in our new house

    1. I’m so glad you found it jolly difficult! I felt cross with myself for being a moaner but really found this hard.
      Being able to just post on a moving day earns you huge bonus points. They’re taking me out feet first from this house. Enjoy your new abode.

  31. Even later than usual start this evening but enjoyed it with no real problems. Some nice red herrings, 25a, 3d & 8d which was my favourite.
    Thanks to all.

  32. Finished over breakfast this morning, as usual, way behind everyone else. Needed hint for 10a (clang!) -many thanks – but otherwise very enjoyable. Already blowing a gale down here in the far,far south-west, with worse to come apparently. The price we pay for sticking out into the Atlantic…

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