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Telegraph Puzzles is changing has changed

Update 15th November 2018

The revamped site finally became available this afternoon.

Update 12th November 2018

Today all subscribers to Telegraph Puzzles should have received the following email:

Great news: the new-look Telegraph Puzzles site launches on Wednesday 14th November. Redesigned and updated, it’s more enjoyable than ever to play your favourite puzzles.
There are three key things we wanted to tell you about the relaunch:

You’ll need to save your progress before launch


A few of the new site benefits


What you’ll need to do when you login for the first time

Save your progress
From 8:30 GMT on Wednesday you will not be able to access Telegraph Puzzles while we switch over to the new site. Please save any puzzles you’re currently playing by this time to ensure your progress is carried over to the new site. Unsaved progress on any active puzzles will be lost. We expect the new site to be ready in the afternoon of launch day.
New site benefits

As part of the upgrade, we’ve updated our systems and we need to merge all existing Puzzle accounts into new Telegraph accounts. To do this, you will need to set up a free Telegraph account, or login if you already have an account.

Don’t worry, all your puzzles history will be saved and it comes with some great benefits such as access to our Puzzle Editor’s monthly newsletter, which will include our new clue-writing challenge, prize puzzles only available via the newsletter, and the latest puzzles news, hints and tips. You can also use your Telegraph account to sign up for other newsletters and access some of our Premium news content.

Logging into the new site for the first time
You will then be asked to login to with a Telegraph account. Don’t worry if you don’t have an account already; you can create a free account in one quick step.
Login to your puzzles account to ensure you retain all of your solving history.
If you don’t remember your Telegraph Puzzles password, please reset this before the relaunch by clicking here, or calling our puzzles helpline on 0800 316 6050. Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.
Your history will now be stored in one place and you can access the puzzles site with your new Telegraph account details.

Read more

Kind regards,
The Telegraph Puzzles Team

Click on the “Read more” button above for more information.

In case you haven’t yet seen it, this article describes some of the changes that will arrive shortly to the Telegraph Puzzles website:

168 comments on “Telegraph Puzzles is changing has changed

  1. Oh dear, does that mean it will crash on the first day and be unavailable for an indeterminate time?

  2. So if I’m reading this correctly, I am now being forced to have a registered Telegraph account in order to access the puzzles that I subscribe to. There’s something dubious about denying me access to something for which I have pre-paid. Since the only way I can access the puzzles is by subscription, I will probably comply….kicking and screaming all the way.

    1. I have a registered Telegraph account and don’t pay a subscription. I think I am entitled to two free “premium” articles per week.

  3. I think I will continue to get the dead tree version delivered. It just seems so much easier.

  4. About time! I can cancel my digital Telegraph account and rejoin the puzzle only crew. I have been thinking of giving up altogether as it seems a bit steep to pay almost £1 per day for a cryptic puzzle to play on my tablet.
    Well done Telegraph. Now all we need is the date…..

  5. Read about the proposed changes and they won’t affect us. We only use the paper version of the crossword, don’t have a Telegraph account and not interested in a leader board.

    1. Welcome to the blog Rosemary

      There are many people, particularly those living abroad, who rely on a subscription to Telegraph Puzzles.

      1. Yes, like us – living in France, that is how we get our Telegraph puzzles and we have to have a puzzle subscription to the Times, too, in order to get those cryptics and the Listener. It does indeed sound as though we continue to pay the same and subscribe to a Telegraph account to get two free premium articles.

    1. There is no official start date at the moment but I have been told that it is a matter of weeks rather than months. We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. I fear a deluge of requests to our reviewers for pdfs of unattainable crosswords if previous experience is anything to go by…

  7. Answering a couple of points in the comments, we are doing our best to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible, and the launch date should be confirmed early next week. As Dave says, it will be in (a very small number of) weeks.

    1. CL – thank you. It’s just that I have (horrible) memories of six(?) or so years ago when some major changes were made to the existing site and there were all sorts of problems for quite a while.

      Just don’t ‘throw away’ the present version until the new one has been up and running successfully for a couple of weeks or so.

      1. Senf — no, the current site won’t be thrown away, and there will be a fallback position. Whilst one can never be certain that something untoward won’t happen, there has been an awful lot of testing carried out on the new site, and so I’m hopeful all will be fine. I’d like to think they aren’t famous last words …

  8. This is great news, well overdue, especially for those of us overseas paying nearly a fiver for a copy of a two-day-old DT. I have just subscribed to the puzzles on the back of this move, as I imagine others will do quite rapidly.

      1. Thanks Big Dave, I’ve lurked for a good few years now and enjoy the help and banter in the threads. Keep up the good work!

  9. And for those of us who have both a Telegraph subscription and a Puzzles subscription. Although it seems we can now link the two together it still means that I have to pay a separate annual charge for each. Surely if you subscribe to the main Telegraph site you might expect the crosswords to be included in your subscription…
    (and the ‘free’ account which gives you one or two premium articles a week is no use at all)

    1. Have a look at the front page of Wednesdays Daily Telegraph which has an advert for the Daily Telegraph subscription which clearly states that you get ALL of the Daily Telegraph supplied. You quite clearly do not. False advertising. And while I am on my soapbox why do The Daily Telegraph promote a costly premium rate phone line for answers to clues which will only give an answer without explaining why? Surely a link to BDs site for free would pull folk in and gain more solvers and therefore more circulation. What do I know?

      1. I have just emailed the Telegraph to query why I need two subscriptions. I have just checked, my Telegraph main site account details do not allow access to the puzzle site, maybe this will change after the updates appear. And my puzzles subscription is due to be renewed next week…

        1. This is the reply I got:

          “Further to your enquiry, I can confirm that while we are aligning our systems the subscription for Telegraph Digital does not include the Puzzle site. This is still a stand alone site and not included in our digital website subscription packages. The annual cost for Telegraph Puzzles is annually £35.88 and monthly £4.99.”

          So there you have it……

  10. I very much welcome now also being able to do the puzzles on my iPad, which i tend to carry around much more than my laptop.

    Many thanks telegraph puzzles. Happy to provide feedback when things go live.

  11. I did like this part of an email received yesterday from Telegraph Puzzles

    “As a valued member of The Telegraph Puzzles community we would like you to be the first to know the exciting news that we will soon be giving The Telegraph Puzzles website a makeover”

    This assumes of course that you haven’t seen Facebook, this blog, and/or all the advertising announcements in the paper. It is, however, nice to know I’m ‘valued’

    1. I contacted the Telegraph last week about this and they said ‘….we are hoping for the new Telegraph Puzzles website to be launched within the next few months as it is in the final stages of testing. However, we don’t have exact date at this time.’ Seems to be a bit of a delay.

      1. Not quite the small number of weeks that Chris had mentioned but hey – I think after the last time it was kind of expected. Fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer.

  12. I’m a bit confused. I pay approx £70 a year for the online puzzles. I only do the quick and back page. Does that mean that I can cancel my subscription, register for free and just get those puzzles??

  13. Hi,

    Just to clarify, if you register for a Telegraph account tomorrow, this is completely free; however, you’ll still need to pay your Puzzles subscription to have full access to the puzzles site.

    At present, many puzzles subscribers have one login for the main Telegraph website, and a separate login for the puzzles site; the aim is to simplify this so that you only need to have one logon to access both sites.

    Registering for a Telegraph account gives access to the main Telegraph site, allows you to access some premium articles, and gives you other benefits such as signing up for the new Puzzles newsletter. The newsletter will be quite a busy one, and include features including a clue-writing competition where each month’s winning clue will appear in a back-page puzzle in the newspaper.

    I hope that helps. Just to reiterate — registering for a Telegraph account is completely free, but you’ll still need to pay your Puzzles subscription for full access to the puzzles site.

    If anybody has any problems registering or with access once the site is back up, then you can call the puzzles helpline, which will have extra resource over the next few days. The phone number for this is 0800 316 6050; alternatively you can email on

    We realise that after the site has remained almost unchanged for ten years, the new look will be a shock to the system. However we believe it is a big improvement — especially with the removal of all Flash components so that you can play interactive puzzles on most mobile devices and browsers, including Apple devices and Safari.

  14. As long as it works, I for one am absolutely delighted that the telegraph puzzle is going to be playable on my phone and iPad. About time too! It won’t stop me having a coffee over a paper version but I will have the joy of working through ancient versions of the crossword when I’m elsewhere.

    Has anyone else noticed that words/clues are being repeated too often recently? I find it annoying.

  15. The message has just been updated to apologise for the delay as they are making sure everything is alright

  16. I spent over 40 years working in IT and during that time was involved in the implementation of dozens of projects. Not once in all that time did we implement a project at 8:30 am, it was usually more like 1:00 am.

    1. I can pretty much second that – better that it arrives late, working properly, than on time, but faulty.

  17. From the sample screenshots of the new site it looks similar to the Times Puzzles site, a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I only hope the Telegraph avoids the teething problems the Times had when the site was relaunched.
    I wonder whether the new site will allow digital entries for the weekend competition puzzles, like the Times does. A significant saving on postage over the year.
    The clue-writing contest sounds interesting – I don’t think any other publication publishes winning competition clues in a puzzle. (The old Times Crossword Club printed a crossword in the paper that was composed of about 30 winning competition clues, but that was years ago.)

  18. OK so I pay both for the crossword subscription AND access to the Telegraph site including premium. So where is the puzzle page now? Nowhere to be found.

    Not a happy camper.

    Not surprised though, every time I try to renew my subscription the system doesn’t work and I end up talking to their completely incompetent customer non-service department. One silly cow there whined there that I was being nasty to her when I pointed out the lousy interface they were using and continue to use. I have been paying the Telegraph for years for online access and was a very early on-line subscriber before that. I am saying since 1994 or so.

    Big Dave, if you have any influence at all, please tell them they are not doing themselves any favours right now.

    I also worked in IT for many years and I agree, NEVER launch at peak time. Ever. Idiots.

      1. I’ve got 3 paid subscriptions, and now no access to the daily puzzles.
        $ All Digital Access (which I thought was the same as online premium)
        $ Puzzles (won’t even let me log in now)
        $ ePaper (at least I’ll continue to get the Sunday edition).
        This is such a mess!

  19. It is now 10:38 pm EST on November 14th, 3:38 am GMT on the 15th of November. The new site that was promised by mid-afternoon GMT on the 14th is still not launched. I may need to turn to the Guardian for my puzzle fix tomorrow.

            1. Many thanks. She had completed yesterday’s by 7am. I’m not entirely sure why we couldn’t have had a bit of dual running with the old and new systems active

  20. Still waiting….. I was rather hoping they would have sorted it overnight but it seems not. To some extent I am disappointed they have not included the crossword subscription in the main paper premium subscription (which I also have), it would be the logical move.

  21. Having worked in IT for 30 years, I never once saw a project implemented on time. Looks like I missed a good Jay crossword yesterday.

    1. I wonder if the DT will offer some form of recompense for the fact that the site has not been available to subscribers for 2 days?

      1. It’s not the money , it’s the principle. An apology would be welcome. As we use to say “if it’s not fit for purpose then don’t launch until it is”. Talk about a half baked operation!

        1. Spendrift. Exactly! It is astounding that they don’t get that. Same with trying to pay them and their system is rubbish and has been for years. Let’s face it, coding is not rocket science. Roll out planning is simple. Customer Service (i.e. apologies) is essential. The newspaper world is very cutthroat, they need us and our money to survive.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love the crosswords, I do read the news site. But how many people have they lost who simply don’t complain but just not renew and/or go elsewhere?

    1. I tried to send today’s puzzles but your email address came back as invalid. If you write to me using the contact page I’ll try again.

  22. I know Ive not been on the blog for a while but would be really grateful if someone from my dim and distant past could possibly send me one????
    Pleeeeeeeeeease? Or can’t anyone get one now??

  23. Hi – long time reader, first time poster. Dave, any chance you could send me yesterday’s and today’s cryptic crosswords? I’m struggling with the cold turkey.

    1. Try the [now working] site – if you scroll down the page you can access any crossword you want

  24. The site is working :yahoo:

    Although I’m a little confused as there’s nothing about creating a new Telegraph account. It just said ‘welcome back Sue xxx’

    1. It is working fine, with plusses and minuses. The cursor doesn’t automatically jump to the next square. On the other hand it no longer jumps to the wrong square, e.g across instead of down. The day/date is now less obvious. Thanks to Chris Lancaster and his team for all their work on our behalf.

  25. I had two unsuccessful registration attempts (current Puzzle club member registering for the free Telegraph account with a new password) on Safari, but another try via Firefox worked. Possibly due to my Safari not being anywhere near the latest release?

    Congratulations on the relaunch. I like the look of it.

  26. I think I may have found a flaw in merging the Puzzles accounts with new Telegraph accounts, when you try to create a new Telegraph account it insists on an 8 letter password, my old Puzzles account had a 7 letter password, so its basically impossible to link the two. As such I now no longer have access to the Puzzles site due to some interesting Catch-22 logic.

    1. Nice to hear from you again, even in such ‘difficult’ circumstances – I’ve forwarded your comment to CL

      1. I think I may have worked it out, if I try to log in immediately after creating the Telegraph account (as asked to) it fails miserably, in that it thinks my login details are incorrect, however if I create the Telegraph account and then wait for the email, acknowledging the accounts creation, and then retun to the Puzzles site and try to login it works. Bizarre, but at least its working.

    2. Libellule – I created a new password for the free Telegraph registration, different from my old Puzzles site password. Having then logged out, the next time I logged into Telegraph puzzles I was prompted for my Puzzles log-in and password – ie the old ones I used for the old Puzzles site – then it asked me for my new Telegraph site email and new password – ie the new password I’d created today – specifically so that they could link the two. Once that’s done, you will use the new password details all the time.

      I don’t think it matters that the two passwords are of different length. But this is just going by my own experience this morning.

      EDIT: You seem to have figured it out now – sorry, your new comment wasn’t there when I last looked!

  27. The new site is terrible – or is it just me who can’t see the grid and the clues at the same time?

    1. Yes. For me it’s almost unplayable in Internet Explorer because the clues appear under the grid. Making the window tall and narrow shrinks the grid so that a clue or two may be visible at the bottom of the window, but it is still vastly inferior to the old version of the site. Edge and Firefox do have the clues on the right.

        1. Firefox struggled with that page too. The script it reported as holding it up is:

      1. Same for me with I.E., first time trying to use it tonight (Thursday). If the layout stays like that I shall have to cancel my subscription, which is a shame.

        I might try it through the Ipad and see how that looks.

        1. Well at least on the IPad (through Safari) the clues are at the side of the grid – but still requires a lot of scrolling up and down.

          Not sure if this is of universal application, but on a couple of answers where I made a typo, it wouldn’t let me correct the mistake.

          Sorry Mr Lancaster, I don’t think I will get to like the new format. Got bored tonight and so didn’t finish Friday’s Giovanni.

        2. Internet Explorer is obsolete software. Microsoft decided that it was too badly written to upgrade so they replaced it with Edge. I guess I am not the only one who no longer checks that changes work in IE.

    2. I checked in and the grid displayed about a foot wide (wide screen monitor), and I couldn’t see the clues without scrolling, which was irritating.

  28. Has anyone worked out how to resize the grid in Safari on an ipad? Scrolling up and down is a pain.
    It displays as a sensible size in Puffin but the cursor does not move to the next square and answers show in lower case unless you capitalise manually.
    So far it seems painfully slow in all browsers.

  29. I did not have to have to open a free telegraph account the telegraph website is bookmarked I clicked on it and it opened, will I still get the news letter?

  30. My first major glitch:

    Just completed the prize cryptic 525, pressed the Submit button and got a message that said something like ‘Are you sure you want to submit, you have unfilled cells’. I double-checked and all cells were in fact filled. Pressed Submit again and got the same message. Then I pressed ‘Submit anyway’, and my completion window said:
    Status: Submitted
    Date Submitted: Today
    Correct Answers: 0%
    Hints used: 0
    Time taken: 28m 35s

    The grid was actually complete and correct. Annoying if that’s all for nothing.

    1. ^ Just had the same ‘Are you sure you want to submit, there are incomplete cells’ message for the Prize Quick puzzle as well, even though every cell was filled.

      I think I’ll leave the General Knowledge one for now. :-/

  31. Seems to work, not sure whether I like it better than the old version. Being already logged in to both the puzzles site and Premium Telegraph site I had to do nothing, I was already logged in. Just done yesterday’s cryptic and quick, I will wait till I have done todays a bit later before making my mind up but everything seems fine here.

  32. Check: Solutions link says answers available the next day. Good.
    Check: The clock starts as soon as you print the crossword. Good.
    No cheating allowed on the site.
    That’s good enough for me.
    It takes me a bit more navigation to print both crosswords in a row but I am getting used to repetitive tasks.
    Thanks to the Telegraph for the swift changeover.

  33. Plus points:

    1. It doesn’t use Flash anymore. Hurrah.
    2. The font is better.

    Minus points:

    1. The grid is much too large. I preferred to be able to see all the grid and clues on the page, as on the old site.
    2. I can type faster than the key presses are registered. Painfully so. Cue frequent errors.
    3. The leaderboards used to show time per puzzle. Showing points just shows how many puzzles per day a solver has got through. A bit meaningless really.

  34. It would be useful if the ‘use letter hint’ could be moved to the right, further away from the save button to prevent absent mindedly revealing a letter instead of pressing save.

  35. I thought I’d pop in to express my thanks to Puzzles subscribers for their patience and understanding whilst the site was down for just over a day whilst we cut across to the new site. We had initially expected this to take approximately half a day, but we took the decision to stay down longer in order to resolve some new data-related issues that only became apparent during the testing we carried out immediately before releasing the site to the public. Going live without resolving these would have resulted in a lot more problems, and potentially having to roll back to the previous version of the site — and consequently a far longer downtime. Some upgrades are a simple repoint of a new site at the existing data; this was a far more complex affair that also involved fundamental changes to the database that underpins the site.

    There’s never a good time to carry out such a change; the timing was decided based upon the fact that the site is busiest by far between the hours of midnight and 8am, with a good majority of all traffic taking place between these hours — presumably as users log on after midnight through to when they get up in the morning in order to play or print the new day’s puzzles. Carrying out the upgrade outside of this period in theory meant disrupting the least number of subscribers; obviously the longer downtime meant that this plan didn’t work quite as expected, for which I’m sorry. As already mentioned, however, pressing the “on” button sooner than we did would have meant a longer period of disruption.

    I’m aware that some subscribers may not yet have logged in and may require help with access, and that there are a small number of other issues that have been reported. We’ll be working to resolve these over the next few days, so please bear with us. If you do have any issues then the best way to report them is via the email address or phone number as given in the emails that have been sent, on the website or on the page There’s also some useful information in the FAQ section of the new site (available from the puzzles homepage without having to log in, via the links right at the bottom of the page). This includes an updated list of supported browsers, which may be handy.

    Finally, for anyone who has issues with access, for the next few days I will be ensuring that the Puzzles Helpline team have PDFs of the day’s Cryptic, Quick and Toughie crosswords that are available to be emailed to users if required; I’ll also supply these to Dave, as I have done for the last couple of days.

    Thank you again for your patience, and apologies for the downtime.

    1. Thanks for responding, Chris.
      Errors and teething problems after a site relaunch are annoying, but inevitable. The ultimate test comes with how soon they are addressed and fixed.

      Some people here need to be less impatient, especially when it comes to site downtime and blind insults directed at tech staff.

    2. Thanks for the information Christopher.
      Initial comments:
      The site seemed a bit slow last night.
      I see you have removed the difficulty ratings of puzzles, these are not shown on the crossword grid and there is no option to give them when you submit. I sort of liked this but not sure what it achieved. I agree only putting points and not times in the tables means little.
      You can only clear the boxes with the backspace key, space, which was used on the old system, no longer works. Decidedly fiddly.
      I agree with comments about slow response, as a touch typist this is annoying.
      For information – W10 desktop, Palemoon browser.

    3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I have not been able to access the new site; my Puzzles account details have not linked with my Telegraph Account. I phoned the helpline, waited and got the answer “we’ll call you back”. They didn’t. I have sent emails, but got no answer. For the first time in years, I will not be able to do the Saturday crossword. Any suggestions?

  36. The layout isn’t a patch on the online newspaper version as it involves so much scrolling up and down, doesn’t include a neat keypad which doesn’t cover either the grid or clues, and doesn’t scroll to the next letter

  37. I am still doing Wednesday as I have been away and I am trying to get to grips with the new website, using Chrome.
    The look and feel is good BUT
    1. Is the site not portable across different devices? If I start on my phone on the train, when I get in and log on with my tablet, unlike the old site all the answers are missing?
    2. Cut and paste keeps appearing
    3. You can enter multiple letters in a cell
    4. When you enter a letter it does not move to the next cell
    Can anyone help and suggest a better browser to use?

    1. Re point 4, I had the same issue with Safari – had to use arrow keys to move to the next cell. I then used the latest Firefox (63.0.3) and it was fine. This is on an iMac, by the way.

  38. Hi guys
    I am a subscribed member and my annual subscription payment has just been made for renewal. I have followed all the instructions and have merged my telegraph account with my puzzles account but it is not recognising my subscription. My history is there but when I try to retrieve a saved puzzle or print a puzzle, it asks me to subscribe.
    Is anyone else getting this problem?

    1. Yes WendyI have just subscribed for the first time and I had to phone the Customer Services peeps who talked me through the process. The number is on the contact page.

  39. Decided to subscribe to puzzles at long last and on the whole it seems fine. Few minor gripes;
    On mobile the grid is all black in portrait mode and you have to rotate to landscape to see the lights, and back to portrait to read the clues.
    As others have said on mobile (Samsung android-firefox) it doesn’t move to next letter and this phone doesn’t have arrows!
    The apostrophes (14a and 19a in DT 28899) appear as unknown character.
    Would be useful if it saved progress automatically when you close. It does this on the android app.
    I submitted a full (presumably correct) grid but 0% correct. (Maybe it doesn’t mark prize puzzles til after the closing date)

  40. Trying to play the Quick crossword online is really frustrating – the massive size of the grid means that I have to scroll a long way up and down the screen to view either the grid or the clues.

    I think the new format is a complete mess – the old format was much easier to use with a much more logical layout.

  41. Well this is a bit of a pain! I pay for the Puzzles and prefer to print them off so that I can take them to the pub. I tried to print today’s cryptic puzzle and got nowhere.

    1. If you have a Telegraph Puzzles subscription, when you click on the puzzle you wish to solve, a box pops up with several options, including at the bottom right a print icon. Click on this and you should get a printable version of the crossword.

      Interestingly, under the previous system the timer started as soon as you clicked on the print option. With the new version the timer doesn’t start until you start typing in the grid

      1. When I click on a puzzle to solve, it tells me I need to subscribe and the same if I click on my ‘free’ one of the day then try to print it. However, when I go into my profile, it has all the history and an ‘unsubscribe’ button. I was considering whether to unsubscribe and resubscribe but the payment for this year has just been taken and I think it will be more aggro than waiting for them to sort it out! *smh*

      2. I tried to use the print button but nothing happens. If I keep my finger on it a dialogue box pops up with various options and “open link” brings up print option which seems to work. I should mention I’m using an iPad.

    2. I agree the new format of the site is a shambolic mess.

      They should revert to the previous presentation .

    3. Yes the new totally and oblique changes are rubbish!

      It’s such a shame, I have used their great website for years and yet this new nonsense has really pissed me off.
      Am I the only one who thins the new format is ridiculous?

      1. No. I find it awful on the IPad and impossible on the computer. It’s putting me off from doing the crosswords.

  42. Just to buck the trend…apart from a few wrinkles that version 1.1 should fix, i like it.
    It has finally got rid of flash.
    Well done DT

  43. I live in Vancouver, Canada and my subscription is up to date and I am trying to find where I can check my details of paying for next year can anybody help me please? I always paid with credit card on line as it avoids a long distance call I only want to renew my subscription for the telegraph puzzles next year not the whole newspaper.

    1. The ‘unsubscribe’ button allows you to access the Worldpay site they use for payments – you can click through to check your details without actually unsubscribing.
      If you have no luck, send them an email.

  44. Hi guys
    Subscription issue solved over the helpline today – it was caused by the renewal date of my subscription clashing with the new sit upload – both were 15th November. A couple of clicks at their end and I’m up and running again!
    Thanks for all the help and suggestions

      1. The unsubscribe button is in your account details. Click on edit your profile then you should see it

        1. Wendy thank you and everyone at Big Daves blog for your help, I understand there have been problems but I feel the telegraph could have helped more as I have sent countless emails and I know they are inundated but one reply would suffice, thank you to Mr. Nastasi who sent PDF’s of the puzzles incase the website was not working last

  45. does anyone have an email for worldpay the worldpay login will not accept the login or username with which they provided me, i have tried pressing the unsubscribe button to view my details but no luck and it just says (test) can anyone help please.

      1. I did have a bit of trouble subscribing for the first time and although I did have some correspondence with worldpay direct it was e mail with the telegraph that eventually sorted out my double subscription.

  46. I only see a black screen rather than the grid if I use Firefox on my 2 Android mobile devices but using Chrome works fine.
    Is anybody else suffering this problem?
    I think some tweaking is required by the Puzzles team.

    1. I get the same on android but I can see the grid if I turn phone to landscape. I have to turn back to portrait to read the clues. A bit frustrating but possible.

  47. Another upgrade and as anticipated another loss of access to the puzzles. I have aa annual subscription to the Telegraph Puzzles, renewed in September. But since the upgrade no access. Living in Canada I am loath to telephone with the 5 hr time difference and the inevitable ‘we are experiencing an unusual volume of calls’. It’s been five days since the first e-mail was sent, no answer, no puzzles. I hope this comment etiquette hints at my complete frustration with The Dailty Telegraphs customer service

    1. Hi Barrie, I am also in Ontario and like you I really object to being told I must phone them to fix a problem of their making, I am the customer after all.

      I have a subscription to the newspaper and a separate one to the crossword. The newspaper subscription is paid through the DT system and as you have already noticed their customer service department is absolutely dreadful. E-mails are met with boilerplate responses telling you to phone. 3 times now (a few years apart) I have resorted to simply being very sarcastic and copying in others who work there – have a look at the names of editors, board members etc. at and then take a guess at their e-mail addresses – usually first initial/last name or first and last name, you will find that at least some e-mails will get through and having managed to escalate to that level they will finally take you seriously and phone you rather than the other way around. Don’t settle for their first level customer service, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.

      The puzzles subscription is separate and handled by another company (worldpay mentioned above) who are much more user friendly and will get back.

      I think the problem for a while was that the newspaper subscription also gave you access to the digital crossword though not printed. They appear to have separated them out now.

      Hope you get access again soon.

      1. Thanks for the sympathy and advice. We are currently checking out The Guardian. I don’t believe The Telegraph will worry about losing us. Wonder if we should get Justin involved?

  48. I have a print+digital subscription to the Telegraph which I use to do the cryptic crossword on my iPad. I investigated the puzzles site in the past but when I discovered it wouldn’t work on the iPad because of Flash went no further. I have just investigated the new site and tried the “free” puzzle which was today’s quickie and was amazed to find that it had not followed the very easy to use layout available on the Telegraph digital site but had introduced a clunky approach where you can look at the grid OR the clues but not both at once. Data entry is also a mess as you can’t overtype an existing answer. Was someone paid money to create this mess? Needless to say I still won’t be taking a subscription.

    1. I used to enjoy entering the weekly ‘win prizes’ crosswords – but gave up yesterday as the giant grid and having to scroll down to find a clue and then try and remember where you were scrolling back too made it so difficult that even the prospect of winning a fourth time didn’t encourage me to continue

    1. It should be free to compensate for the frustration but it looks as though ‘Puzzles’ are still 35.88 pounds Sterling

      1. Hahaha! – wholeheartedly agree… but I guess one should be thankful it’s not an excuse to jump the cost.

        1. Give it a couple months, I bet it goes up. Once they have fixed the bugs that those nice free beta-testers and focus groups have helped to indentify, the bugs, offer work-arounds and fixes – that would us btw, the ones paying them!

  49. I’m new to this site. I think I got everything correct, but was told I had 3 errors. I could see one instance where I had 2 characters in the one cell, maybe there were others. I solve on a Samsung J3 iPhone, and I have to select each cell as I enter a solution, although sometimes the cursor moves on to the next cell all by itself. I also find it difficult scrolling up and down all the time, as I can’t see both the grid and the clue at the same time. I assume this isn’t the case for everyone.

    1. According to Letterboxroy in a comment on today’s back pager, you can use Ctrl + the minus key to make the grid and clues smaller and hence readable/solvable.

      1. Thanks. I’ll try it tomorrow. I can only access 1 puzzle a day as I’m on a 7-day trial. The Samsung browser might be the problem with the cursor not moving on to the next cell. I’ll try Chrome tomorrow and see if that’s better.

  50. Try as I have to get to grips with it, the mobile experience on the new site is just terrible. It’s the equivalent of doing a printed crossword in which someone frustratingly – and for no reason – puts their hands over your eyes or steals your pen. It has seemingly taken all the snags and irritations of other mobile crosswords (oversized grids, non-embedded keyboard, scrolling issues, unresponsive inputs, etc.) and combined them into one unusably poor interface.

    Essentially, all it seems to be is a version of the new web site which, yes, finally displays on mobile, but which has had little to no UX factored in.

    I hope that the Telegraph are using some of the money they’ve invested to build their own app. Until then – or if that’s not part of the plan – they should at the very least re-allow paying subscribers to use third party apps like Crosswords to access the puzzles.

  51. Does anyone know when the new monthly clue writing competition starts (assuming it hasn’t already and I can’t see it)?

  52. Hi Dave,

    Always loved your site, but never had the need to contact you. (Probably should have sent many thank you’s in the past!)

    Is it right that you now have to have a Telegraph Paper subscription as well as a Puzzle subscription?

    I’ve never had any great desire to read a newspaper, I always find them too opinionated, which ever side they’re on!

    Best regards


    1. Welcome Paul. To use the new site, you have to have to be registered with the main Telegraph site as a user. It is free to set up this subscription and does not require you to read any of the articles. You get limited access to the main site with the free subscription but will still have access to the puzzles site with your Telegraph Puzzles subscription.

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